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Before I Turn Insane

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"How do you know if I'm not just your paranoia?" He said. "You're in front of me. Aren't you?" I spat, puzzled by his sudden query. He stared right into my eyes as if he could peer into my soul. "Tell me, Nur, how can you tell if I'm not just your imagination? What if me saying it is just your brain trying to break you out?" "I can ask around. Surely other people had seen you too." My words quavered. It felt like all the red alarms inside me had gone off and now my body struggled to function. "They could also be part of your hallucination. If you can't trust yourself for me, how can you do that for others?" He slid closer to me, leaving a distance of two or three inches between us. "Figure it out, Nur, if I'm real or your paranoia? Then come see me when you solve this riddle." He stood up and brushed the dust off his navy blue coat. "Or you might not need to see me at all." Nur, who lives on the border of reality and imagination, prays that the man she has fallen in love with is real and not just her paranoia. Xavier, who lives in hiding, prays that the woman he has fallen in love with doesn't find out he's real. Standing on the brink of losing themselves, Nur and Xavier find each other before they finally turn insane.

Romance / Other
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Author Note

“To you, whoever is reading this story. I hope you find traces of yourself in it, and it feels like a warm hug to your forgotten but still hurting wounds.”

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