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Be My Sinner

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She trembled as she stared into his eyes, fear screaming inside her head as his words resounded like a bolt of lightning in her brain. "Hope you know that after this, you are and can only be mine" he had said with a smirk on his face, she didn't know who he was or why he has said that, the only thing she knew was she was going to lose her virginity to this Man, get him to teach her everything she should do to spice up her sex life in other to get her boyfriend back. So without thinking she pulled him to her and kissed him because she didn't want to lose her courage Celine was always different, pretty and boring she was tagged, that even her boyfriend hated her and in the want to change that, she meets Alexander. The deadly Mafia billionaire She says to him "I no longer want to be different from everyone, I no longer want to be targeted as the saintly one,I want everyone who betrayed or hated me to tremble at my sight and take back their words" He stared at her for a while before speaking "In one word tell me what you want?" "I no longer want to be Celina James" she replies determination evident in her eyes as she stared at the man, that she wouldn't admit was her life He pulled her close to him and smiled, he loved her and didn't care who she was I So he says to her "I don't mind if you are a saint but if you ever get tried of being Celine (heaven), then be my sinner"

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Chapter 1 : Betrayal

~ 1 year ago ~

“Ah… ah… ahh… agh….” A feminine voice could be heard moaning very loud in the room while a girl was seen holding on to the room door as she stood there like a ghost, tears rolling down her eyes. It turns out that she just caught her boyfriend, the one person she loved the most with another girl on the night to their wedding and he didn't care one bit.

She wanted to run out in tears but his words had stopped her and that was why she was in front of the room holding onto the door as she watched him fingering the other girl who was moaning passionately.

"You have two options, join us on the bed and let's have a threesome, so you can learn somethings before our wedding tomorrow or you walk out that door and the wedding is cancelled" he had said when she wanted to run out.

"She's so boring babe, no wonder you don't like her. How about I teach you how to do a BJ?" The other girl said laughing as she made mockery of the girl at the door and that was it, the girl could no longer take it as she turned around and slammed the door running away, even still she could hear the moans and the laughter from inside the room.

“Ahh… Uhm… Uh…. hell y-yes Herny…” the girl's moan sounded in her head like it was programmed.

She ran as fast as she could running down the road of the street with teary eyes, she didn't know where she was going or what she was going to do but one thing was certain, she wanted to go far away from there, to a place where no one would find her, a place where she could hid from the nightmare and the pains.

She finally stopped running after she had been running for hours when she got to a point, it was an abandoned bridge in a quiet area with no one passing, this is where she had met him. On this bridge five years when she was 18, she had saved his life here. He was holding on to the bridge side about to fall when she saw him shouting for help. Since it was a quiet area, there was no one here and she only came here because she barely had friends and here held her biggest memories of her family.

Thinking of the fact that she had loved him unconditionally for all these years, only to lose him now hurt like hell and she couldn't get over it as she fell to the floor and wept, different words from different people echoing in her brain.

She remembered how her life was always so miserable and how Henry was the only light in her life and even if he really never treated her right, she still loved him and maybe would always do.

"What are you still a virgin?" She could remember one of Henry's friend had asked during a truth or dare Game and she really felt bad and stupid seeing Henry's shamed look.

"That's lame" The guy had said laughing with everyone while she sat there feeling the worst.

"You mean Celina James, she would surely say no. She always behaving like a saint" she remembered a girl in highschool has once said.

She sighed as the tears flowed down freely, her life was a mess and she hated it, she hated every bit of it, she hated being innocent, being navie and she knew that was why Henry did this to her.

"He left you because you were stupid ok?" She yelled loud angrily into space.

"Can you stop been innocent?, Please stop been a saint Celine, Celina James please grow up" she said falling back to the ground in tears.

Just then her phone started ringing and she took it out answering the call, she already knew it was so she answered it even without taking a look at the screen. It was the only person who would call her, her best and only friend.

📲 Baby, look I got your message ok? And I want you to know everything is going to be ok, ok?" Kathy said from the phone trying to comfort her friend even if she knew that Celine might not be listening to her.

📲Look I want you to get all your documents ready and come abroad ok?, You need a change of environment" she continued saying but stopped when Celine didn't say a word.

📲 Celine" Kathy called but sighed when Celine finally spoke.

📲 Kathy, I need you to help me with something" She said making Kathy sigh.

📲Look if you want me to try talking to that bastard, then am sorry to disappoint you Celine because Henry does not deserve you" Kathy yelled angry, she knew that her friend still loved him and that it was easy to let go of her wedding but she wasn't going to let her ruin herself over the bastard.

📲Baby listen to me, Henry would realize what he had lost and it would be too late because you would be in a better position" She was saying but what she couldn't understand was that Celine was not thinking about that.

📲Kat, Kat. Listen to me Kat, that's not what I want to say" she said cutting Kathy short.

📲 Really?" Kathy asked surprised.

📲 I want to you help me, I want you to introduce me to someone, someone that can teach me all I need to know, someone that can make me transform" she talked in between sobs as the tears poured freely and even though she was crying, Kathy knew she met it.

📲 Baby you don't need to.." Kathy wanted to say but Celine didn't let her.

📲 Please Kat, please do this for me. Help me get Henry back in my own way” She begged making Kathy sigh.

She knew Kathy was friends with a lot of guys, she sometimes envied the way Kathy could control her life. Been a Mafia's daughter she grew up in the company of boys and that was why she needed her help.

📲 Kat" she called and Kathy mummered listening to her, showing that she had agreed to help her.

📲 I need you to get a man that is ready to teach me everything, he shouldn't go easy on me and be willing to teach me how to have an exciting sex life and stop been innocent" She said and wiped her eyes preparing herself as she said the last part.

📲He should be willing to swipe my v card whether I like it or not"

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