The Golden Dragon's Surrogate

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Nicole is a young Dragon-summoner witch. Different from all other witches, she has neither coven nor attachments. The only things she carries are secrets, many of them. She is completely alone, with no place to go, nor anyone in her life. Nicole seems to have a penchant for getting into trouble. As a result, she finds herself in such a predicament of being desperate for money. She decided the fastest way possible to get what she needs and solve all her problems was by becoming a surrogate to a Golden Dragon. Little did she know that even at the height of her desperation, this kind of transaction would not be easy. In fact, it becomes impossibly difficult to separate business and pleasure when she can’t stop herself from desiring and craving her surrogate baby’s daddy. Secrets and a haunted past stands in her way of truly allowing herself to fall in love. It’s something forbidden. * Alev is one of the last Golden Dragons in existence. Suddenly abandoned by his girlfriend, he’s devastated and completely heartbroken. The last thing he wants is a relationship, or love. He only wants a baby, which only a Dragon-summoner witch, or his fated mate, can give him. After an extensive search, he chooses a young, beautiful stranger amongst the few Dragon-summoners in the world. For an unknown reason, Alev feels undeniably attracted and compelled by her unique sad blue eyes and the mystery.

Romance / Fantasy
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1. The Lonely Golden Dragon


Taking the petite human lady by her hand, we strolled across the hotel hall until she stopped and crouched down to take off her heels and smiled at me.

“This way, I will be much faster!” She chuckled, her voice filled with eagerness.

“We don’t have to wait a minute longer,” I murmured, lifting her by her waist and pressing her against the wall before our lips crashed in a passionate kiss. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and she pressed her body against my hard-on, moans filling our kiss. She let her shoes fall from her hands and got lost in the moment as much as I.

To lose my mind in the moment was all I needed, all I craved. No thoughts, no emotions, only sinking into the sweet and fleeting oblivion that pleasure could bring. Mindless passion, skin against skin. Reaching down with her in my arms, I grabbed her shoes and took her to the room, never breaking the kiss.

Soon, we found our room, and I opened the door without letting go of her. Urgency flared in my blood. My dragon and I needed this brief peace, or else we would burn, and the world would feel empty.

Gently, I laid her on the bed, my body hovering over hers. My lips caressed down her jawline and neck as my hands worked fast, freeing her of her tight dress. She was a pretty human, with tanned skin and voluptuous curves. As I feasted on each curve, I got rid of my clothes. Soon we were naked and entangled in each other.

My palms played with her breasts until her buds were impossibly tight and engorged; she threw her head back and let out a grunt, aching delight evident in her expression.

She wrapped her hand around my shaft, a mischievous smile on her face, “That’s quite a … I wonder how it will fit. I am willing to try, even if you wreck me,” she laughed. She didn’t want to wait.

“I won’t wreck you. I will get you ready, pliant and wet enough to take every inch in, Prithvi. We have time and should enjoy everything. I just need to have you sated, drenched with desire before I enter you,” I murmured in her ear and she moaned, her back arching towards me.

A wicked smile formed on my face. I wouldn’t only have se.x with her, but rather steer her towards ecstasy. I would give her all the attention and caresses a woman deserves. Take my time awakening and overwhelming all her senses, submerging her in thick hot pleasure before seeking my own satisfaction. It was only for a night, so it must be a night that she would remember forever.

“You know my name,” she moaned, her eyes filled with surprise and delight. Of course I did. Even in a one night stand, I would call my partner by her name as she screamed mine. It was only fair and chivalrous.

“Alev!” she cried as my face dove between her thighs, and I kissed her deliberately slowly, teasing her folds, giving her body only an ounce of the pleasure I intended to. Circling her entrance, I sucked her nub of pleasure faster, and she tangled her fingers into my dark hair, pulling my face down, yearning for more.

My tongue worked her up, thrusting into her insides until her inner walls clenched and her whole body trembled. She sang my name in the language of moans, coming undone in my mouth. Kissing her mound, I crawled upwards, sinking my tongue into her parted lips and letting her try her most intimate taste.

“That’s how good you taste, beautiful,” I murmured softly. Every woman deserved to be worshiped, even if only for a night.

“I need…” her body squirmed violently. I didn’t give her time to calm down; her pleasure shouldn’t stop but rather grow in an endless crescent until her consciousness drifted off and she was completely sated.

