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Unexpected Love

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Lindie forgot her cellphone at home and when she goes back catches her husband cheating on her. She divorce him and move to Simons town where she meet Sebastiaan. However her husband comes back for revenge, Will she survive her ordeal and find love in the process?

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“Dammit! I forgot my cellphone at home” Lindie says annoyed with herself. Where was her head this morning? She will have to turn around to go and fetch it otherwise she will be lost without it. Her whole life is on that phone.

She looks over her shoulder to see if it is safe for her to turn around. She makes a quick u-turn. When she drives into the driveway she finds it very strange that Gustav’s car is still at home. He was supposed to leave for work just after her. She gets out of her car as quiet as possible. She freezes in her tracks on her way to the front door. The door is slightly open.

How many times did she tell Gustav to prune the shrubs back so that you can see the front door better, but for some reason he don’t want to adhere to her request. Her throat tightens with fear. What if there are robbers in the house! Where’s Gustav, is he safe? Slowly she pushes the door open and stands still in the foyer to listen if she can hear any noises in the house. It sounds like someone’s snooping around in their bedroom.

What must she do now she thinks anxiously? Must she turn around and run away to look for her phone and call the police? How will she then know if Gustav is still alive somewhere inside their house? Will she be brave enough to go and look for him? She decides that she wants to know what’s going on in the house. She must look for a weapon, she thinks anxiously. She must have something in my hands to defend myself with.

She tiptoes to the kitchen and takes the first heavy-bottomed pan she can lay her hands on. This is not the best weapon to have, but at least she can get a shot in if needed. She will probably be able to win some time, she thinks with fear paralyzing her. She takes a deep breath and sneaks down the hall. She stops in front of their bedroom door. She listens. She hears a slapping sound and it definitely sounds like somebody is being hit with something. There is definitely someone in their bedroom! She opens the door slowly. What she sees when she enters the room startles her a lot. For a few seconds she just stands there. She is so shocked she can’t get a word out. She just looks at the scene that is playing out in front of her eyes. She can’t believe what she is seeing! What she sees fills her with horror and anger. She is so annoyed but then the adrenaline and rage kicks in.

“What the hell is going on here?” she shouts as she hits Gustav over the head with the pan. Shocked he falls back on the bed. Gustav is shocked. Where does Lindie come from? She is supposed to be on her way to work.

Charlotte, the neighbor, is just as frightened. She gets up and tries to run for the door, but Lindie’s reaction is too fast. She hits Charlotte full in the face with the pan as she tries to run past her. Charlotte falls to the ground like a bag of potatoes, out like a candle.

“What the hell is going on here Gustav? How long has this been going on behind my back? Am I not enough for you? ” she asks indignantly as she menacingly points the pan in his direction again.

“Please my darling I can explain!” Gustav says as he gets up.

“I am not your darling, you snake! Don’t touch me or I will hit you with this pan again! Stay where you are! ” she says swinging the pan dangerously in his direction. He stops in his tracks. Since he has known Lindie he never seen her so angry before.

“I thought there were burglars in the house, busy killing you. But little did I know you’re cheating on me! You can be glad I didn’t take a knife in the kitchen otherwise I would have stabbed you full of holes and then cut off your penis while I watch you bleed out. How could you! ” she shouts and lifts the pan into the air.

“Come on Lindie, it’s nothing serious, we are just playing around a bit” he pleads.

“It doesn’t look like playing to me. You are not wearing a thread of clothes. And what is my wooden spoon doing on the bed?”

Now she knows where the slapping sound came from.

“Why are you using my kitchen utensils? Why didn’t you buy your own toys? Oh no grouse man! No wonder you’re been so aloof the last few months. How long has this been going on?”

“I am sorry!” Gustav says with his hands in the air.

“No Gustav, it’s too late for tears. How long has this been going on?” Lindie asks again. Gustav just stares at her.

“Answer me!” Lindie shouts at him.

Gustav realizes he’s really in trouble now. He will have to tell her the truth. That expression on Lindie’s face shows him that if he doesn’t speak up now she is going to hit him with the pan again. Threateningly she stands closer to him.

“It has been happening for about two months now, every morning after you leave for work” Gustav admits embarrassed. He looks like a dog flattening his ears while getting scolded.

