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The Spirit Bear's Love

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Master Yue’s POV

The moment I walked into the office and saw the most beautiful little thing sitting biting her bottom lip worried me. I could feel her emotions and anxiety, and I had to do something to help this little one before a breakdown happened. Both Kaleb and I made our way inside, and I quickly took my seat next to the little beauty looking down, trying to hide her face.

My eyes softened, seeing her be like this. It broke my heart when I could feel her emotions and smell her tears. I had to stop my urge from wanting to pick her up and place her on my lap and hold her tiny body close to mine. When everything was said and done, I quickly helped my little one out of the chair and picked her up, placing her onto my left hip as she wrapped herself around my body. I grabbed my briefcase and her small bag that barely held anything.

“Alright, this is what is going to happen. Seresa, you will come with me back to your parent’s home, so we can meet up with your actual Dom, who will meet us there.” “W-wait. Your not my Daddy?” I shook my head when I knew who Seresa was. The girl who paid off a nurse to lie about her testing scores so she would not go through any kind of training other than trying to fake being a little submissive to any master dominant. I walked away from them both, not wanting to be around when things were going to turn for the worse. I looked at Gareth’s baby girl, and I noticed she had fallen asleep in my arms. I quickly walked inside the main office to deal with the paperwork and fill it all out.

“Mr. Xiao. Thank you for coming so soon, and I see that Amethyst has liked you. A year ago, Mr. Hawke explained that Amethyst will become his permanent little once he returns, but I have been trying to find a perfect temp dominant for his little cub.” “Sir, I have been friends with Gareth since school and the others in our house. He had asked all of us to watch over his baby. I have agreed to take on the responsibility to be her temp caregiver till Gareth returns in a few weeks.” “Good, one more thing. I don’t want her to be with her parents, as she comes to school looking more tired and what Jane has told me about her living situation. I would rather she is out of there permanently. If you sign off on these, I will send Jane to do check-ins with the two of you if you want to take her home with you instead.” I raised one of my eyebrows, wondering what had happened to Gareth’s baby. “I want her file with me so I can read everything about the little one and prepare for her to open up to me when she feels safe enough,” I said, hefting her more into my arms. I watched the Dean nod and left me to fill out the paperwork because I would be taking her home instead of going to her parent’s place after this.

After I finished everything, I handed it to the Dean, who gave me Gareth’s and Amethyst’s files to read later. I knew I had to go shopping for her, but I think Gareth has already done so. I placed her gently into the adult booster seat next to me in the passenger seat of my car. I waited for Kaleb to arrive with Seresa to head off to their parent’s place so I could grab all of her things as she would leave for good and stay with me till her actual dominant came home.

“Seresa, get into the backseat now.” “No! You can’t make me.” I let out an annoyed growl, feeling my hands tighten on my steering wheel. “Kaleb, if you don’t shut her up, I will not be blamed for what will happen.” I hissed out, narrowing my eyes, letting them glow slightly to make my point. “D-Daddy Yue?” I relaxed when I heard my temp little one’s sweet voice.

“Sweetheart, how was your nap?” I said softly, watching her rub her eyes from her nap. “I-it was good.” “That is good, little one. We will go get your things from your parent’s house as you will live with me instead?” I whispered gently to her. I gave her a small smile when her face brightened up, blushing cherry red. I felt myself let out a warm purring noise to help calm my baby down as I could feel her heart racing with fear. “Alright, Yue. You can go now; I had to knock her out.” “Of course you did. Why else is there no sound or screeching?” I sarcastically stated, winking at my little one, who was trying to hide her giggles.

I drove us all towards Henderson’s Residence, where Seresa will stay with her parents and her Dominant, whom I only met a few times at the local Red Door Club. I pulled up, parking the car in the driveway when I saw Trey and Jeff standing with their arms crossed their chest, and I knew this would not be good.

I got out and carefully helped my baby to get out as well. I noticed how quickly my little one grabbed my hand and tightened her hold as if something was wrong. I kneeled in front of the little one, searching her sweet face and eyes, pinpointing what was going on. “Little one, what is wrong?” I whispered, squeezing her hand gently. I pushed some of her hair away from her face, and my heart hurt from seeing the tears threatening to fall down her face.

