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A summer wedding hookup!

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"Welcome home Ems," Levi finger fucks me just inside the front door of my parents home after making me cum in his hand. The last person I expected to see on my first day home for my brother's wedding is the first person I met at the airport! The guy I thought moving away from home would help me forget and the guy who suggests that we should make the most of the summer holidays. I've wanted this forever and I decided to go along with his suggestion, once my family don't find out and spending the Summer with my crush is not something I could say not too. My brother's best friend!

Romance / Erotica
Sabry Singh
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Emma's POV

I dragged my two large suitcases and stood in front the airport terminal while adjusting my handbag and two additional two extremely heavy hand luggage!

Everything I left behind is what I didn't want anymore. I left it with the landlord when I dropped my keys off.

My parents are going to be shocked to see me with all this luggage but until my brother's wedding in three weeks time, I will keep mum on returning home for good.

I've already secured a job as a English teacher at the Elementary school that I attended, so I am all set.

I lift my hand to a flag a cab but because of the amount to luggage I was carrying with me, I missed out to someone else whose travelling lighter than me.

"Darn me." I muttered but not giving up hope.

"Emma?" I heard a familiar voice call my name and turned to the side to see a familiar face smiling as she shuts the door of the vehicle she exited and walks towards me.

I tensed as my childhood best friend walks towards me, definitely surprised to see me.

"Nadia, it's good to see a familiar face on my first day home." I smiled politely unsure if I should hug her since we drifted apart when she turned sixteen.

"Same here, although I am surprise to see you since Brad said he was unsure you'd be coming for the wedding." She's definitely fishing for information, her eyes on my luggage or maybe the amount I'm travelling with.

Shrugging, "it's summer, so I thought why not," if my hands wasn't full, I would have flung it widely for emphasis.

Lifting her eyebrows, "so you are here for the wedding?" She asks.

Unsure why she is surprise about me attending my brother's wedding, I shrugged.

"It's why I am here." I confirmed.

Suddenly I am distracted by the person whose taking luggage out of the vehicle Nadia just excited.

I froze when I see my brother's best friend and Nadia's elder brother Levi Maxwell dropping a small suitcase and a hand luggage behind her.

"Careful!" She shouts, glaring at Levi but he's simply amused at her outburst since nothing ever affected him and by the smirk on his lips, things hasn't changed!

"Emma," Levi approaches his sister and I before checking his time. "Nads, what time is the flight you're already late for?" He chuckles as her eyes widen in horror!

"Darn you!" She snaps at him then turned to me. "I'm heading to Paris for three days to attend a fashion show with my friends and to get something to wear for the wedding, so maybe we'll catch up at the wedding," she smiles but her eyes says, she hopes not.

Waving my hand to her, "have a good trip," I said to her retreating back, watching her lift her hand luggage over her shoulder and then flips her brother the bird before tugging her suitcase behind her, leaving me in an uncomfortable silence with her brother, my reason for not returning after college and my crush.

Lowering my eyes to my feet, willing a cab to stop now!

"So your mom or Brad picking you up or you need a ride?" Levi asks.

Lifting my eyes, I stare into the black eyes of Levi Maxwell, the son and heir of Maxwell Hotels Incorp.

Surprise by his offer, I searched behind him but alas, no cab was in site.

Shrugging, "thanks if it won't put you out of your way." I responded, grateful for the lift.

Ignoring my question, "is that all you've got?" He smirks.

"Ha, ha." I fake laugh as he mocks the amount of luggage I am travelling with.

While Levi lifts one suitcase, I lift the handle of the other, together with my hand luggage which is heavy because one contains my laptop and followed him to his Range Rover.

"So you're here early for the wedding," Levi comments as he drove away from the terminal.

"Yeah, with dad approaching his retirement and mom on vacation now, I figured I had enough time to get over you," I chuckle, making light of something everyone knew.

"And here I am, the first person you've encountered on your way back home." Levi responds dryly.

I turned to see him clutching the steering wheel, his eyes glued to the road.

"Technically I met Nadia first." I reminded him.

Turning to face me, "Nads irrelevant." Levi who never got along with his sister over the years, retorts.

Wondering why they were still at odds Levi spoke again.

"Technically, I am the one who pointed you out to Nads who notices no one other than her reflection in the mirror." Levi laughs at his description of his sister but I didn't join in because my brother and I didn't get along after he found out I was crushing on his best friend so I am sure he had nothing good to say about me either and even Nadia was surprise that I was actually here for his wedding.

"So how long has it been?" Levi asks and I felt he was trying to make this journey as comfortable as possible for the both of us with casual conversation.

"Since I've visited my parents or since we've seen each other?" I asked wondering if Levi knew when we last saw each other?

Glancing at me from the corner of his eyes, "since you visited your parents?" He responded softly.

