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Hannelie (English edition)

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Hannelie was abused by her husband until she runs away and is in an accident. After the accident she has memory loss for a few months but after her abusive husband comes looking for her her memory comes back. She move to Somerset West where she start a new live and find love despite of the injured legs.

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Hannelie is watering the garden. It is a very hot day and the sun is burning mercilessly on the shrubs in the garden. The smell of water on the wet soil fills her nostrils. Just like after it rained. Here, in the garden, she can be alone for a while. She gets startled when she suddenly hears a voice behind her.

“Good morning neighbor” Hannes greets her.

“Oh gosh! I didn’t hear you.”

“I’m sorry if I scared you. It was not my intension. You are so caught up in your own world that you didn’t even hear me coming up behind you.”

“It’s so quiet here in the garden. It’s the only place where I can be alone for a few minutes.”

“Yes, the weather is nice and warm these days” Hannes says.

Hannes sees the curtain from the living room window behind Hannelie is moving.

Softer he says to Hannelie ”he is peeking through the curtains again. I’d rather go before you get into trouble again” Hannes says and walks away.

Hannes has a dislike in Hannelie’s husband, Johan. He would rather hit his wife instead of fighting against his own peers. He’s a real bully.

After half an hour, Hannelie rolls up the garden hose and stores it in the garage. She walks into the house and finds Johan waiting for her in the kitchen. He has a beer in his hand and it’s barely after twelve o’clock in the afternoon. She wonders how many he already had to drink. She hopes he is not in one of his moods again, but when he speaks, she knows he is.

“Why are you flirting with the neighbor again?”

“Johan, how many times do I have to tell you there is nothing going on between me and Hannes. He just said good morning.”

“Gmf” Johan snorts.

“That’s not what it looked like to me. You are behaving like a whore again.”

“Whatever” Hannelie snarls at him and walks to the bathroom to wash her hands. She doesn’t feel like arguing with Johan, because no matter what she says, she can never win a fight.

“I’m not done with you yet!” Johan shouts at Hannelie as she walks down the hall. She ignores him and walks on. He comes up from behind, and grabs her by her long ponytail and pulls her to a halt.

“Leave me alone! You are hurting me!” Hannelie shouts.

“I will not leave you alone” Johan whispers in her ear.

“You have been testing my patience for the past few days. I’ll get you in line again”

he says as he forces her to the bedroom. She puts her hands and feet outwards in front of him in an attempt to stop him. But unfortunately he is much taller than she is. He puts his arm around her waist, lifts her up and carries her to the bedroom. He violently throws her down on the bed. He slams the bedroom door behind him. Hannelie starts crying. She sits up on the bed.

“Please Johan, don’t hurt me” she begs him.

“No Hannelie, I am not going to hurt you. I’m just correcting your ways” he says as he slaps her hard against her cheek. Her cheek burns where his hand landed. He uses his body to hold her down on the bed and pins her arms to either side of her head. He tries to kiss her, but she jerks her face away.

“Hold still! You are my wife and I expect you to fulfill your marital duties in the bedroom, if, and when I want it.”

He lies with his full weight on her so she can’t move. With his one hand, he grabs both of her hands and hold them above her head. With the other hand, he lifts up her T-shirt and kisses her breasts.

“No, no! I do not want to!” she screams as she struggles to get out from under him. Then Johan bites her hard on her one breast and she cringes with pain.

“The less you struggle, the less you will get hurt” he says sadistically. With one hand, he loosens his belt and pulls it out of the loops of his pants. In the blink of an eye, he turns Hannelie on her stomach. He takes his belt in his right hand and gets up. He hits her hard over her buttocks with the belt.

“Ouch!” Hannelie cries.

“You don’t want to listen. If you want to behave like a child I will give you a hiding” Johan says as he hits her over her buttocks again. He puts the belt down and rips Hannelie’s clothes off her body. He takes the belt again and hits her over her back this time. It hurts so much that Hannelie gasps for air and cannot make a sound. Tears flow down her cheeks as her body burns from where the belt struck her. She does not opposes him further. He might just strangle her with the belt. He grabs her wrists and using the belt he ties her hands to the headboard of the bed.

“You don’t want to listen me” he says as he loosens his trousers. He lifts Hannelie’s hips up and make her stand on her knees.

“I am your husband and I will do with you as I please” he says behind her.

She knows what’s coming and presses her face into the pillow to stifle her screams. He takes out his large stiffened penis, grabs her by the hips and without hesitation he slams it deep into Hannelie’s femininity. She screams into the pillow as the pain goes through her body. He slams his big penis into her over and over again. He does it harder and harder until he reaches a climax.

“Aaaa! See, that was not so bad” he says sadistically as he pulls his pants up and fastens it. He loosens the belt around Hannelie’s hands. She sags down onto her side and pulls her knees up in the hope to alleviate the pain that is still rippling through her body.

“Stop crying like a little girl!” Johan shouts and takes the belt and hit her hard on the side of her body. He then walks out of the bedroom and leaves Hannelie lying on the bed. He slams the door so hard that the windows rattles in their frames.

Hannes pretends to be busy in his garage, but he can hear how Johan is abusing Hannelie again. He feels so sorry for the woman, but he can’t help her. All he can do is call the police. But on previous occasions Hannelie didn’t want to lay a charge against Johan, so then it does not help either. He wishes she can get away from that man. But the decision still lies with her. He fears that the day may come when Hannelie will not survive an attack like today.

Hannes’ wife, Erika joins him.

“I know you are doing absolutely nothing in this garage. You are listening to what’s going on next door. And I also know that you would like to help Hannelie. How many times have I told her to come to us when Johan gets so aggressive towards her. I feel just as sorry for her. She doesn’t deserve to lead such a life. I’ll see if I can get her alone one of these days to try and convince her to go to the safe house for protection. Come on, I made us some coffee” Erika says as she pulls Hannes towards the kitchen.

“I can’t understand why she still stays with him.”

“It’s Stockholm syndrome my darling. I have explained it to you previously.”

“Yes, but she still has a choice. She has a great job, and if she really wants to, she can stand on her own two feet. Why is she still here?”

Erika just shrugs her shoulders.

“We have spoken to her my love, we just have to hope and pray that one day it does not lead to murder” Erika says helplessly.

Meanwhile, Hannelie gets up and struggles to the bathroom. She sits on the toilet until most of the pain subsides. She opens the taps to the bath and fills it with hot water. The hot water usually brings relief when Johan has beaten her up like that. She can see the bruises on her wrists is turning blue already. And when she looks in the mirror, she sees the silhouette of his hand still on her cheek. It is now swollen where his fingers impacted her cheek.

It’s definitely going to be blue by tomorrow. She will have to hide these marks again when she goes back to work on Monday. She sinks into the hot water with a sigh. The marks where he hit her with the belt is now burning in the water. She is so tired of having to endure this abuse day after day. But where can she go where Johan will not sniff her out again. And if she dares to run away, he will surely kill her. He sniffed her out the last time and threatened if she dared to do it again, he will find her and kill her. If he can’t have her as a wife, no one else will, he said.

When Hannelie eventually gets out of the bath her body is sore and stiff. She puts on a nightgown and climbs into bed, even though it is only late afternoon. The house is quiet, which means that Johan probably went to some bar again. Hopefully he is so intoxicated when he gets home later, that he will pass out on the couch and leave her alone.

It is in the early hours of the morning that Hannelie hears a shuffle in the living room and she assumes it is Johan who arrived home. The next morning when she walks to the kitchen to make her some coffee, she sees Johan where he has passed out on one of the couches. She leaves the monster to sleep.

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