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Chapter 2


A shiny silver jet landed at Delhi Airport at sharp 2:00 am. It was still dark outside and the wind was swaying harshly indicating the arrival of the last month of the year.

Anaisha along with her brothers came out of the jet. She was taking slow steps because of her half sleepy state and stood beside her brothers who were waiting for her with their luggage. All of them made their way outside of Airport.

Abhik called his assistant and a minute later their car arrived.

Anaisha was the first one to enter and again she slept. Anvay was shocked at her speed to sleep too fast. She can beat Nobita he thought.

“She sleeps like log.” Danush Malhotra, Abheek’s PA said. Abheek chuckled and shook his head. Everyone took their seat and the car accelerated towards Mauravanshi Mansion.

“No. She sleeps like a pig.” Anvay murmured and stared at his younger sister’s sleepy face, envied how can she sleeps so easily without any care in the world. Danush looked at them and smiled.

“Mr. Malhotra today I need all the work reports of the past 2 weeks in the morning at sharp 9 am,” Abheek ordered scrolling his emails.

“Yes sir,” Danush replied looking at his workaholic boss who just landed here, rather than taking a rest he assigned more work. He wanted to bang his head on the steering wheel.

With a screech, the car stopped in front of Mansion.

Anvay and Danush took out bags from the car and went inside. Abheek carried Anaisha in his arm, not wanting to disturb her sleep twice in a single day.

He took her, to her room and asked a maid to change her into comfortable clothes. He glanced at his sister’s face kissed her forehead and started to walk towards his room, suddenly he saw a figure at the end of the staircase.

“Danush” The figure halted his steps and turned.

“Where are you going Danush” Abheek questioned looking at his PA and glancing at his watch.

“To my home”

“Stay here as it’s only a matter of a few hours. In the morning we will go together to the office ”

“Ok Sir”

“Go to your room and it’s past office hours so there’s no need to be formal. Just call me Bhai” Danush nodded and scurried towards his room. Abheek chuckled trying to understand why was he so scared of him and went to his room.

A pair of feet was striding towards the end of the hallway endeavoring to be as quiet as she could be. Striking her legs on the wooden floors, shaking her head in to and fro motion, gripping the straps of her shoulder bag.

Ceasing her steps in front of the Door, she moved her hand upwards in an attempt to knock on the door but she plopped it down grabbed the doorknob, and twisted it as anticipated the door was unlocked.

She tiptoed inside the room and smirked at the sleeping countenance of her brother. She pulled items out of her bags assembled them at the needed locations and started the count down.





“1 and boom ”

In the amid of silence, suddenly jingling of the noise started. Scattering inside the room. This noise disturbed their slumber of Anvay.

He shoved his hand out of the comforter in search of a ringing device to stop it, still closing his eyes and patting his hand on the nightstand but it seemed like his luck went into a deep sleep just like him. Fortunately, he found it and tapped on its head to stop the irritating sound and he succeeded.

Taking a sigh of solace he again slept, dissipating his forehead muscle which wrinkled due to interruption in his sleep, making Anaisha smirk more widened.

Subsequently, a few minutes later again that annoying noise blared up inside the room disrupting Anvay’s amicable sleep.

But this time the direction of the noise was a different place leading him to turn in the opposite direction. Anaisha was enjoying the show eating her chocolates and sitting comfortably on the beanbag placed in a corner, which perfectly kept her hidden from anyone’s eyes.

Anvay again succeeded.

“It’s just a trailer AB...wait for 7 more minutes”

Exactly after 7 minutes, more than 13 various horrific noises erupted inside the room making Anaisha control her laughter. If Anvay wouldn’t wake up earlier then these noises served their purpose to wake him up properly.

With a jolt, Anvay woke up jumped from the bed and instantly landed on the floor with a thud. He frantically moved his head here and there in search of these annoying sounds but couldn’t point out their location as almost 13 different sounds were resonating inside the room.

