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She grabbed his collar and slapped him hard on his right cheek. "Why did you do this to me AYU..............tell me uh" Anaisha screamed at his face and tears were falling on her soft cheeks from her beautiful grey eyes. By seeing this scene all the people present there surrounded them. "I have loved you since when--( she chuckled humorlessly) -- I don't even remember that ...... I did everything in my might to gain a just little space in your heart but see I failed in it." She clapped her hands as if mocking herself. "Now I am tired very much tired by chasing you AYU. But now let's END it... Well Done Mr. Ashmayu Singh Rathore well done Finally!!!!!!!!!! I am GIVING UP ON YOU......... "

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Hello, Lovelies...

This is my first attempt at writing and needs encouragement. So without further do’s let’s get started.

📍San Diego, California

When the clock stuck at midnight.

Two Koenigsegg raced out of Mauravanshi Mansion.

Tearing the air apart, the Red and Black metal boxes compete with each other in the sheer Darkness. The only source of light was the headlight which gave a view of the never-ending road. Soon road got surrounded by huge, monster trees. As if stipulating to touch the clouds.

Crimson car was leading the Coal one. Shortly after Black car got lost in Darkness and Crimson dashed with more speed wanting to win this contention. Suddenly the driver of the Red car abruptly applied to break only to come across the huge monstrous Sequoia who had spread his massive trunk covering the entire road, not giving any space any chance to escape.

The heart of Crimson Car’s owner thudded with fright after witnessing such giant trees in his twenties years of life span. It is approximately a hundred meters tall and seventeen meters wide. It seemed like the red trunk of the tree was giving another competition to Crimson Car, screaming who is redder. In the Darkness, the tree appeared more dreadful. Suddenly the owner’s eyes caught the sight of the butchered tree from the middle making it hollow, paving a way for people to continue their journey without any obstacle.

The engine of Crimson roared and accelerated towards the hollow passage wanting to cross this weird blockage on road but before it could have happened, the Black car dashed out leaving the Red car behind.

“Hey, that Cheating” Crimson owner screamed annoyed that he lagged because of this stupid tree.

Crimson picked its speed to reach the line first, but luck wasn’t on his side. Reaching the endpoint he witnessed the winning of his fellow competitor. Making him curse under his breath for his stupidity. He made his way towards the black car and knocked on the tinted black window.

“Come out already. You have already beat me.”

The door of the Black car opened. Black solid booted legs stepped out of the car. Dressed in black denim and a leather jacket, the girl made her way toward the edge of a cliff with a grinning face.

“I won.” Happiness can be felt through her words. She stretched her both hands, inhaling the fresh zephyr of wind.

“Ya, you won by cheating.”

Crimson owner snorted making his way towards her, at the edge after attending his call.

“Can you enlighten me on how did I cheat? Although it was you who left me behind. ” She raised her brows.

“Tell me one thing, didn’t you find that giant tree odd. I mean yes trees are long but these trees are so huge as if their Growth Hormone never stopped secreting.” He voiced out questions about those idiotic trees which played a major role in the defeat.

“Because my dear Bro you should check the path before announcing this race and challenging me. And about those trees, if you have checked the route you would have known about it. Leave it. These Giant trees are called Sequoia and they grow very speedily so they appear as they are touching the sky.”

Anvay huffed getting acknowledged by the sister for his mistake of not checking the route before the race and stood beside her on the cliff.

"Bhai has called to inform us that his work is finished here and we are going home today itself.”

“How much time is left” She questioned while feeling the breeze and enjoying the soft sound of waves clashing with each other in the early morning. Her relationship with Anvay is just like waves. They both clashes with each other, but they both embrace each other after the clash.

“Only ten minutes”


Both siblings were enjoying the silence, hearing the noises made by rustling leaves and clashes of waves. Today was their last stay in California, both wanted to see the sunrise from the San Diego cliff. Taking permission from their elder brother, the duo sprinted towards their garage to grab their baby to witness the beautiful view.

Precisely after 10 minutes, The Sun peeked behind the cloud spreading its warmth everywhere. Light yellowish-orange rays scattered with hues of red, creating the view for the perfect picture that needed to be clicked by someone and that’s exactly what Anvay did. He captured the alluring sight in front of his eyes in his camera, preserving the beauty of today’s sunrise as a memory.

“I think it’s time to leave. Bhai has messaged me our departure time” Anaisha said breaking the peaceful silence. They saunter towards their car, revived the engine, and speed off towards their Mansion again announcing an unannounced race.

The zaffre-colored car stopped in front of Mansion and a 6ft man came out of it dressed in a suit and strode towards Mansion attending to his ringing phone. His pale face with dark circles was an indication of his tiredness.

“Yes, Ma. We will reach there tomorrow morning.”

“Where are those two troublemakers?” His mother asked.

“They are in their rooms packing their stuff and Ana would have almost bought the whole mall for you guys if Anvay didn’t stop her.” He informed his mother laughing about his sister’s shopping spree for her family.

“Ok come fast I am missing my children” He heard his mother saddened voice.

“We will be there tomorrow Ma. And you know what is tomorrow right”

“Yes, how can I forget about it. Even if I want to I can’t. ” She said while giggling.

“Ok Beta. Take care.”

“Ok, Ma. Good Night. Love you”

He made his way towards his room to pack his stuff although he know his things would have been packed already. His sister would have done it. Thinking about his sister, a small smile appeared on his face. Although his younger siblings fight a lot if anyone tried to harm any one of them then the other one will claw their eyes without any mercy.

“Anvay and Anaisha come fast we have to leave in an hour.” He called out to his siblings, who rushed out of their rooms with their bags.

“We are ready Abheek Bhai. Let’s go” Anvay said while carrying his and his sister’s bags to place them in the trunk. Abheek did the same and they speeded towards the airport where their private jet was waiting for them, to take them to their country back.

Soon they boarded their jet. Anvay and Anaisha picked rooms and both slept like a dead log. Abheek shook his head clearly understanding the reason for their day’s sleep and recalling their midnight adventure, which he got to know from Anvay in the car. He also picked a room and slept to refill his energy.

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