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Heaven's Wish

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The whole world is a Benjie Hernandez fan… but not Aubrey. To Aubrey, Benjie is just Benjie, her best friend. They have been together since high school and when they met each other, they instantly clicked. Aubrey, being a loner, finds company in Benjie. They have become so close to each other that people thought they were an item. Aubrey’s faded faith has started to light up as Benjie convinces her to attend church services every Sunday with him - his father is a worldwide pastor. Everything seems to be perfect and in order. Everything is smoothly sailing between the two of them. Their relationship seems to be perfect except for the fact that they do not have a label. Not until distance separates them apart… Not until Aubrey finds out something dark again… Not until everything fell out of order… Will they find the way back to each other? Is there a happy ending for Aubrey and Benjie?

Romance / Drama
Alesha Kaye Lubrio
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It was a wonderful Sunday morning, birds were chirping outside and the sun was smiling by the window. It was eight in the morning and the radio was singing “Say the word and I will follow, I will go where you would go, take the lead and I will follow you to places no one goes. Say the word and I will follow you” The radio woke Aubrey up. She stood up and turned off the radio “Why does that song always play on the radio? ″ and the person singing sounds so familiar. So weird.”

After she turned off the radio, she went back to her bed and listened to music on her earphones. As she was listening to music, she was hearing a faint voice saying “Aubrey! Aubrey! your sister Kyra is here and she wants to eat breakfast with you.” but Aubrey ignored the voice and continued to listen to music. “He’s alive, alive, alive. Hallelujah! Alive forever amen…”

Meanwhile, Mr.Javier and Mrs.Javier were in the dining room waiting for Aubrey to eat breakfast with them. Mr.Javier was reading the newspaper on his favorite spot in the dining table while he was drinking his coffee. Mrs.Javier continued to cook breakfast. She cooked Aubrey’s favorite omelette and Kyra’s favorite scrambled eggs with milk. Thirty-minutes has passed and they haven’t seen Aubrey come out of her room. So Kyra asked her mother “Mom? Where is Ate Aubrey? I thought she was going to eat breakfast with us?“ then Mrs.Javier replied “I don’t know dear, do you want to check on her?`` Then Kyra stood up from her chair and brought her used dishes to the sink and ran up to Aubrey’s room and knocked.

“Ate Aubrey? Are you there? It’s Kyra” but no one answered her back. So Kyra knocked on the door again but louder than the first one. “Ate Aubrey!!! Hello!!!! Are you there?! It’s me! Kyra! your beautiful younger sister!” The loud knock on the door startled Aubrey and quickly turned off her music. Then replied “Yes! I’m here! Don’t knock too loud! Jeez. What do you want, Kyra?”

then Kyra replied “Let’s eat breakfast together Ate! It’s already eight-thirty in the morning and mom cooked your favorite omelette!” Aubrey replied “I’m not hungry. Let me sleep.” then Kyra replied “But your omelette is going to get cold, come on! Come out of your room, please?” then Aubrey replied “I don’t care, I still want to sleep. You can enjoy my omelette. I’ll eat when I want to.” then Kyra replied “Ate Aubrey!!! please, please, please, please, please come out of your room! Please Ate! Please Ate! Please Ate! Please Ate!!!!`` Then Aubrey stood up from her bed and opened the door and said “Okay! Okay! I’ll go down already. Jeez. Just shut up, please!” then Kyra replied “Yay!!!! See you down the stairs!!! hihi!” then Kyra ran down the stairs and shouted in the dining room “Mom! Dad! Ate Aubrey will come down in a while hihi. I’ll be in the living room watching Blues clues!” then Mrs.Javier replied “Okay,dear. Enjoy watching. But by eleven o’ clock please prepare, okay? because we will go to church by noon” then Kyra replied “Okay mother!”

