In Liaison

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“Boy, how did I miss that! Thank you, Joel! Where would I be without you?” Macy could be heard all gooey eyed. There was no response from Joel, which was, in reality, a typical Joel response.

Macy, Joel, Stephen and Abby sat at one desk, and Meg, William, Trish and Clark at the other. The office they shared was a general working space with floor to ceiling cabinets full of records. Meg noticed that Macy, a girl from her company had been trying to get Joel’s attention for a while now, failing in doing so. Over the years they have worked together they developed a bond between them, but could not be called close friends.

“I think he’s gay,” Macy sighed over her tea an hour later. The two were alone in the kitchenette, Macy sipping her tea while Meg prepared hers. That statement made Meg frown.

“Why do you say that?”

“‘Cause he’s turning me down all the time, that’s why,” Macy puffed. “And there ain’t nothin’ wrong with me, so there must be something wrong with him.”

Shrugging her shoulders seemed like the best thing to do, Meg felt. A man does not have to be gay just because he is not into one particular woman, but saying that to this particular woman would hurt her. Debating on Joel’s intimate life while she knew almost nothing about him did not feel right, either. And not to mention that the occasional glares he sent her direction could hardly come from a man interested in other men. It would be extremely foolish to mention that part to Macy, because it could only result in her turning jealous at Meg for wrong reasons. Drink your tea and keep shrugging your shoulders, that is by far the best you can do right now.

“Have you ever seen him hitting on someone?”

“I can’t say that I have. But I only see him in office.”

“I heard he’s divorced. Or out of a long relationship,” Macy was still on it. Meg was getting uncomfortable and bored with all that focus on something that is so clearly doomed from the start.

“I don’t know… but I think it will take you guys months before you get to your first kiss… I don’t know if I would be willing to wait so long,” she said with an apologetic smile heading for the door. Will this be a hint enough that Macy should not raise her hopes too high?

Precisely at that moment the man they talked about entered the kitchenette. On meeting Meg’s eyes he froze in place, but composed himself quickly. “William’s calling everyone back, there’s something he wants to tell us.”

“I’m coming,” Meg replied, taking her cup and walking past the man who still stood motionless. She could not have been sure, but she felt his eyes follow her out. I better hurry up to the office, she thought.

“My tea’s still hot, would you wait with me till I drink it?” Macy asked him with lust in her eyes.

Not a muscle moved on Joel’s face as he turned around and went into the corridor to their office.


Joel used the brief period of time Meg walked meters ahead of him to soak up the image, admiring the confident elegance with which she moved. Did she and Luke talk about me in the car after the party the other night? Was Luke… - A brief pat on the shoulder startled him. Macy again, walking next to him and saying something. He sped up.

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