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Brianna Lu is a half Chinese-half American student who is in her 3rd year of university majoring at Law,her sister Rachel Lu was supposed to marry the richest man in the world,Oliver Chen also half Chinese-half American but her sister ran away and disappeared before the marriage takes place now her parents who only wants to marry into the Chen Family is forcing her to marry a man she doesn't know,will she fall in love or run away?

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No Choice

Brianna's Pov-
I woke up as my annoying loud alarm rang through my ears,i wiped a drool that was on my mouth as i got up and put on my slippers i hurriedly ran to the bathroom as i thought my sister was already there,"maybe she already finished showering and got downstairs for her arranged marriage with that so called "richest man on the world"i thought as i grabbed my towel and got in the shower
A few minutes later...
I finished showering and got to my closet,"should i wear my uniform today or maybe just a shirt and jeans"i say as my fingers ran to the clothes that was hanged in my closet,"im just gonna wear a shirt and jeans i guess because i already wore uniform yesterday" i thought as i grabbed denim jeans,white shirt,and patterned brown blazer with my white sneakers,i weared it and looked myself in the mirror,"you know what this looks good i think"i said as i picked my heavy backpack carefully that contains a lot of books that i read last night for my 3rd year final quiz,i got out of my room and got downstairs when i saw Mama and Papa sitting at the couch with Both Angry Expressions like thier anger is like bursting to them inside,i turned my head as i looked for Rachel but i couldn't find her in my sight,i was afraid to ask Mama or Papa where Rachel is but i have to find her because were supposed to go to school together since we go to the same university both studying law but im at 3rd year while she's at 4th year,i hesitated with a scared look on my face
Brianna:Good Morning Mama,may i ask where Rachel is?
Mama:I don't know where your stupid sister is but if you find her tell me immediately
Brianna:Mama what do you mean by that?
Mama:I'll tell you when you get back from school Beacause if im gonna tell you right now you will be late and fail your test
Brianna:Oh,ok bye
I said as i hurriedly got out the house opened the car door as i got in i closed the door and driver started driving,i leaned my head against the car window wondering where rachel is and what happened,"is she kidnapped right now or trapped somewhere she can't get out" or "maybe just maybe i hope it's not true maybe she's dea-"my thought got interrupted when i my phone sounded a beep from a message,i opened my phone as i saw the message was from an unknown number,"maybe this is Rachel and she's using another person's phone"i thought as i pressed the Message,it was a really long message,"Woah who is this?,such a long message,i thought as i read it
Unknown Number:Hello Brie this is Rachel im somewhere safe now where Mama and Papa can't find me,i can't tell you where i am but i am safe and happy trust me if Mama and Papa do something to you just tell me then I'll send an address for you to meet me and escape Mama and Papa and you'll have freedom and you can also live with me,remember study hard and work hard my dear sister im always here for you just one message and I'll be there for you and don't reply and ask because i can't answer you for now because Mama and Papa are trying to find me this is a burner phone if you wanna message me you can in only 1 day because after i will be throwing this phone you have 1 day for a conversation with me,love you my dear sister"
"I read every word carefully,i can't believe it she escaped to runaway from Mama and Papa probably because of a lot of reasons but i think the final straw is the Attempted Arrange Marriage with Oliver Chen,is she really happy and safe right now?,i hope she'll finally experience genuine happiness after being stuck with Mama and Papa for 22 years,that's long so i cannot ask her why she ran away because i sure do know a lot reasons"i thought as i put my phone back in my pocket as i saw that i am near the school,i fixed my clothes and concentrated my thoughts the final test for 3rd year before summer break for a month,we finally reached the school gate as i got out the car and ran to the gate as i show my id and got to my classroom in the 3rd floor,i entered the room as i saw a few are already there sitting and reading,i got to my seat and sat as i put down my bag as i pulled out the last book that i didn't finish last night,i started to read the last few pages and finally i was done i put my book back in and got my notes as i reviewed them carefully,the Teacher arrived as i out my notes back again in my bag
