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You may think that I am terrible at writing love stories, but here goes my best shot. This is a story that I wrote after a long course of events in my own personal life. At first, all I wanted to do was to convince the girl of my dreams that I really wanted her, but after toying around with my own identity crisis, the only thing that I really ever wanted was my very own happiness.

Addison West is a pretty girl. So pretty that it made my heart ache for the longest time. I was lost and defeated. She tore up my self esteem, or maybe I did it to myself. Never did I have the courage to ask her out.

Never did we speak. She came from California, or at least that’s what I heard from the other kids at school. I don’t know why I even bothered with trying to write this.

I’ll make the story interesting. I started saying prayers to God like my father asked me to, but every time I decided to pray, I would ask God for things that I would never tell my father about.

I never felt bad when I asked God for sex. I asked for more emotional pleasure in life, as well. I would pretend to thank God for my meals whenever I was in front of my father. Its something that he does every meal, but I don’t know why because he’s the one who cooks. To tell the truth, I had wicked thoughts that would bother me until I finally began eating. I was stuck in a small space and all I had was myself to speak to.

I’m not trying to sound rude, but simply I don’t want to tell you my real name. Just know me by the name ‘Machine’. I want to remain a mystery throughout this entire story.

I walk and talk like a machine and that’s probably because I’m tied to my cellphone every day. So are most others but at least they have someone to talk to. Usually, I just use my cellphone to talk to my parents or I plug in some headphones and play some music. Other times I talk to my friend, Chester Chapernick.

He’s the one who gave me the name ‘Machine’ after I cut off my finger in woodshop. Someone else in my class, Mikey Williams, said that I would never get married because of it and that it was bad luck around women. All I ever wanted at that time was a relationship with Addison West, and the dude was just being mean.

The only good thing about missing a finger is the ability to have a conversation with somebody else about it. Mikey Williams is just jealous because he doesn’t know how to talk to God like I do.

If I ever begin to cry at night, I pray to God with more justifiable reasons, time after time. To weigh down upon the shoulders of Mikey Williams, I would ask the ‘Invisible One’ for Addison West to love me instead of just simply having sex with me.

I studied the Bible, but none of what was in it made any sense to me. Maybe I just didn’t know what to read within it.

My father gets so headstrong about the Bible. Sometimes, I feel like he’s possessed by a wicked spirit after reading that book. Perhaps, that Kingdom Hall in town convinced him not to listen to me and my side of the story. I think its a beautiful book, but the Jehovah’s Witnesses get it wrong every time.

So do the Catholics and all of the other religious so-called scholars online. They just don’t understand that I know how to read it and generate my own cynical plot to it as well. I hate those Jehovah’s Witnesses the most. They’re a cult who left my father with a faint personality that stole away my love for him. They’re all old people, and so I know that there is no point to argue with them.

Anyways back to Addison West and her looks. She has baby brown eyes that I would love to get lost in and burgundy hair because she dyes it every so often.

Addison West is pretty, but I’m an ugly pig. I don’t know how to describe her well enough for you to know how well my eyes can see her beauty, but maybe that was good enough. If only I could express myself a tad bit better to you in a form of words like these then maybe I could get to the point and say that she’s simply put - drop dead gorgeous.

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