Anvay stood up rubbing his bum and uttered a few profanities. He searched his room and stopped all the alarm clocks except one. He sauntered towards the closet in search of the last alarm clock.

When Anaisha saw her brother striding towards the closet she silently moved towards his bookshelf and took the spare key hidden in a compartment. She also saw a letter in it and reached to grab it but heard footsteps indicating that Anvay would come out closet anytime. She hurriedly shoved the key in her dress pocket and scurried out of the room, instantly locking the door from outside.

“Phewww!!!!!!!!!!!! If he would have caught me then hell would have broken on my head”

Talking to herself she made way towards her room, tossing the silver color key in the air and again catching it back.

“What have you done this time Ana?”

Anaisha was startled and tightened her grip on the key. She slowly turned to hide her hand behind her back and looked at the person standing in front of her. Her first love, was her Dad, Hriday Mauravanshi. His expression was serious with a slight frown on his face. Winkles were visible on his face with some grey hair. Although he is in his early fifties, with his well-built body he can still give tough competition to the younger generation and with the cherry on the top, his strict face enhanced his dominating aura. Perks of being an Ex-Army Officer.

“What are you hiding behind your back,” He asked his daughter.

Anaisha shook her head left and right indicating she didn’t hide anything. She sneaked the key inside her pocket and led her hand forward, showing it to her father as if she was as innocent as the day she was born.

“I saw you sneaking out of Anvay’s room. Did you again do something?” He questions softly looking at his daughter’s face.

Although he loved all his three children equally, he slightly had a soft corner for his daughter. When she was born Hriday had to leave his family and had to go to the Unit Centre for some highly confidential Mission. He half-heartedly left his few hours born daughter. Hriday was lost in remembrances of the preceding time that he forgot his daughter standing in front of him, staring at him with big almond-shaped eyes.

“Nothing Dad. I just gave him his birthday gift. What if he would have become sad knowing nobody gifted him anything. That’s all.” Anaisha said feeling righteous about her doing.

“We know your gifts are never dangerous”

They heard Abheek’s voice and turned in his direction. He was coming out of the Gym doing his morning exercises. The sweats were trickling down his face and neck. He was rubbing it with a small hand towel.

“What are you trying to imply Bhai” Anaisha narrowed her eyes at her eldest brother. Hriday chuckled.

“I was saying that our Ana gifts are best. So tell us what you gifted him this time.”

“Let’s talk about this at the breakfast table. We only left 26 minutes to freshen up otherwise your mother won’t even let us touch the food” Hriday said to his offspring. Everyone in the Mansion knows the umbrage their household lady Arunima Hriday Mauravanshi feels when someone turns out late on the breakfast table.

She reckons ‘A good morning is when you have a healthy breakfast on time’ and she got ahead and set this damn breakfast curfew not talking a single plead from her younger offspring. Ignoring their puppy eyes.

In the dining area, an assortment of dishes was served to spread the sweet aroma of a mouthwatering breakfast. A single breath was enough to bring a whole damn river of saliva.

“Suman serves the sweet dish after everyone eats their breakfast, ”

Arunima said to the house helper. She loves to cook for her family. Most of the time she only cooks but sometimes Suman helps her. Suman was a lady in her thirties, her whole family included her two younger sisters and a sick mother. She was the only breadwinner of her family. She is a very sweet and courageous lady but still single. She wasn’t much educated because of belonging to the inferior class of society.

“Ok. Mam ” She replied politely to the elderly woman who helped her in her needy days. She respected the elderly couple wholeheartedly.

Shortly after all the dishes were served a cluster of footsteps marched towards the dining room. Everyone took their chairs except Anvay.

“Where is Anvay” Arunima inquired looking at her husband who shook his head signifying that he didn’t know. Then she looked at Abheek and Anaisha, who also shrugged off.

“Mumma AB is going to take the time” Anaisha mumbled but her mother heard her and raised her brow.

“I inferred it because it’s his birthday today so he might take time----” Ana replied, laughing nervously but she was cut off in the middle.