I guess he still isn't interested in me.

"Two weekends ago." I turned to stare at the road ahead.

I felt Levi's eyes on me but I didn't turn around, "seriously?" He asks and I nod.

I guess my brother wouldn't have mention that I visited my parents once a month since securing a teaching job at an Elementary school in Washington where I moved too after graduating with a teaching degree, a year ago.

"Since I started working I ensured that I could visit my parents every month." I don't know why I needed to let him know I didn't abandon my parents despite how costly the trips I ended up making were.

"Oh," was all that he said as he drove off the freeway taking me closer to home.

"Thought I was a bitch who abandon my parents, didn't you?" I chuckle.

The silence in the vehicle after my comment was eerie and I am so glad I don't have to see him again until the wedding so our paths won't cross again.

"So would your fiance be joining you for the wedding?" Levi breaks the silence and darn him.

Why did he have to bring that up?

Chuckling dryly, "I didn't invite him." I answered truthfully.

Levi laughs at my response but didn't probe further but I wish he did.

"So how is Brad?" I barely spoke to my brother because he never visits when I make my monthly visits.

Levi and I turned to face each other simultaneously, "he still gives you a hard time?" Levi asks and I shrugged.

"I guess I broke the code" I answered.

Shaking his head, "Brad might be my friend but he's seriously fucked up sometimes." Levi answers.

"Sometimes?" I couldn't help laughing.

I turned to stare at my childhood home where I grew up with my parents to see the parking area empty.

"Hmm.. " I muttered. "Seems like the folks are out!" I turned to Levi. "Thank you for bringing me home," I whispered politely, my eyes glued to his when I realized he's staring at my lips.

I nervously bit them, folding them in.

Feeling myself on fire by just his gaze, I unlock the door and exit the vehicle, then wait for Levi to join me.

"You have keys?" He asks after placing the first suitcase on the ground with ease, while reaching for the second.

"Uh... huh. Uh yeah, yeah!" I stammered and immediately started searching for the house keys which should have been easy to find but I was so disoriented being in Levi's presence especially with him extending such kindness to me.

I opened the front door with shaky hands and turned to face Levi after he helped bring in the heavier suitcases despite my objection.

"Thank you again Levi," I glance around the hallway of my parents comfortable house which is small in contrast to Levi's family home.

"You're welcome," he responds in a soft husky voice that gave me a whiplash as I spun around to face him.

Nodding, I reach for the door knob but Levi reached out and grabbed my hand.

Lifting confused eyes to him, "I don't think I welcome you home, yet." He whispers, seductively, while moving towards me until I was backed against the wall.

"Levi," I gasp softly feeling myself already coming undone.

What is he doing to me?

Before a word could exit from my slightly parted lips, Levi's lips had already descended on mine, knocking me into senselessness.

My lips parted widely giving him permission to do as he willed.

Commonsense wasn't prevailing right now and I couldn't fight this attraction or the feeling of wantonness he awoke from within me.

Levi's tongue took dominance and with his body pressed closely against mine, I felt his arousal against my hip and if I wasn't wearing a jeans, Levi would have seen mine.

This is a one time thing and I didn't fight him because I am sure this isn't going back to Brad, whose the only one who didn't support my feelings for Levi.

I've wanted Levi for so long and I am not going to pass up this moment, even if he is playing with me.

Levi's lips travelled to my neck where he sucked deeply that I actually felt the pain from the bites as he nibbled on my skin.

I felt his hand leave my ass and shift to my shirt that was neatly tucked into my jeans which he slowly pulled out.

I don't know when or how but suddenly Levi's hands were inside my unbuttoned jeans, crawling towards my core and I didn't care that my underwear was soaking wet with desire.

"Em.." finally Levi was the first one to speak and calling me by the name he's always called me, brought me back to reality, a reality I didn't care to exist in right now.

With his lips at the corner of mine and his body pressed against mine, "your parents could be back at anytime." He whispers breathlessly.

Gasping for breath, "I'm sorry," I whispered my body heaving under his.

His fingers were moving slowly inside me and I didn't want this feeling to end?

"I've wanted to do this for so long!" Levi breathes against my lips. "And before you return home, I'm going to have you and I don't need anyone's approval." Levi confesses.

Nothing came out of my mouth expect the sound of me groaning as Levi finger fucked me and if this is how he finger fuckes then I won't deny his cock if he gives me the opportunity again.

I felt myself becoming undone and I knew I was going to cum on his fingers and my jeans.

"Don't fight it," Levi whispered huskily as the tempo of his fingers increased.

"Levi, oh God what are you...." I couldn't continue with a rational sentence.

"Levi" I gasped softly, my legs losing all sense of balance and if Levi didn't have me backed against the wall, I would have slumped to the floor.

"Welcome home, Em."

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