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The Spirit Bear's Love

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Amethyst Jane Henderson is a young twenty-year-old human girl who goes to the local submissive school in London to learn how to live with her master as she was assigned as Baby Girl, a Little submissive within her community. She has met a few mistresses and masters, but they would leave her alone to suffer while her sister would get their attention and be spoiled by them all. Amethyst signed up for the master and slave pen pal to be matched with a Dominant Master who she will meet during the time frame of being pen pals. She was reached out a few weeks later during the year that they were able to meet with each other after she signed up. They had connected right away, and she prayed that they would meet soon enough. But, something had called him out back home, and now she waits for his return. She had not heard from her pen pal Dominant, and she thought the worse that he had forgotten about her and left her as everyone else had done. What she would do to talk with him again and to finally meet the gentle giant she knew him as, even though they only knew each other through writing back and forth and meeting in class. She meets another Master Daddy Dominant, and he has been so kind to her from the beginning, but she will indeed be her gentle giant’s little cub. Will they finally meet after so long, or will her sister interfere and ruin her life?

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Amethyst’s POV

Long ago, there was a war between mythical beings and humanity. The battle lasted for centuries, and one day both sides came to a standstill, not wanting the extinction of both sides. When the Royal families of the mythical beings came together, they agreed to help create a new world where there would be schools to help teach the more recent generations how to be who they are and match the submissive humans to a strong mythical dominant being.

Both sides agreed to this, as they wanted to evolve the new world and mix both species as one new species. Over time the world began to change for the better, yes, there were still some fights in the background of the world, but that is only with the big business tycoons in London and across the globe. Many have tried to harm the billionaires, the mafia families that hold so much power.

When the two Academies were created to help both sides to live among themselves and create a better world for the mythical beings and their matched life partners, many human families would try and fight against the idea of their sons or daughters being sent to the submissive academy to find out here new role in life, to understand that they will need to learn how to appease there Dominant counterpart who will be the one to teach them right from wrong. Some families have gained high status in the new world among the mythical beings, seeing as they now have the power in high society worldwide. London is one of the top few places that hold many different mythical beings who have worked hard to gain their place in the new world.

Some have found their submissive partners, and some had gone through the trouble of still searching for the right match when the Pen Pal Master-Slave program came into effect right away to help with the process for both Dominant and Submissives to find their partner through a few testing and with the knowledge of both participants likes, hobbies, dislikes, and limits.

“Amethyst!” I looked up from the book I was reading when I saw Mrs. Henson, my school Counsellor who has been helping with understanding who I am since I came to the Academy when I was sixteen years old. My sister, Seresa, was also sent here, but she has everyone wrapped around her finger, and I know she lied about her testing as she was tested to be a submissive slave person for a strict master. Every time the gatherings happened, all of the dominant beings would talk with me, but then the next day, I would lose hope as they would choose my sister over me as if I was nothing to anyone.

“Amethyst, little one. We need to talk, and I have some good news.” “Alright, Mrs. Henson,” I said, getting up with the book I wanted, but I had to put it away as I couldn’t afford to take it home with me. Home. I don’t have a good home, and I live in the attic of my parent’s house. I followed Mrs. Henson to her office, not expecting to find out that I was matched again after weeks of refilling out the paperwork to find my Daddy Dominant.

I took a seat in her office when I noticed my sister was there. “Mrs. Henson? What is going on?” “Well, Amethyst, you and Seresa were matched with the same Dominant. He will be arriving soon with a friend of his as they both work as lawyers.” I gave her a nod of my head, praying that I would not be punished on the first day of meeting with the Dominant match. “Yay! I am so happy.” I sighed and scrunched up my nose when Seresa screeched out her excitement.

I was more worried that he would hurt me like the rest of the Dominants I have met cause of my sister, who pretends to be something she is not. I have tried to speak with other Master Dominants and ask them what they noticed about my sister, and only one realized that she was not a submissive person, and he was my first match.