“You brat, wait till I get my hands on you,” the thundering voice of Anvay was heard and it was gradually getting louder suggesting that he was nearing.

Anaisha panicked hearing his voice. She quickly moved towards her Abheek Bhai.

“Bhai please protect me. I promise to run three more laps tomorrow.”

“Make it 5”


“Then all the best”

“Ok Bhai 5 done”

Anaisha hurriedly sat beside Abheek. Just then Anvay stepped inside the dining room and targeted his deadly glares toward his younger sister. She poked her tongue at him. If looks could kill she would have died by now. He took steps toward her but only to meet with his Bhai glare which clearly says ‘Stay away.’

“You you how dare you to do that. Do you comprehend how much time is wasted? ” Anvay confided and peeked at his watch.

“Only 9 minutes are left for breakfast curfew to over. Do you want me to die of hunger on my birthday” he said and took his chair beside his mother and hugged her.

“What happened why is your face so red just like---” Arunima was immediately cut off by her daughter.

“Just like monkeys butt”

A faction of laughter was heard in the room. Everyone’s attention was shifted toward him. It was Danush Malhotra who was laughing clutching his belly hearing their banter.

“Hey Danush when did you arrive” Anaisha stood to hug him.

“He came to pick up us from the airport when you’re snoring” Anvay snorted and hugged Danush. Everyone was seated and started their breakfast.

“How was your first gift dear brother?” Abhik implored his brother curbing his laughter.




“Or annoying”

“Why are you all making fun of this poor being,” Anvay said pointing his forefinger towards himself making everyone laugh once again. “And you I will get my revenge. don’t live in a myth that I will spare you”

“As if I am scared”

Danush clapped his hands to gain everyone’s attention.

“Guys guys please be serious. So Anvay answered Abheek Bhai’s question, how was it”

“Do you people even know what she did. As you all know we arrived here at dawn so I wanted to catch some sufficient amount of sleep to look more handsome at my birthday party but this Devil decided to snatch my precious sleep. She set 13 alarm clocks with horrific sounds. Can you guys imagine I almost had a mini heart attack? Then I washed and when I rubbed the towel to dry my face I meet with green hulk in the mirror. She did all these things, Mumma. That’s why it took me much time. The result I got this red face.”

“Although we wouldn’t have minded green face,” Hriday said looking at his younger son controlling his expression to remain serious.

“Dad!!!!!!!!!! this is not fair.” Anvay whined.

“Ok children jokes apart. It’s time for a sweet dish. Suman bring it” Arunima instructed.

“Finally something good happened” Anvay sighed at the mention of the sweet dish. He was a big foodie plus he also had sweet tooth.

Suman entered with the cake in the room and kept it in front of Arunima. She took two steps back and stood there looking at the happy family with Danush as an addition. Anvay and Anaisha instantly arrived near their Mumma to take a better look at the cake.

“Mumma everything is fine but why is there only half chocolate cake where is the rest.” Anvay looked at his mother.

“Yes Mumma why is there half Vanilla” This time it was Anaisha.

“Dummies it’s your birthday, so I made it special for both of you.” Arunima had made half chocolate and half Vanilla cake for her both younger children. Although Anvay was a year older than Anaisha and she was a year younger than Anvay but miraculously she popped out two weeks before her due date and that’s how they share the same birthday. Chocolate was Anvay's favorite and Vanilla was Anaisha’s favorite.

“Cake cutting time. Now cut this yummy cake fast or I won’t wait for you to cut it, I will gobble it down” Danush said happily eyeing the cake.

Anvay and Anaisha took their knives and cut the cake. Anaisha had cut Chocolate one and Anvay had cut vanilla. They both fed each other their favorite flavor and hugged each other. Whole-time how much they fight or bicker but at the end of the day they are siblings who loved each other to death.

“Happy birthday Ana”

“Same to you AB. Happy birthday to you too. ”

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