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Be My Forever

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Danni likes Tanner. Tanner likes Danni, but other forces in the universe have plans to try to ruin their relationship. Even before the relationship begins

Romance / Humor
Celine Urbin
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Who The Hell Is Tanner Wells

Who the hell is Tanner Wells?

"We need to get you a boyfriend." I hear my friend Eva say bluntly from behind me as we enter the library. The shock from the statement takes me out of my daze. I follow the rest of my class into the massive room filled with shelves of books and a cube of computers; in the middle, I sit at an empty table as everyone looks for their friend groups. Today we are signing up for second-semester first-year classes. Every First-year student will be coming into the library during the first period to sign up for classes for the rest of the year. Eva sits next to me and throws her purple backpack on top of the table.

Eva has her dark auburn hair up in a ponytail as always. Her purple glasses have a slight glare from the lights in the library. She's short and stocky but still is pretty. She refuses to wear makeup. Her tank top strap slightly comes out of her zip-up hoodie, and she quickly fixes it. I look down at my pearl white oversized sweater and see my shoulder peer out. Unlike Eva, I like having my shoulder out.

"I do not need a boyfriend," I say as my English teacher hands me my list of required classes for next term. "Shit." I look at my sheet. I hear my teacher say something around the lines of "Watch your language." but I am out of it.

"What?" I hear my friend Kyra ask as she sits on my other side with her list. Kyra has medium-length black hair with multicolored streaks in her hair, She is wearing black from head to toe, and Her black combat boots have buckles all over them.

"I got placed in remedial math again." I glare at my list, trying not to crumple it into a ball. Math has never been a subject that is easy for me. I can never understand why they add the alphabet to math. I can hardly handle fractions.

"Stop evading the topic," Eva says, jotting down her choices on her paper. I peer over her shoulder and see AP Algebra on her list. But, of course, math is easy for her and Kyra, who is probably still in Calculus.

"What topic?" Kyra says with interest in her voice. She clicks her pen a couple of times in anticipation.

"Danni needs a boyfriend," Eva says as she finishes picking her choices.

"I agree. We both have boyfriends, and it's your turn." Kyra finishes her sheet as I continue to stare at mine.

Her statement is not untrue. Kyra has been with her boyfriend Devon for about a month, and he is the shiftiest person I know. So let's say he doesn't hang out with the right crowd.

Mike, Eva's boyfriend, is the complete opposite. He has plans to join the military or be a police officer. He is a sweet guy, and I know he loves Eva more than I could ever hope he could.

"Who are our contestants?" Kyra continues.

Oh no. Not this game. Whenever Eva and Kyra decide that I need a boyfriend, they name all the guys in school they know who have a crush on me. It is usually guys on the chess team or a couple of the guys who smoke cigarettes across from the school. I'm not that picky, and I want my first boyfriend to be someone I have feelings for, is that too much to ask?

I continue to fill out my sheet as they run through names. None of the names are unfamiliar, but none of them intrigue me. As they ramble on and on, a tall boy with short swoopy black hair walks past us. He turns his head and smiles at me shyly, and runs off. I didn't get a good look at him, but I think he has brown eyes paired with black square-framed glasses. He sits next to one of Eva's friends Nial. Nial has shaggy brown hair and is about two inches shorter than me. The tall boy keeps looking back at me. At the same time, I can't keep my eyes off of him.

As usual, Eva notices me staring at him. She probably knows his name too. "What about Tanner Wells?" Eva says, looking at me with a smirk on her face.

"Who?" I was a little bit intrigued. Could he possibly be the boy I just saw?

"No," Kyra says. She looks behind her and then looks at us. "No." She starts shifting in her seat uncomfortably as she plays with the pen.

"Oh, come on, he's her type," Eva says in defense.

"No fucking way am I letting it happen." Now I'm getting pissed. It's usually me who protests against the boys, not them. I listen to them argue as our teacher collects our sheets. I let the blood simmer in my veins for a minute before I say anything.

"Who the hell is Tanner Wells?" I finally ask as I grab my bag. They are both silent as we head back to our class, which is weird considering that we'll only have five minutes left by the time we get there.

"He was the boy you were staring at in the library." Eva finally says as we climb the staircase to the upper hallway. I will have to run down them and across the school to the portables in a few minutes anyway.

"I think I'd like him if I got to know him. I think he's in my geography class." I twirl my hair in my fingers as I walk into class. Kyra stops me.

"I know, Tanner, okay. I grew up with him. Come over this weekend, and I'll tell you everything I know. After that, if you decide that he is still someone you want to get to know, I can't stop you. Deal?"

I stare into her deep blue eyes as she looks at me. Why does everyone feel the need to protect me all the time? I know she cares, so I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. "Deal."

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