Teacher:Good Morning Student's im Proffesor Jameson Dean nice to see you all here for the 3rd lessons and the the final 3rd test before aummer break now I'll start my lectures and ask questions and after we'll take the test
He said as he started to do his lectures and finally it was time to take the test,"you got this Brianna you need to pass this for Rachel" i took a deep sigh and started answering the test finally at last i finished it."this is it the end of 3rd year im now on my way to become a 4th year"
Mr.Dean:Ok Class,thank you and see you ater a month,goodbye
I got my bag and got out the room when suddenly i felt a stranger behind me i looked back and saw nothing,"oh what could that be a ghost or something"i thought as i ran to the car and got in and closed the door
Driver:Ms.Lu,Are you ok?
Brianna:Yes im fine im just in a hurry to get home
Driver:Oh ok
The driver started driving as i closed my eyes for a nap before i get home
30 minutes later...
Driver:Ms.Lu you are here
I woke up and saw outside the window that i was already at the house
Brianna:Thank you Sir
I said as i stepped out the car and got my bag and closed the door,i hurriedly went inside when i saw Mama sitting on the couch drinking her tea
Mama:Your here go upstairs and change and we'll talk
I hurriedly went upstairs and got in my room,i changed to my pajamas and got downstairs
Mama:Sit down
I sat down as Mama set down her tea in the table
Mama:So it's about your sister Rachel
Brianna:What about her?,i didn't see her in school
Mama:i know i ordered my guards to find her now it's been about 20 hours estimately after her disappearance
Brianna:I didn't notice her get out of bed
Mama:You slept early Brianna and she knows your a heavy sleeper so she took advantage and escaped
Brianna:How are you sure she escaped and is not kidnapped?
Mama:She left a letter for me,it was on my doorstep when i woke up to go to the restroom
Brianna:Mama if you don't mind me asking,what did she wrote in the letter?
Mama did not say anything as she handed me a letter,i opened it and started to read it
"Dear Mama,im sorry but im tired on living as a Lu,i want to be free and do things i would like to do and not be pressured or forced when i don't do something i don't want to do,Mama im in a safe,free and happy place,i mean not that you care about my happiness,i told you many times i don't want to marry Oliver Chen yet you are forcing me even when i told you i already loves someone else,why did i expect for you to care for my feeling for once,Goodbye Mama"
Tears fall out my eyes as i closed the letter and put it in the table,i hurriedly wiped my tears and fell into a neutral expression
Mama:i guess that's the way she wants to live her life,she's got a future ahead of her but she abandons it and leave
I sighed deeply
Mama:Now after the news of your sister,i have another thing i need to tell you
Brianna:What is it Mama?
Mama:Since your sister ran away and we already had a deal with the Chen Family,you are gonna have to marry Oliver Chen
Mama:Rachel ran away so you will be the one marrying Oliver Chen instead,aren't you happy?
Brianna:But Mama i haven't even finished university and im already marrying?
Mama:That's what it takes to be a Lu,sometimes you have to sacrifice your dreams and forget about it
Brianna:But Mam-
Mama:You will do it Brianna Mei Lu!
"I was surprised,i know my mother never cared about me and i accepted that now she's basically selling me to a marriage to a man i don't personally know"
Brianna:Give me a day Mama
Mama:Why you wanna escape to like your sister?
Brianna:No i will agree to the marriage but i only have one condition
Mama:What is it?
She says with a subtle smirk on her face
Brianna:I'll say it to you on a day Mama,i promise i will not escape like Rachel did
Mama:im trusting you Brianna don't try to destroy my trust
Brianna:Yes Mama,I'll go to my room,i will tell you tommorow at breakfast
I hurriedly went upstairs and ran to my room as i locked the door,i can't help but tears started filling my eyes as i sat down and leaned in the door,i cried silently covering my mouth to not make any sound,i wiped my tears and sighed i hurriedly got my phone and sat on Rachel's bed i pressed the number and started typing
Brianna:Are you happy there Rachel?
Rachel:Yes for once in my life sister i feel so genuinely happy without any pressure and a lot of freedom
Brianna:Really i feel happy hearing that sister
I send the message as i shed a tear on my left eye
Rachel:Why do you ask?
Brianna:i just wanted to make sure,goodbye sister i have something urgent to do,love you
Rachel:oh ok bye,love you my little sister
I dropped my phone on the bed as i covered my mouth to not make a sound as i cried silently,i shed my tears and looked in the mirror,"you have to do this Brianna not as a Lu but as Rachel's sister,im doing this for Rachel,to keep Rachel Safe and Happy like she is now"

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