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You have to keep it secret

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In this story Jason your average 17 year old boy finds love with a skittish 16 year old girl liyla.will they have to hide there feelings from there parents forever or will they be able to show there love to one another.

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Chapter 1:Who's the new kid

Hi I'm liyla and little did I know today would change my life forever.im on the school bus just hanging out with my two best friends Ellie and Rihanna.
"Hey did you hear, there's a new student coming to school"Ellie says excited,"I wonder if it's a boy".of course she's wondering if there a boy,so let me explain my friends:Ellie is the crazy, weird friend who really wants a relationship but is to scared to ask,and she has short brown ish blonde hair that goes to her shoulders.Rihanna is the total opposite of Ellie,she has had more boyfriends than I can count,and she is so confident when she sees a guy,but she is always the one getting her heart broken,and she has brown wavy hair and freckles.
When we got to school I could hear all the girls whispering about the new student."I heard the new kid is gonna be a boy"one girl said, another girl jumps in and says"no it's a girl I'm sure of it!"
I leaned against a locker that was right next to mine.Oh my goodness!why was everyone acting so weird it was just a new student,but then everyone got quite and was looking at me so surprised.Ellie mouthed for me to turn around,but before I could I heard a boys voice behind me "Um...sorry I think your on my locker"
I turned around to see a tall boy I have never seen before,he had very puffy brown hair that looked like it needed to be brushed,his face was covered in freckles and he was looking at me with his face all smirked,but to be honest he was super hot."oh um...I'm so sorry"I said while backing away from the locker.then I realize that he is the new kid.
Ellie whispers in my ear"he's so cute and he's talking to you"I elbow her and she just laughs.the new kid looks at us confused,"what did she say"he asked as if she just said he won a trophy.I look at him embarrassed"it's nothing"I say putting my hand on my forehead,"no tell me"he says firmly,I know I'm not getting out of this so I reply"she asked me if you were the new kid",he seemed to be convinced,"oh well to answer her question yes I am,my name is Jason".wow even his name is hot,"well are you going to tell me your name"he says with that smirk still on his face,and I tell him with a bored voice"I'm liyla,and this is Ellie and Rihanna","well liyla,it looks like we're going to be locker neighbors"Jason says looking accomplished.
Really locker neighbors that is the best he could come up with,"ok..well we have to get to class so see you later"I say while walking away, but he grabbed my hand before I could go,"hey wait what class are you in","history"I answer,"well I'm going to that class too, would you mind if I walked you there"Jason asked with puppy dog eyes.Im trying my hardest not to blush"no I wouldn't mind"I say happily while looking away.
When we get to class me, Ellie, Rihanna, and Jason all sit in the back row but I think Jason was determined to sit by me because him and Ellie had a playful fight about why they should sit by me."well she's my best friend"Ellie protests,"but she's the first person that I've made friends with so please"Jason smirks while dragging out the 'e' in please,"ok fine"Ellie says in defeat.Jason sits next to me with a big smile on his face.
After class I was so sad "uhh..why do we have to go to math class,I just want to stay in history forever"I grown, if you couldn't tell history is my favorite subject and math is my least favorite."REALLY!! Why do you love history so much, it's soooo boring"Jason groaned.I still don't understand why he doesn't like history I mean I know he said it's boring,but we get to learn about so many cool things, to be honest it's a little bit weird he doesn't like it.After math it was lunch time so we all went to the cafeteria."ok am I the only one who likes cafeteria food"Ellie says looking at Rihanna,"yes you are this food I so gross,that's why me and liyla bring our own food"Rihanna states.she wasn't wrong I do bring my own food but sometimes the food can be pleasant."so Jason where did you just move here from"I ask curiously, he looks at me with a small smile and raises one of his eyebrows,"why do you ask are you interested in me"he laughs,I look at him as if I'm going to punch him,"I'm just messing with you,I moved here from California"Jason said while laughing hysterically.
The bell rang to indicate that we had to go to our next class so we put our trays back and headed to our English class.i like English but I think the teacher mis.brown is plotting against me,she always gets mad at just me and says I'm talking but every other person is literally doing the same thing,but today she was surprisingly nice,I honestly think it was because I was sitting next to Jason and he is the new student so I guess she has to make a good first impression or something.
After school I texted my mom that I was going to sleep over at Ellie's house and would do my homework with her there."ok well it was very nice meeting you Jason"I say with a kind smile,"same here liyla, see you tomorrow"he asked,his voice sounding sweet and loving,I giggled "yeah see you tomorrow"I answered while walking out to Ellie's car.
When we got to her house she grabbed my arm and dragged me to her room"oh my gosh he is so cute"she squealed, but then she looked at me serious,"Soo...do you like like him"she Said while dragging out the M.I look at her with a mad face but at the same time trying not to blush,"WHAT!!no why would I like him I just met him"I say but a small smile shows on my face and she can instantly tell I'm lying,"yeah right your smiling you do like him"she says with a smirk on her face and I give in "fine ok I like him"I say and we both lay down on her bed and giggle "but you know what,I think he likes you too"Ellie says looking at me with a smile,"I bet your just sad he doesn't like you"I laughed,then she punched me and pouted with a smile.
That night we just watched Netflix and fought about who was a better spider man,Tom Holland or Andrew Garfield."Tom Holland is a way better spider man,than Andrew Garfield in the movies"Ellie debated."no Andrew Garfield is the best spider man but that is just my opinion so there"I say trying to make my point and end this conversation but just between you and me Andrew Garfield is the best spider man.

:I will update the next chapter soon and thank you for reading my book
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