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Trixie Brown, a young woman from Los Angeles. She is the only living heir of the billionaire, Joseph Brown and she stood to inherit his fortune after his death. But Joseph, her grandfather put a clause in his will. It stated that Trixie had to be married before she could receive the money and once the marriage reached one year the money would then go to her. He did this hoping she would grow up. He had spoiled her rotten, gave her everything she wanted and he lived to regret it. She was beautiful and smart but was also on the wild side. Trixie loved her grandfather and was devastated when he suddenly passed away. It came as a complete shock to find out the details of his will and she was determined to find a husband in order to get her inheritance. So she had to find a man willing to marry her and she would make it clear they would divorce after the year was up. But was it going to go the way she planned?

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Chapter 1

Trixie Brown was just a baby when her parents died in a plane crash, her grandfather stepped in and raised her as there were no other living relatives. He loved his granddaughter to death but spoiled her rotten. He gave her everything she asked for, the only thing he neglected to give her was the tools to be independent. Though he made sure she had the best education that money could buy she depended on him for everything. Whenever he suggested she finds a job she would twirl her finger around a strand of her long blond hair and smile sweetly at him, he would cave in. Letting the subject drop he would give her money so that she could travel or go shopping. How could he deny her when she was the spitting image of her mother, his only daughter? But she did have a good heart and was always willing to help anyone in need. It worried him that when his time on earth was up what would happen to her. Yes, she would be financially well off but he wanted her to find true love before receiving her inheritance. Little did he know that she was not willing to wait and her brain came up with a plan to get the money before that could happen if it ever did.

Trixie grew up with people waiting on her, she never had to lift a hand. She enjoyed shopping and traveling and partying with her friends. She loved her grandfather with all of her heart, he was a mother and father to her. She did her best to make him proud by getting good grades and graduating at the top of her class in business. But the thought of going to work every day was not something she planned on doing. When he died of a heart attack she was devasted, heartbroken. Then when she found out the condition of his will she was totally shocked and unprepared. Two weeks after the funeral she was seated across from the lawyer, listening to what he was saying.

“I don’t understand,” she said with a look of horror on her face.

“I’ll go through it again, ” Mr. Weston said, picking up his papers. “All of your grandfather’s money will go to you, but not until you are married and have been so for a total of one year. At that point in time, all the money will then be deposited into your account.”

“But that could be years before I get married.”

The lawyer cleared his throat before continuing. “Until then you will be allowed to live in his condo in the city until you marry.”

Her eyes shot up and stared at him. “But what about his mansion, why can’t I live there? It’s my home, it’s where I grew up.” She couldn’t for the life of her understand why her grandfather was doing this to her. “What am I suppose to do for money?”

“The mansion is to be sold right away, there is already a buyer for it and you have one month to move out. All expenses for the condo will be taken care of and you will be given an allowance of two thousand dollars a month for food, etc.”

She got to her feet in anger. “Two thousand dollars, I can’t live on that.”

He looked at her, just her purse alone was worth over two thousand dollars, not to mention her shoes and clothes. “You have a business degree so perhaps you could find a job.” He could tell that didn’t sit well with her.

“A job,” she scoffed. “I want my money and if getting married is what I have to do then I will,” she said as she stormed out of the office.


Titus Albani is an ambitious young lawyer, at the age of twenty-eight he worked his way up the firm and he was close to becoming a partner. What he really wanted was to open up his own firm but that took a lot of money that he didn’t have. Even though he made a great living where he was he still wanted to be his own boss. But he hoped that someday he would be able to fulfill his dream. He was tall, good looking and had no trouble getting the ladies. He wasn’t a player by any means, he also didn’t have a lot of time for dating but when he did he made the most of it. A year ago he met a young blond at a bar. They made out a little and just when he was about to bang her outside the bar in the alleyway she left him standing there with one hell of a boner. It was then that he realized she was a tease and got the pleasure of turning men on and leaving them hanging.

He hoped that someday he would run into her so that he could do the same to her. Now he wasn’t really the type who wanted revenge but she was spoiled and a tease and he felt she would deserve it. He worked hard to get where he was and only made one mistake that could cause him the partnership, or worse yet, to lose his job. But he was sure his secret would never come out and all would go as planned. If only he knew.

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