I miss you, I need you

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Sometimes moving on seems like a tough task; when you loved that person so much, when you gave them your everything. And it turns even tougher when your mind keeps reminding you of that person. Everybody has their own time machine; sometimes it takes you to dark places, sometimes it takes you to bright places. To Amelia Schmitz is quite easy to use her time machine to share happy memories with her child, about a man she loved so much. Living their happy, it didn't take long until the time machine broke, needing for the source of their happiest moments to come back.

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Chapter 1

Tears brimmed soft chocolate eyes before sliding down pale cheeks. Her rosy lips parted as the rain damped her hair; her chest filled with an unbearable pain that fed the transparent drops as her frail limbs tried to move, to reach out for the man before her, and ask him the reason why he said such words-words that seemed to affect him as much as they affected her.

His lips quivered as he tried to voice his real thoughts, his real emotions, and not this load of lies disguised as ‘better’ decisions for them both. Blue eyes talked silently with brown eyes, expressing the last of the emotions he would allow himself to receive.

“I hope you lead a happy life,” He said, twisting the knife that stabbed her heart, “And please, forget about me.”

With nothing more to say, he left the girl behind. Raging thoughts begging him to turn back and find a way where they would be together, where he would selfishly build a happy ending with her. Breathing out, he allowed the thoughts to keep on aimlessly fighting.

Her eyes fell low cast as more tears expressed the sadness she was feeling. The rain was so loud it didn’t allow her to do much thinking, all until her arms had wrapped around herself in attempts to keep warmth as her body trembled. Luckily, the cold she felt was enough to numb the pain, giving her a chance to think of the times where there were signs something was off.

When did they nest his heart and perturbed his mind?

What was the root-the real reason behind these actions?

Upon reaching the entrance to her small apartment, she looked for the keys inside her pocket; it was a hassle how the fabric hugged her skin, adding weight from the amount of water it had absorbed. Shutting the door behind her, her feet dragged her into the bathroom for a hot shower; else she would fall with a cold with the weak immune system her body held.

‘I’ve been thinking, it’d be better if we gave each other some time.’

Her eyes closed as she felt the tears edge the corner of her eyes.

‘There are billions of people in this world; perhaps we should meet others, get to know different kinds of people. There’s a lot of things we can do, and experiences to be lived. I think it’s time for us to part ways and see what the world has to offer.’

In a failed attempt to make him stay, she had chased him after his little speech.

Finally letting her cries out, she covered her mouth while unconsciously rubbing her belly gently. Her exasperated sobs echoing through the loneliness of her place. The warm waterdrops sliding down her back as she cried her sorrow with no one to comfort her, to tell her everything would be alright in the end. Being the way she was, she wouldn’t allow the sadness to take over, yet she would allow for her soul to mourn the loss of someone she held so dear.

“I’m sorry.” She kept repeating, squeezing the last of her tears as her right hand never left her belly, “I’m so sorry sweetheart.”

It was a long night, and rather cold from the constant raining outside the comfort of her house. Her body felt weak from all the crying, yet she forced herself to stand up, wrap a blanket around her shoulders and drag her feet towards the kitchen to prepare a meal for herself. At the back of her mind, she could feel sick and thirsty; a weird combination she dismissed by taking a bottle of water and the bowl of fruits that once rested on the dining table.

Making herself comfortable in the warmth of her bed, she searched for the picture of them and deleted them as pain clung to her heart.

“I should keep one.”

Deciding which picture would stay, she fought between four options. In one they were holding hands, smiling at each other with the sunset as a background; she had added speech bubbles where their time together could be read. ’Three years together, let’s meet four!’. With a shaky breath she deleted it, it was sure gonna be painful to look back at it in the future. The next picture was a framed one, where they were lying down, a picnic basket at the top right corner; her hair was tied up in a messy bun, meanwhile his hair was messed with autumn leafs sticking adding a funny sense to his shaggy curly hair. The next two were both located at the beach, both of them wearing heavy clothes from head to toe; one had them smiling, 'We forgot how cold the beach was in Fall. A nice lady gave us clothes.’ and the other was of her laughing at him, for he was soaking wet, shaking with a shy smile.

“You were always so clumsy.” She murmured, leaving the three pictures and deleting the rest.

As she waited for the process to end, she surfed the internet in attempt to contact her mother. She deserved to know her beloved, and wished to be son-in-law, had started walking his own path. The news didn’t make the woman happy, but she understood, knowing that even her, her daughter, was shocked things ended.

They had talked about marriage several times, and each time he’d always show his excitement in forming in own family, saying sweet things like she was ‘the description of a wonderful mother’ example. She had never been that keen into it, but seeing him smile made her want to grant his wish.

And she would, sadly he wouldn’t be there to know.

“Should I tell him?” Her mother asked, her gentle black eyes bathing in pity as her daughter shook her head, flashing a smile, “Alright sweetheart; when the time comes, don’t be afraid to pack your things or ask me over; I’ll talk to your dad about it. I’m sure he’ll be as happy for you as I am.”

“Thank you mom.” She smiled, rubbing her belly lightly, “I’m so lucky to have you as my mom.”

“I always thank God for giving me such a wonderful, and beautiful child.” The girl smiled listening to her mother’s soothing voice, “Amelia, will you be alright by yourself?”

“I’m an adult, I will handle.” The girl smiled, “Sorry mom, but I have to go, I have work to do, thank you for listening to me.”

“Always, sweetheart.”

Of course, the work she had to do was pack his things for when he came back to retrieve them.

Pushing the laptop with her hands off her lap, she curled on her side and pulled the covers up to her neck, wanting to warm herself. It was Saturday, and according to the forecast, it would keep raining until next week. Luckily, she worked at home, owned a small restaurant at the east part of the city, and could stay home without getting wet. They had done grocery shopping two days ago, there was still enough food to last until the rain stopped.

Her eyes fluttered close as she tried forgetting the empty feeling she received, missing his scent as she would fall asleep within his arms in these sort of days.

“I won’t be lonely for long,” She murmured before letting sleep call her back.

“This house won’t be empty for long.”

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