Lock and Key: The Mafia Don's Flower

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Book Two Ten years passed, and Xander was no longer the Don of the Italian Bianchi Family. The new Don is someone many have feared over the years. Many have tried to figure out what happened to Don’s Daughter, but only a few know the truth. Rafael Alexander Bianchi is the son of Alexander Bianchi, named after his father over the years of them finding each other and overcoming many difficulties. Rafael is known as the Devil himself; he is not afraid to kill someone in the name of his family and his men. As the Don, he has a reputation for upholding justice and bringing power down on those who dare try to overthrow him. He lost his light ten years ago, and to this day, he seeks revenge for what was done to him. A young woman walks into an interview, not expecting to have her whole world turn upside down when she meets with Devil himself, and from there, their lives will go through many trials, love and betrayals. Will The Don be able to tell his flower the truth of who he once was, or will he keep her in the dark cause of his world?

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Ten years had passed since that horrible day when a young, innocent soul was taken from her prime. One lone figure was standing off the side wearing all black with a blank cold face, showing no emotion.

No one wanted to talk with this lone figure as they were not one to be approachable. This loan figure had gone through enough pain in their young lives, and the only thing they wanted to do was seek revenge against the one person who had done this and make her pay for killing the one with whom they had planned a future together a lifetime.

The figure has gone through changes over the years once a young girl full of life and promise, and now they had become a man who will do anything to bring the devil to the doorstep of the woman who caused this pain a few years ago. The lone figure knew that Angelo would not want them to give up on finding another, which they will when they have killed the bitch who had been behind all of this.

“Sir, your father is asking for you.” The lone figure looked at the man with a critical eye, knowing that this was the beginning of a new change and they would be returning to Italy soon. With a nod, the lone figure left the ballroom, with the bodyguard behind them as they walked into an office where the Don of the Italian Mafia was waiting for them to arrive.

“Good, Figlio. You are here. Take a seat. We have a lot to discuss before I head out to Italy.” The lone figure gave his father a nod, knowing that what he was about to say would be critical for the family.

“Son, I need you to stay here and take over the family business while I’m in Italy. I know you are ready to be the Don, and I think you can take over and find her with this.” Xander said calmly, watching his now son, who has grown over the years since that horrible day. The moment he had told him that he wanted to change and be a new person and become someone else. Xander knew he would do anything for his child, and they had gone through surgery to make sure his son had gotten everything perfected for his body to be a man and no longer a woman.

Now, his son looks identical to himself only difference is their hair colour. His son still has his long dark red hair pulled into a low ponytail, with his wide broad shoulders built through the years of working out and buffing out his body to perfection. No one can see he was once a young woman but a handsome young man who has dealt with the complex reality of everything.

“Father, I will stay and take over. I will keep you informed of everything that is going on here.” The young man said softly, knowing that his voice had changed through many different hormone therapies and changes to his body. “Alright, son. I will leave you to finish here.” Both father and son had gotten up, looking at each other with emotions that only a father would have for their child.

“Remember, my boy. Don’t let her death take you down. You will find your queen, and I know when you do, it will be when you are ready to let her go.” Xander whispered to his boy, hugging him and kissing his forehead. “Grazie, Father. Don’t worry; I promise I will be good and not go overboard on everything.” “Good, Figlio,” Xander said, leaving his son’s office and heading to the airport to return to Italy to retire from being the Don.


“Yo!, Rafael, you awake, man?” Rafael woke up from his sleep and heard his best friend, his underboss, yelling throughout the penthouse.

“Will, you shut the fuck up!” Rafael hollered back after getting up and heading into the bathroom to get ready for the day as he had meetings to attend at the business company. “Well, I would not have yelled if you were already up.” “Corey, I swear to fucking god, I will shoot you if you don’t stop,” Rafael said, glaring at his best friend since college.

Rafael dressed into his dark blue Armani suit, sleeking back his long shoulder length blood-red hair and putting it into a low ponytail. He looked at himself in the mirror, moving his head from side to side, seeing his strong jawline and piercing brown eyes staring back at him.

His facial structure had changed to help him look less feminine. The plastic surgeon behind his whole transformation had done one hell of a good job and allowed him to transition from a female to a male, changing his entire gender and identity that even his mother could not find him.

Rayne died when he was sixteen, and he became Rafael instead. It took a few years for the transition to be permanent and for him to become a male from all surgeries, from having his chest flattened to having a working functioning male reproductive system when he first transitioned. Everyone was supportive of him and his mission to become the Don that everyone wanted him to be.

Rayne was his old self, and now his mother will never know what hit her when he finds her and kills her in cold blood. Yes, he is still the same person, more brutal and deadly. Everyone knows him as the Devil, the one who kills without remorse.

Rafael finished his morning routine and headed downstairs to meet with his best friend, who became his underboss over the years as he gave up the right to be the Don of his family. Their families have been good allies for years since Corey wanted to help Rafael better himself since the death of his Angelo ten years ago.

“Let’s go, Corey. I have a few meetings to attend and a few interviews to have a PA.” Rafael said calmly, dragging his underboss by his shirt and out of the front door. They both got into the backseat of the car as their driver took them to Bianchi Corporation. Once they arrived, they headed upstairs towards the main office that used to be Rafaells’ father’s office.

He took his seat behind his desk and sent his underboss off to deal with the illegal business downstairs. “Mr. Bianchi, your first interviewer is here.” “Let them in, Gale,” Rafael said calmly, looking over the files of all of the interviewers that he will be meeting with today.

“Mr. Bianchi?” Rafael looked up from the file he was reading to narrow his eyes at the young woman who had entered his office looking like she had just come out of the barbie manufacturer. “Miss, take a seat.” “Sure, handsome.” Rafael rolled his eyes, annoyed with this damn stupid creature. “Miss, tell me why you want this job?” “Well, I just got out of school, and I also wanted to meet with the CEO.” Rafael looks at her dead in the eyes showing no concern whatsoever.

“Miss, I will call you about the job.” Rafael dismissed the young barbie woman, annoyed that she only wanted to have this job so that she could sleep with him. He is no saint and has slept with many women and men before. But, he also knows he would prefer a woman over any man.

“Gale, send in the next person.” “Right away, sir.” Rafael sighed and leaned against the chair with his eyes closed, waiting for this day to end. When he heard the knock on his door, he told the person to come in, and he sighed, annoyed that another barbie woman had come into his office. “Fuck sakes, this will be a long ass day.” Rafael cursed under his breath.

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