I quickly picked her up and hugged her to me as she wrapped her arms and legs around my body and hid her face in my neck. “Shh, sweetheart. I am here, and I will not let anyone hurt you. The only one allowed to give you punishments is me, baby.” I whispered into her ear, placing a kiss on her temple.

I turned toward Trey and Jeff, and they both raised their eyebrows when they saw my baby hiding in my arms. “Glad you were able to make it. It seems to me that these humans have no respect for us. When I found out about a submissive trying to hide her true testing from the school’s log. I knew I had to find out what it was. It seems that they had swapped the testing scores with Amethyst and Seresa.”

“What? Explain, Trey.” I hissed out, tightening my hold on the little one, who was now shaking in my arms. “Amethyst had gone through the wrong training in the wrong part of the Academy. At the same time, Seresa was taking her time in the CG/L training for all types of littles. Amethyst was transferred a few months ago to where she should have been from the start. Unfortunately, Seresa can’t be put into the training of an enslaved person submissive as she already learned to slip and be a little.” I nodded at Trey when we both knew this would be hard to deal with as my baby must have gone through harsh dealings with Master Dominants. “Hm, who is this little one?” “This jeff is Gareth’s little cub,” I said softly, rubbing her back. “Oh damn! Gareth is going to blow a gasket when he sees her.” I nodded at jeff when he said that we all know how Gareth can be as he is the one who was more alpha dominant than the rest of us in the house, which is why he was the one who would make sure the house and the occupants are kept safe and under rigorous control and rules put into place. When she was a baby girl, she should have been cared for and treated like the princess she deserved to be. I felt my blood boil up when I found out what my baby had to endure.

“Yue, I was Amethsyt’s master, alongside Gareth, who took it upon himself to make her his submissive before he had to leave. I had promised Gareth that I would never let anyone lay a hand on her, and I knew she was not supposed to be in that part of the Academy.” I nodded at Kaleb, knowing if it were not for him, I would never have taken this chance to meet with this beauty of Gareth’s.

I can’t wait for the day I will find my permanent little kitten to have as my own. Till then, I will help keep Gareth’s baby safe and cared for in his steed. We all made our way inside, where I gently placed my baby on the couch to finish her nap. I sat down on the floor by her head, running my hand through her hair. “Oh, Mr. Xiao, welcome to our home.” I kept my eyes glued to my baby, giving Mrs. Henderson a nod. “Kaleb, can you go to Amethyst’s room and grab me all of her things?” “Got it, man.” I watched Kaleb leave the room when my baby started to stir from her sleep.

“D-Daddy Yue?” “Shh, baby. I’m right here.” I softened my voice, helping her to sit up on the couch. We both ignored her mother, who was standing behind us. “Well, dinner will be done shortly. I will have the maids get everything set up for you, Mr. Xiao.” “No need. We will be leaving soon, and I need to get my baby home for her bath and dinner.” I said calmly, standing up with my baby clinging to my neck. I quickly wrapped her legs around my waist, holding her to my chest by her bum. “Mrs. Henderson, from now onwards, Amethyst, will be living with me, and I will be the judge of her character and needs,” I said, making my way outside towards my car, where I placed my baby in her seat.

I saw Jeff with Seresa, and I knew we would be living in the same house with the others and their submissives. “Baby girl, I need to tell you something very important. I live with a few other Dominants and their submissives. We are all close friends, Kaleb will be there as well, and I am sure you will meet his submissive.” “Alright, Daddy Yue.” I kissed my baby’s forehead before getting into the driver’s seat and going home. Once I pulled into the driveway, I saw the others were home from work. “Alright, sweetheart. I want you to be a good girl and listen to me when we get inside?” “Yes, daddy,” Amethyst said softly.

I got out of the car, taking my briefcase and my baby’s little suitcase that looked old and withered. After placing them both down on the ground, I helped my baby get out of her seat, taking her tiny hand into my own as she took her suitcase. We walked hand in hand towards the house, and I pushed open the front door with my foot.

“Hey! Yue, your back so soon?” I gently nudged my little one inside and placed my briefcase by the door with her suitcase. “Jackson, good to see you. Is everyone here?” I asked. “No, Kal dropped by, but he will pick up his sub from school. Jeff came back not too long ago with an annoying screeching human. Leon is here with his sub and watching mine as I have to head to work. I got called in.”

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