Pulling her legs over my shoulders, I entered her inch by inch. She gasped at the stretching, it was a tight fit, but I would be gentle and give her all the time she needed to adjust.

As soon as I felt her relax under me, I started thrusting, angling my hips to touch all her sensitive spots and drive her crazy. My grey eyes were fixed on her brown ones, and she bit her lips as her nails scratched down my back. For a split second, the thought of my ex, Niki, surged in my mind — she used to do the same. I looked back at her pretty eyes, reminding my body and my tortuous mind that it wasn’t Niki but Prithvi. I wouldn’t think about another woman as I slid my shaft in and out of her. No one deserved that.

Adjusting her legs, I thrust deeper, faster, wildly while Prithvi screamed her moans, “Yes, Alev! Yes!”

“I can give you more, Prithvi. Tonight I can give you whatever you want,” I groaned, and she rocked her hips against mine, taking all I gave her. Soon, my Dragon Horus flared to the surface, wanting more, wanting all, enough to forget Niki’s face and all the emptiness she left behind.

“Faster?” I asked her. Prithvi was only human and, regardless of Horus’ feral desire, I wouldn’t do anything that could hurt her.

“Yes… Alev, I am coming. I am…” she cried out as her se.x clenched around my length, taking me to the brink of my own climax. Except I refused to finish before she climaxed at least twice. I wasn’t a young Dragon, and I would control myself even in my semi-feral and desperate state. Reign over myself, her body, her desire and overflow her with pleasure.

After she climaxed, I placed her gently on the edge of the bed and stood up, entering her again immediately. Her body was still spasming with the aftershock, but I wanted to take her to the heights once again before losing myself in the peak of pleasure and forgetfulness. Flicking the sensitive spot within her folds and sliding faster in and out of her, I coaxed her to come around my length once again in no time. This time, I let her take me with her to the heights of ecstasy, emptying my spurts deep within her body.

After another round, I gave her water and a soothing back massage and wrapped her spent body in my arms.

She fell asleep immediately, a satisfied smile on her face. I, on the other hand, fought against unwelcome thoughts. Since my ex, and the woman I had chosen to be my mate, left me for a werewolf suddenly, my mind was in chaos. A void took root and was growing within my soul, and it didn’t matter what I did, I couldn’t fill it, I couldn’t find peace. Every Golden Dragon of my clan had found and claimed their mates and were enjoying the utmost happiness and joy with their new families and even welcoming kids. I was the only lost one, the only lonely Golden Dragon, but it would change very soon.

After a few hours, I finally fell asleep and into the recurring dream of a woman with ebony hair and an ancient white tunic haunted me.

Her soft, long and dark hair flew with the wind. The sunlight went through the locks , giving them a magical glow. I looked at her, frozen, hypnotised. Then, without minding my ogling, she took a step towards me. The more she walked, the more distant she felt.

This time wasn’t different from the previous couple of nights; I still couldn’t see her face. Yet the haunting and dreadful sensation that I had lost her was clear like the light and made me wake up with a racing pulse and a clenching chest.

Once again, I woke up with the startle, the pain and the loss flowing through my blood like wicked ice. I was a dragon-shifter, my blood wasn’t supposed to feel cold, ever. However, this dream, this woman, liked to challenge any logic.

Prithvi was resting in my arms. She stirred and spun around slowly, her half-open eyes meeting mine, “Good morning, Alev… I thought you would sneak out and leave me,” The glowing and sated smile lightened her face up.

“Never. I still need my breakfast,” I flashed her a half-smirk and her eyes shadowed with confusion.

“Are you already going?” she pouted a little. I didn’t lie to her; I made my intentions very clear when we met in the bar.

The last thing I was looking for was a relationship. All I needed was for this passion to burn for a night only. I wouldn’t cheat, lie and leave others aside — I wouldn’t be sneaky like Niki was towards me. My head shook at the thought; I could be feeling lonely as the corners of my soul went rough, tainted, but I was above games and tricks. No one deserves to have their hopes crushed.

“Not yet,” I smiled, my brows arching with mischief as I brushed my lips on hers before kissing my way down to her core. After making her climax twice more, I bid her goodbye.

As I walked down the hall, my phone rang. A beam of peace washed over me for the first time in weeks as I saw the caller, Overnatural Surrogate Center. I picked the call, praying to the Great Golden Fire that the Centre had finally found her, and she had said yes.

Author's Note:

This story is written in British English, hence some words are written differently from what readers from the US are used to.

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