The Bodyguard

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Dexter Sinclair, twenty-eight years old is a former Navy Seal now turned personal bodyguard who takes on a new assignment. He has been hired to protect Roxie Green, a twenty-three-year-old daughter of multi-millionaire, Thomas Green. Dexter had no idea what he was getting into, she was young, beautiful and always got what she wanted. He would soon find out there was so much more to this job than he thought. There would be so many secrets, lies and a mystery to solve. Roxie's life was in danger and he was the only one who could keep her safe and alive. But who would want her dead and why? After meeting her he realized she would not make things easy for him. Will he be able to handle her and protect her at the same time? Not only did he have to deal with Roxie, but also the stepmother and the man to who Roxie is engaged to.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Dexter Sinclair, twenty-eight, a former Navy Seal now works as a bodyguard. He has worked for some important people, movie stars, and politicians, just to name a few. After leaving the Navy Seals and going home to his long-time girlfriend he finds out she had married his best friend. This made him a very angry and bitter man and vowed to never trust another woman again. He had never been a player and wasn’t about to start now. He had women throwing themselves at him but he turned them all down. He rarely slept with a woman, only an occasional one nightstand. After finishing up the last job he received a call from a Thomas Greene who offered him twice what his other clients paid him. So he agreed to meet with Mr. Greene to find out what the job detailed.

Mr. Greene was a self-made billionaire, he made his fortune in the fashion industry which he and his wife started up together. When his wife died ten years ago he married one of his models two years later. He had a daughter with his first wife, Roxie, but never had one with his second wife. He loved his daughter and was overprotective of her. This caused problems between him and his young wife who disliked Roxie. She was jealous of the attention he showed his daughter, she felt he should pay more attention to her instead.

Claudia Greene was fifteen years younger than her husband, she and Thomas had been having an affair while he was still married to his first wife. When his wife died in a boating accident he told her they had to wait two years before getting married. He said he had a reputation to think of and it wouldn’t look right if he married too soon after his wife’s death.

Roxie, twenty-three was a daddy’s girl and it almost destroyed her when her mother died and her father married Claudia. She hated the woman right from the start, knowing she was with her father for his money. They avoided each other as much as possible, though it was hard since they all lived under the same roof. Roxie had gone to college and gotten her degree in fashion and went to work in her father’s company as a designer. The mansion they lived in was huge so she didn’t have to face her stepmother that often, only for dinner and the occasional parties that Claudia hosted. Her life was pretty good, the only thing she hated and argued with her father over was that he arranged a marriage between her and Joseph Metcalf.

Joseph Metcalf was thirty-five, a wealthy man who may or may not have ties to the mafia. He was tall, handsome and had a muscular body. He met Roxie at a party her father was hosting and knew he had to have her. He made her father an offer he couldn’t refuse in exchange for Roxie’s hand in marriage.

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