Siciliano Brothers

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Michael and Lucifer Siciliano, both wealthy and successful, are identical twins. But they are as different as night and day, both fighting over the same girl. One wanting to destroy her, the other one wanting to save her. Lucifer is sent away to live with his uncle in Italy. Eight years later he returns to America to find out his twin is engaged to the girl he left behind, Iris Braxton. Anger and resentment make a dangerous combo when both men claim Iris for themselves. Will she pick the passive and seemly sweet Michael or the bad boy Lucifer? One of the brothers has a dark side that he hides from everyone. Iris could find herself in danger, but from which brother and which one will save her? Would one brother kill the other to save the women he loves?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 2


Lucifer was rebellious when he first arrived in Italy, his Aunt and Uncle were extremely strict. He was made to finish his education and work in his Uncle’s company, the world’s largest import and export business. Lucifer was kept busy, there was no time for him to get into any kind of trouble. Fino and Nadia had no children of their own so they more or less adopted him. Fino was tall with fine features, his wife too was tall, with dark hair. They became the parents Lucifer never had, they loved and treated him as if he were their own son.

Lucifer worked his way up in the company, starting at the bottom in the mailroom up to junior partner. He worked alongside Fino up until his Uncle retired, making him CEO of the company. His income and investments made Lucifer a very wealthy man. He was pleased with himself, his father’s wealth couldn’t compare to his. But his world fell apart when Fino and Nadia died in a boating accident two years ago, he lost the only two people who loved him.

Lucifer was the sole heir to their fortune, he inherited the business and the different homes around the world. But with great wealth, he became more arrogant and ruthless than when he was young.

Getting that wedding invitation brought back all the old memories of Iris. He had never forgotten her and she could have been the one to make him happy. She was his and he was going back to America to claim her. Picking up the phone he had his secretary make all the travel arrangements. He then set up a meeting with his right-hand man, Earl Simms who would be taking over while he was gone. Out of all the people he employed, Earl was the only man he could trust.

After a grueling day, Lucifer was anxious to get home and out of his expensive tailored suit and into bed. By the time he made it home, he was in a foul mood and it got worse when he saw Clio naked in his bed. The redhead was sprawled out with her goodies showing, she had no shame as she spread her legs wider, trying to entice him.

Lucifer’s lip curled into a snarl. “What the fuck are you doing here, and in my bed,” he hissed, he was in no mood for her tonight.

“I was Horny and wanted to fuck,” she said, stretching.

Lucifer’s blood boiled and his face redden. Going over and grabbing her arm dragged her out of bed, his face close to hers, he barked. “Who let you in? I’ll fire the fucker.”

Clio smiled, she liked it when he was angry, that’s when the sex got rough, just the way she liked it. “You’re so stressed, let me help you to get rid of it.” Her free hand went to his pants where she undid them, sliding them down past his hips, letting them fall to the floor.

“I know how to relieve some of your stress.” Getting down on her knees she took all of him in her mouth, her hands on his hips.

Lucifer thought about stopping her but damn it felt good, the woman knew how to work it. He exploded in her mouth and when she was done he grabbed her by the hair and threw her onto the bed.

Clio licked her lips as she watched him as he pulled on a condom. She yelped in pain as he turned her around onto all fours and rammed his cock into her, it hurt but that was ok with her, she liked it rough, the rougher the better.

He felt her cum all over him and when he was satisfied he pulled out and took off the condom tossed it down, then shoving her out of the way rolled over and went to sleep.

Lucifer was woken to the sound of Clio’s breathing and the scent of her perfume mixed with sweat, it sickened him. He wondered why she was still here, the rule was she was to leave once he was asleep. Putting his foot to the small of her back gave a hard shove, sending her to the floor where she cried out in shock.

Lucifer got up and grabbed her clothes and threw them in her face. “You shouldn’t be here, now get the fuck out you bitch.”

Clio started dressing, wiping the sleep boogers from the corner of her eyes swore. “Fucken bastard that hurt. So when can I come back?” she asked as she finished dressing.

“I don’t know,” he growled as he stood there anxiously waiting for her to leave. “I’m going to America and I don’t know when I’ll be back. I’ll call you when I want a blow, now get out.”

