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I'm Married To A Moron

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***MOVING TO GALATEA/COMPLETE BOOK 1*** He wants to inherit his billions. She wants to please her father. Marriage is the key that will unlock both these doors...IF they can survive it.

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Author's Note

**I’M MARRIED TO A MORON just landed a publishing contract with Inkitt and will be moving to Galatea shortly. That means the story will not be available to read on this platform once it is published on Galatea. I’ll be posting updates on my wall about the moving date.

You guys made this possible with your love and reviews and readership. I cannot thank you enough for following Zavyar and Serena on this journey to their HEA. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

PS: This novel is part of a series of standalone novels set in the same universe. Stay tuned for more books in the Kemora Archives series.**


Serena shakes out her soaking dress and secures it around her tiny waist by tying the sleeves into a knot. Then, she resumes glaring at me. “What? Nothing to say? What are you thinking?”

I’m thinking of tossing you over my shoulder and–


Why does my name sound so sexy when she says it?


Is that a beauty mark on her left–


The shift in her tone forces my gaze to meet hers and my blood freezes to see disgust written there. It appears I’ve done something even worse in the past three minutes than not signing the papers.

I clear my throat. “I’m sorry you were saying something?”

Her frown deepens. “Why didn’t you sign the papers? And I’ll appreciate it if you look at my face.”


Dear Reader,

I’M MARRIED TO A MORON is my first attempt at an actual romance novel. Everything else I’ve written falls firmly in the realm of either fantasy or women’s fiction with romantic undercurrents.

It wasn’t easy. In fact, for the first time, I truly realized how tough it is to write a romance novel so hats off to all authors who excel at this.

Nonetheless, I am proud.

This book is tropey, cheesy, and not nearly perfect but I’m so proud to have scaled this wall. To have met my personal challenge and to have amazing friends who helped me through every moment when I wanted to insert a war scene instead of a steamy kiss.

Please join me on this ride, read this, and let me know what you think of my version of a tropey romance novel, and follow me for updates about other books!



PS: I love and write flawed and morally gray characters who make tons of mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and grow up to be better people. This is the journey I want my readers to take with my characters when they read my books.

If you’re looking for perfectly flawless people who do nothing wrong and are graceful at all times, please know my stories will disappoint you. Sorry about that & happy reading :))

*Please follow my profile to be alerted about chapter updates as soon as I post them, and thank you for reading! Don’t forget to leave me comments and let me know what you think :))*

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