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Vincenzo Rossi is a single parent to a wonderful little boy. Everyone who's encounters him knows not to cross him. He's a successful ruthless businessman by day but by night he's a shadow in the dark. Leonardo Rossi - the adventurous little boy that loves to see the good in people. Harriet Wilson is a art major student in her senior year. Hoping to start up her own art studio. She decides to take up being a live in nanny since she has some experience. She never knew how far gone people can get until she met Vincenzo Rossi. Mature content - you have been warned. Please I'd prefer if your 18 years old but I know because I read stuff like that at a young age so at least be 17 lol

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Harley Annmarie Wilson is a 21 year old African American girl currently still in college majoring in the Art program. With only having a year left of classes before she graduates, her plans are to open an art gallery.

Thankful that her classes are paid for due to financial aid and a scholarship she was won during her last year of high school, she wanted to get a side job to have some extra money.

Looking through different job openings she saw a babysitting company that listed nanny's with their information that detailed all the nanny's skills and personal information. Harley excitedly started to set up her account thinking why not, she always loved babysitting kids.

It's called Little Lives Inc (incorporated).

Harley emailed the company and sent her resume to them. Three days later they called her and asked her to come in for an interview Friday morning, which was two days later. she agreed and put the reminder in her phone.

Harley went to her classes on Wednesday and went to lunch with two of her closets friends Paetyn and Aiden. when she told them about the interview Paetyn called for an immediate trip to the mall to get a new outfit suitable for the interview.


Harley arrived at the company building, it was surprisingly huge. She walked in and there were three other applicants as well waiting ahead of her. She looked in their direction and smiled. Smiling back one of them told her to check in up at the receptionist desk up ahead.

Harley thanked him politely and walked towards the receptionist who greeted her with a nice smile and took down her name and resume to give to the manager directly.

Everything went pretty quickly after that to her surprise. She was there for about an hour before she was called in.

The receptionist led her to the office doors and Harley awaited for the signal that she could enter. When called to enter she took a deep breath and walked in.


Harley entered her apartment after a long day at school she decided tonight she'd have a relaxing night in. She started getting dinner ready after she set out everything she needed for her bath.

"It's only Monday" she thought to herself putting her portfolio away.

While preparing her plate she got a ping on her phone. Looking at it, it was the app she recently downloaded the other day for Little Lives Inc.

After my interview she sent me with a packet that had all the instruction for getting possible jobs and what steps to take for that.

I set up my profile and set up all my information and if I get selected by parents or guardians looking for a nanny they put in a request for possible employment.

To Harley's understanding after they submit the request the manager is notified first and then she looks over your file and if good reports and health record check out she gives the okay to proceed.

From that point they contact you and set up a meeting and that's like a mini session for the parents to meet you and you meet the child.

Harley pulled up the app and seen that a man named Mr. Rossi messaged her.

"Good afternoon Miss. Wilson, I am messaging you to talk about possible employment in my household. Im a single father I have a 4 year old son named Leonardo - Leo for short. I'm the CEO of Rossi Enterprises and well I need as much help as I can get. Can we set up a time to meet and discuss this further. Let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!"

Harley took no time in checking out his profile and seen that he lives about an hour away and she could see his other important information. One thing she couldn't deny is how incredibly handsome he is.

"Good afternoon Mr. Rossi, thank you for giving me this opportunity of possible employment. I have classes Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings so I'm free after 2pm on those days. If you'd rather me come in the morning or before lunch I'm free all day Tuesday and Thursday though."


Harley was in her bath, candles along the counter. She played one of her playlist. She thought "in my feelings" was suitable for this moment.

After an hour she got up and took a shower as well, can't just sit in bath water and not wash up she thought herself. Once she was finished she got out dried herself off and put on lotion before slipping on a T-shirt and a pair of briefs (SpongeBob design)

She quickly looked at her phone and seen the Mr. Rossi asked to meet tomorrow afternoon at his place.

@ 3pm

"I'll be there"
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