Meanwhile, Aubrey was freshening up in the bathroom. She washed her face and did her morning routine. After she freshened up, she went out of the bathroom and gathered her clothes from her closet. She wore a white and blue striped shirt with shorts and wore her favorite gray jacket. After she changed, she looked into a mirror and said to herself “Why is Kyra so annoying sometimes?” Then Aubrey looked out her window and saw a handsome tall guy wearing glasses carrying boxes into a house. As she saw him, Aubrey’s world stopped, she felt her heart skip a beat for the very first time. She felt a sudden happiness and said to herself “What is this feeling that I am feeling right now...it feels so weird but it unusually makes my heart happy...”

A voice called her from a distance that brought her back to her senses “Aubrey...! Aubrey! What’s taking you so long to come down? I just arrived from the grocery store and Kyra tells me that you have been in the room for about an hour already” Aubrey gets startled and accidentally shouts “I wasn’t staring!” then Andrea replied “What? You were staring at what?” then Aubrey replied “Oh! That was nothing, Ate Andrea! I didn’t notice that you were there, how long have you been there?” then Andrea replied “I just got here?” then Aubrey replied “Oh okay. Actually! I’m about to go down stairs right now hehe. See you down the stairs!” Aubrey ran down the stairs and left Andrea in her room. Andrea looks out the window and tells herself “What was she staring at? Was that guy? Weird. Oh! here is my make up kit, I was looking for you hihi.`` Then she went down the stairs.

In the dining room. “Aubrey! You finally came down after about half an hour” said Mrs.Javier. then Aubrey replied “I’m sorry if I took a long time to come down.” then Mrs.Javier replied “It’s okay honey. I cooked your favorite omelette, but it’s quite cold now. Would you want me to reheat it for you?” then Aubrey replied “No need Mom, I can eat it as it is, But thanks Mom!” then Mrs.Javier replied “Okay honey. Eat well. I will just water the garden.” then Aubrey replied “Okay Mom!” Aubrey was eating her favorite omelette with rice, with orange juice and water on the side. Then Andrea sat beside her. “Aubrey? Are you ready for school tomorrow?” then Aubrey replied “Wait what? What day is it today?″ Then Andrea replied “It’s a Sunday and the date is June 3, 2013” with Aubrey’s realization, she fell into a deep silence. “Aubrey? Are you okay?” then Aubrey replied “Oh...um. Yes, I’m fine.” Then Andrea replied “Are you sure?” Aubrey weakly nods then she goes to her room and lies on the bed.

Andrea acknowledged her response with a hug and told her “Do you want me to drive you to school tomorrow?” but Aubrey replied “No need Ate. I’ll be fine commuting.”

Meanwhile, Mrs.Javier was outside watering the sunflowers. “These flowers are so beautiful to look at. I love how it faces wherever the sun is. It reminds me of God’s love that guides us in our journey with him.” Mrs.Javier said. After she watered the plants, she went inside the house and said “Everybody! Let’s have a roll call! Honey?” then Mr.Javier replied “I’m here.” then Mrs.Javier said “Kyra?” then Kyra replied “Present!” then Mrs.Javier said “Andrea?” then Andrea replied “I’m also here.” then Mrs.Javier said “Last but not the least, Aubrey?” but there was no reply. then Mrs.Javier said once again “Aubrey? Are you here?” but still, there was no reply. Then Mrs.Javier asked Andrea “Do you know where Aubrey is?” then Andrea replied “She went upstairs, and she went inside her room” then Mrs.Javier replied “Do you have a clue why she went back upstairs?” then Andrea replied “I don’t know. But she suddenly became sad when I asked her if she was ready for school” then Mrs.Javier replied “Oh. Can you please check on her and tell her to prepare for church” then Andrea replied “okay.`` Then Andrea went upstairs and slowly opened Aubrey’s door and said “Aubrey? Are you okay? Mom said to prepare for church by eleven o clock” then Aubrey replied “Yeah...I am fine. Okay, I will.”

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