“We could have talked it so that we can find a solution to the problem. But instead, you chose to fuck around with this slut! I’m sorry but this is not something I will be able to forgive you any time soon” Lindie says as she experiences the most painful heartache of her life.

Never before has anyone broken her heart like that. It feels like someone is ripping her heart out of her body. She feels dizzy and nauseous from the disappointment. How can he do this to her as she gritts her teeth to hold back her tears? Dazed and embarrassed, Gustav stares at her. He is powerless without words.

She turns to him and says “make sure all your stuff is out of the house before I get back tonight. I don’t care where you go or where you stay. If I get home toningh you must be gone.”

She refuses to let the tears overwhelm her now. She will not cry in front of him. Bloody piece of garbage! She has to get out of here. She can’t handle this scene any longer. It’s too painful for her to look at.

As she turns around to leave the room Charlotte begins to stir. Lindie hits her over the head with the pan again. She wants to transfer the pain she is experiencing to this slut lying on the ground.

“Damn bitch!” Lindie says as she walks out.

Gustav quickly grabs a pair of pants and tries to put them on as he runs after Lindie. In the process, his feet get stuck and he almost falls on his face. He hops first on his one leg and then on the other to get his pants on.

“I’m very sorry my darling, I promise it will never happen again” he begs behind her.

Furious Lindie tosses the pan down on the kitchen counter. She picks up her cell phone where she forgot it this morning.

“It’s over. This is the lowest thing you could ever do to me. Make sure that all your belongings are out of the house. If all your stuff is not out by tonight I will set it on fire” she warns him.

He can see it’s not going to help to argue. Maybe he went too far but he didn’t think Lindie will find out about his affair with Charlotte, much less catch them in the act. Charlotte is so sexy and cute. How can he keep his hands off her when she offers her beautiful body so eagerly to him? Any man will fall for her beautiful curves, including him. Now he is in trouble for that.

Lindie can’t believe he did this to her. Without looking back, she gets in her car and drives away. She is angry but also very hurt. What must she do now? Never before has she found her in such an impossible situation. Will her love for Gustav be enough to try and save their marriage or will they end up in the divorce court? Didn’t he make a promise in front of the pulpit to always be faithful to her she wonders as the tears now freely flow over her cheeks?

When Lindie arrives at work, she quickly goes into the bathroom. She touches up her makeup so that no one can see she was crying. She will have to stay calm and try to get through her day without anyone noticing what is going on in her personal life. She is not in the mood to be the main attraction of gossip stories. It will run through the entire building like a veld fire with ten exaggerated tails attached.

After she struggled through the stack of work on her desk she can finally go home. Now she has to face the mess waiting for her. She is still angry and very hurt when she arrives home. She will like to strangle Gustav with her bare hands. But she doesn’t want to go to jail, so she will handle it in a judicial way. Gustav waits for her at the front door. He can see things haven’t changed since this morning.

“Can we calmly talk about this Lindie?”

Lindie looks up into his face and wonders who this man is standing in front of her. She doesn’t know him at all anymore.

“We can” she says and sits down on the couch in the living room. He sits across from her so they can look each other straight in the eye.

“I am sorry about what happened this morning, but that doesn’t excuse my actions. Maybe our marriage has been in trouble for a long time. I just didn’t make the time to talk to you about it. I didn’t want you to find out about me and Charlotte’s relationship. I talked to her and she agrees that we will make a better couple than the two of us do. I’m sorry Lindie but I think it will be better if we parted ways. I will go and see a lawyer tomorrow to get the divorce going. We are married on contract. We will be able to finalize the divorce quickly. Do you agree?”

“Yes,” Lindie says amazed.

She didn’t think he will give up everything so quickly. Now she realizes how little she meant to him. Did he love her while they were married or was it just for the convenience of it, she wonders.

Within two months their divorce is settled and everything gets divided as they agreed. Lindie quickly realized it will do her no good to try to hold on to the past when Gustav is so eager to move on. It’s enough to make any woman doubt her own womanhood. She stood in front of the mirror many times and looked at her from all sides. She has lost a few pounds, but doesn’t look overly fat or has a funny body shape. Maybe they just didn’t have the magic needed to keep their marriage alive. It’s not like she is shy in the bedroom, but they didn’t do extraordinary things either. They always followed the same routine. Only a little bit of foreplay, doing the deed, climax and finish. As if it was a household task. She can’t figure out where things went wrong and then turns away from the mirror.

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