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The Secret Of The Lost Alpha

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How far would you go to destroy the one who hurt you the most.... Kiarra had been in the forest for 6 years since she ran away from her home and family. Whilst wandering through the forest in her human form, she is captured. She is given two choices. Unfortunately for her, both options will end the same way once they find out who she really is. Can Kiarra kept her identity hidden? Can she mend the broken bond between her and her own wolf? Can she unlock the Alphas own chilling secrets and most importantly, can she find her mate?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Heavy footsteps echoed through the damp dungeon, startling me awake. The cold dampness of the stone slabs seeped through my thin T-shirt, causing my muscles to ache and my body to shiver. Whimpers from the other prisoners fill the darkness as the thudding footsteps get closer, fear catching like wildfire. I muffled a sigh and stood, leaning against the back wall of my cell. I folded my arms across my chest, trying to retain as much body heat as I could, and waited.

The jingle of keys and the clanking of the lock was the only indication I had that they were coming into my cell. My eyesight, normally enhanced, was still fuzzy from our last encounter.

Footsteps crossed the small distance between the cell door and the back wall, two steps, before a rough, callused hand grabbed my upper arm in a vice grip.

Seems they learnt from last time.

I was yanked roughly forward towards the cell door and out into the corridor between the cells. I bit back a growl, it wouldn’t do me any favors.

Two tree-trucks-for-guards flanked me on either side, both with a firm grip on my upper arms, and wrists chained together in front of me.

Seems they hadn’t learnt as much from last time as I thought.

They marched me up a flight of stairs, and I fought hard not to make it apparent how much I struggled. I was exhausted, and weak. I wasn't sure how long I had been down there, and it’s not like it was a Grand Hotel, with 5 star food and a feather mattress. The stench of moldy straw, urine and rats clung to me, making me crinkle my nose.

A loud bang pulled me from my thoughts, making my eyes flick up to the noise. Bright lights stung my eyes as we entered a large corridor, with air that was heavy with the scent of grass clippings and blossoms. It must be spring, then. Doing a quick calculation in my head meant that I had been locked up for 2 seasons, Fall and The Cold Days. That breaks the records for the longest I have been held captive.

I stumbled as one of the guards shoved me, forcing me through a tight door frame before them. Where were we going? I had never been this far from my cell before. Normally I’m only taken as far as the guards room to endure my interrogation and subsequent beatings. I was proud to say I hadn’t given them anything. No matter what they did to me. My training was working well.

My heart leaped as we passed a window, slightly cracked to let the warming breeze through. I couldn’t help but let my eyes flick to the outside. A small garden surrounded a stream that appeared to run through the property. The warm sunlight bounced off the ripples and mingled with the patchy shadows of the forest that surrounded us.

Suddenly, I felt a fierce need to survive this.

I felt a rough hand wrap into the tangle of hair at the back of my neck before my head was shoved down, harshly.

“Keep your eyes to yourself, dog,” The guard rumbled as we passed through another set of wooden doors.

Again, I bit back another growl as I forced myself to obey. I was curious now, with excitement humming through my veins, giving me a little bit of energy back.

Finally, we stopped in front of a large door, a guard rapping his knuckles against it instead of kicking through them like the last couple. A small grunt sounded from behind the doors, indicating for the guard to push them open, before shoving me through them and into a beautiful room.

Floor to ceiling windows covered the entirety of one of the walls, letting in the warm sunlight which brightened the yellow in the rest of the wooden walls. The ceiling was high, and the room vast, however it felt homely despite its emptiness.

Had I been here before?

A man, also a tree-truck, stood with his back facing us, looking out one of the large windows. His tight-fitting t-shirt did nothing to hide the bulging muscles covering his back and arms. His dark blue jeans hugged his slim waist nicely without the need of a belt. He wore combat boots, a little odd for his semi-formal attire, and his black hair was cut close to his scalp along the sides and back, but left to a longer length along the top, and slightly slicked back. He stood with his hands in his pockets, tension lined his shoulders as he slowly turned around to acknowledge us.

The guards had their heads lowered, slightly bent to expose their throats. I kept my head high, my jaw set and my eyes looking straight ahead. I don't submit to anyone.

The tree-trunk slowly advanced, hands still in his pockets and eyes burning holes into me. A debate was playing in my mind.


The debate was finalized when the tree-truck removed one of his hands from his pocket, wrapping his warm fingers around my throat and using his thumb to turn my chin towards him. My eyes locked with his.


His eyes were blue. Not blue like the sky or the ocean, but an electric blue. Inhuman. There was so much depth to those eyes, yet nothing was at the surface.

The eyes of the tree-truck narrowed, shadowing the gorgeous blue with long, dark lashes and thick eyebrows. His nose was crooked, probably broken a few times, and his jaw was chiseled with a small amount of stubble visible this close. However, it was his lips that drew me to him.

I forced my eyes to return to his, causing a growl to radiate from his chest and fingers to tighten around my throat. When I didn’t look away, his fingers tightened even further, making it hard to breath.

I knew I should look away, but I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t in my nature to submit. And I wasn’t going to start now. The growl deepened, causing one of the guards next to me to flinch, and a smirk to appear on my face. Was I stupid? Apparently, yes. My heart was thundering in my chest, anxiety blazing through me now instead of excitement, but I held his gaze, our eyes locked on each other.

He gave my throat a final, tight squeeze before stepping away, his eyes still trained on me.

“Release her.” His voice radiated with authority, deep and attentive. He sounds like an asshole.

The guards released my arms and stepped away, and I realized they had been holding me up as the sudden effort of standing washed over me, moving the smirk from my face to his.

He drew himself up to his full height, a deep rumble sounding through the room from his chest as he took a menacing step towards me.

I didn’t look away, apparently still stupid. I could feel the guards unease behind me.

I wanted to look anywhere but his piercing blue eyes. I wanted to lower my head and expose my neck to him. I wanted to submit. But that was a weakness, and I was not weak. Still stupid, but not weak. Instead, I hardened the look in my eyes, blanking them and raised my chin in defiance, forcing my eyes to stay on him.

I could visibly see him bristle at my defiance, his top lip pulled back from his perfectly straight teeth as his eyes darkened to a stormy blue.


He continued to stalk towards me, and I forced myself to remain in place.

“You have two choices,” His voice came out in a thick snarl. “You can continue to defy me and refuse cooperation. That will land you back in your cell, or if you continue to piss me off, execution. Or, you can submit yourself and start explaining who you are and where you came from.”

My voice came out as a rasp from my dry throat, not having spoken in a long time.

“ And where will the second option get me?”

His snarl was replaced with an arrogant smirk as he answered.

“I’ll decide once I hear the answers.”


“Why the interest now? I’ve been locked up for two seasons, why didn’t we have this discussion earlier? Could have saved a lot of my time.” My throat was still dry, but my voice came out in a clearer note this time.

His muscles stiffened and the scowl returned to his face as he thundered at me.

I considered my options. I really didn’t want to go back to my cell. And just because I decided to listen to his question didn’t mean I had to answer them. At least not truthfully. I was interested in where the second option would land me. Perhaps if he decided I was worthless he would let me go back to being rouge.


But my curiosity got the better of me. Maybe even if he didn’t completely release me, I would at least get some freedom back. Perhaps it was worth a try.

I glared at him, sizing him up and tilted my head to the side. My voice deadpanned.

“Okay. I’ll cooperate.”

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