I hadn’t spoken to him in a few years as he had to head back to his country for a while. Then I met Master Kaleb, he was a good man, and he became like an older brother to me over the time we had met. He would visit me at my work and help me through the abuse I had to endure with my parents. He told me that he knows someone who is a Daddy Dominant, a rigorous one at that, and he believes I would be a good match with his long-time friend who moved to London a few years ago and has made a life for himself. I was intrigued, but I was also worried as no one wants to deal with a broken young girl who fears the worse of what life throws at her. The only thing I know of my brother’s friend is that he was a fireman, and his other friend was like himself, a lawyer, and he had told me he was going to plan something to make sure life was not going to be too harsh on me.

The moment the door opened, I turned around to look at who was there. I was surprised to see Master Kaleb walk in with another man who looked to be a descendant of Chinese heritage, but what intrigued me more was his beautiful eyes. They were such a bright blue I was not sure I could see the pupils in his eyes. “Hey, pumpkin. Long time no see.” “Yes, it has been a long time Master Kaleb,” I said, giving him a small smile.

“Alright, why don’t we get things started, now Master Greensmith? I believe you were matched with Seresa? It also seems that Amethyst here was matched with you as well. But, that is concerning as Amethyst is not a slave submissive but a little submissive.” I kept my head down, blushing when Mrs. Henson explained what I was tested for. “Hm, A little? What is her little age, if I may ask?” I let out a small gasp hearing his deep rich voice speak; I was right when I listened to his Chinese accent. My eyebrows furrowed together as I thought about what this man could be or what he truly is.

“Mr. Xiao, Amethyst here is a baby girl, and she has not yet slipped into her young age as it has been hard for her to reach that side of herself.” I tried to ignore what Mrs. Henson told Mr. Xiao, but I worried he would be like the others and leave me for my sister. “That is no trouble. The right environment, care, and discipline can help when the little has been through enough to prevent that need to be small.” Mr. Xiao explained. I didn’t realize he sat down next to me, placing his briefcase by his feet. “Mrs. Henson, what needs to be done for me to become Amethyst’s temporary caregiver?” “Mr. Xiao, all we need to do is have you and Amethyst fill out the right forms for this to be a temp match between the both of you; as Amethyst was matched with another, he had asked that we only find a temp to take care of his little till he returns.” I heard what Mrs. Henson was saying, and my eyes widened, knowing that the only Master Daddy I had was Daddy Bear. But, I was not sure that it would work so well. I miss daddy bear, and I hope he is doing well.

“That is not fair! Why her! She is a bratty brat!” Seresa screeched out, kicking and throwing a tantrum. I kept my head down, trying to use my hair to hide my face. I did not want to see the disappointed look on Mr. Xiao’s face about me. I have been beaten and thrown away far too many times over what Seresa has done and accused me of doing when I am innocent in everything she does and won’t admit to.

“Mr. Xiao, Let me call the Dean in, and we can discuss more of you and Amethyst becoming temp match in Mr. Hawke’s steed.” “Of course. I am friends with Gareth, and I was surprised to find his little so soon. I had promised him I would take care of her for him.” I kept my face down, biting my lower lip, fighting back the blush on my cheeks, and wondering what he meant about daddy bear.

“Alright, why don’t I call her parents and have you stay with them for Amethyst’s sake, as you want to make her your temp little submissive?” “Yes, and I will be the only one who will take on the Dominant role in her life while I am staying there. Then call the dean and make this happen,” Yue said calmly.

I was sitting still, ignoring my sister’s screeching voice, trying to wrap my head around the fact that a Daddy Dominant wanted me. “Little one.” I took a peek at Mr. Xiao, and he was kneeling in front of me, holding my hands in his. “Y-Yes, sir,” I whispered, knowing that my face was red from blushing.

“Little one, you can call me Yue, and after the seven days are up, you will be staying with me from now on, and when Gareth returns, we will plan something for him.” My eyes widened slightly, knowing that Yue was serious and that the only reason he had to stay with my family was the rules in place when an un-match pair wanted to be together, temp or not.

“Alright, the dean has agreed to everything, Mr. Xiao. All you need to do is head there and get the paperwork to fill out with Amethyst.” “Sounds good. We will leave now and then meet at the house.” Yue said as he helped me off the chair, picking me up into his arms. I wrapped my legs around his waist and tightened my hold on his neck so I wouldn’t fall. “Shh, I won’t let you fall, little one.” “Y-yes, Yue,” I whispered into his neck, laying my head on his shoulders when I felt my eyes start to close from being exhausted and having no sleep.

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