She walked up to him, looking down at his cock. “You are an arrogant nasty bastard, but I love you.”

“You love my cock, not me,” he snapped.

Wrapping her fingers around his member smiled up at him. “Who wouldn’t love the size of this big hard boy, later babe.” She then walked out, swaying her hips.

Lucifer shuttered, he couldn’t stand Clio, but she was an easy lay and always available. And he never had to take her out to fancy dinners or buy her expensive gifts. The only trouble was she was into rough sex, raw rough sex. A man could get bored with that after a while, what was wrong with warm intimate lovemaking? one where there was kissing and touching. The kind he had with Iris years ago, it was so tender, sweet. Her body was warm and soft against his, the way she kissed him back. It might have been years since that night but he could still remember it as if it was yesterday.

Taking a hot shower Lucifer wanted to wash Clio’s scent off him. He had met her two years ago at a fundraiser, she latched onto him as though he were a life preserver. She was beautiful and had a great body, her breasts large, obviously not real. After a night of drinking, he went back to her place where they engaged in a night of wild, rough sex. Clio had a Fetish for being slapped and whipped, but that’s a line Lucifer wouldn’t cross. He had never hit a woman and refused to do so, though he did handle her roughly. Their relationship was strictly sex, nothing more, but lately, she had been hinting around for more. He felt nothing for her, she was just a means to sex when he was in the mood.

Dressed, clean-shaven and in a dark blue suit went down to the dining room for breakfast. His butler Jones set down the cup of coffee in front of him and proceeded to dish out the food onto his plate. “Who let that woman into my home?” his eyes glared angrily at James.

“I believe it was Harold,” he replied.

“Tell him he’s fired, he has one hour to gather his things and be gone, if not I’ll have him arrested for trespassing,” Lucifer ordered as he took a sip of his coffee.

“But Sir, his wife is having a baby any day now, he needs this job.” Jones’s hand shook a little, he had never dared talk back before and wondered if he too would be fired.

Setting his coffee down his eyes narrowed into slits as he glared at Jones. “I don’t give a damn if she’s having triplets, anyone who disobeys my orders will not be employed here.”

“Yes Sir,” Jones answered and left the room before Lucifer unleashed his anger on him.

Alone in his den going over the final arrangements for his trip abroad, there was a knock at the door and Jones entered. “Sir, these papers came for you.” He hands them over and then leaves when Lucifer waved him away.

Taking the papers from the envelope lucifer sat down in the leather chair and started reading through them. He had an investigator check into Iris and her parents, he wanted to know what all took place in the last eight years.

Iris had finished her education in Switzerland and returned back home three years ago. She went to work in her father’s firm. Iris started dating Michael one month before her parents were killed in a house explosion, the cause of the explosion was never determined. Lucifer’s muscles tensed up when he read the part where she had moved into the Siciliano Mansion right after the death of her parents. What he also found strange was that Michael had stepped in as CEO of Braxton’s company, his father’s rival, both being in the same business. It had to make him wonder what was going on. Well, he would be sure to find out as soon as he got back to America.

He stared at the picture of Iris that was included in the file. She had matured into a sexy, sensual woman, her hair a lighter blond than he remembered and her body had filled out in all the right places. The thought of her sleeping with Michael pissed him off, though he had no right to feel that way. After all, he had been with so many different women and was gone for eight years. Hell, he never even said goodbye to her before he left. But he was back now and things were going to change, he would put a stop to the wedding, one way or another.

There were so many unanswered questions he wanted answers to. Why make Michael CEO when she was the sole heir and could take over her father’s job. And what could have caused the house explosion? and why the hell was she living in the Mansion? Lucifer was determined to find out everything he could.

It was time to go, his bags had been packed and already on board his private jet which was waiting fueled and ready to take off.

He wondered how much Iris had changed, and how would she react when she saw him. Maybe she would hate him, or would she be happy and fall into his arms, ending this marriage with Michael. They had sparks back then, would they still be there? he was anxious to find out. One thing he knew for sure was that Michael was not the man for her.

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