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Jo Scott’s life has been anything but normal since the day she sent a guy to the hospital with third degree burns using pyrokinetic abilities she didn’t even know she had. She lives in a small mountain town in the Smoky Mountains, far away from her home city of Charlotte, and works at a coffee shop/antique store while attending the nearby community college. Plus she’s now the mate and therefore girlfriend yet future wife of the local werewolf pack’s Alpha-to-be Ryker Monroe. Not to mention that they have a psychic connection and her control over her fire powers is better than ever. But everything’s even more chaotic than usual now that her mother has been kidnapped, probably by the same people who broke into her parents’ house a few months ago. And they want to exchange Jo for her mom. If she told Ryker, he would definitely want to stop her, but Jo doesn’t have time to argue so she drives home to Charlotte where she promptly switches herself for her mom. While Jo finds herself getting deeper into the government’s secret supernatural division, the memory of what she left behind the only thing she has to hold on to, Ryker throws himself into a mission to find her and get her back. There’s no way he’s going to let Jo disappear, which might mean he has to play along with the government’s plans as well.

Romance / Fantasy
A. E. Meredith
Age Rating:

Author's Note

I’m so excited to introduce Firebreak to you! The first chapter will be up next week (6/19/22), and will return us to the world of our beloved Jo & Ryker (Okay, I’m tempted to give them a ship name, but I think Ryker would kill me if I called them Joker. RyJo?). This book is the sequel to Light the Fire, and really can’t be read without the first one, so I highly recommend checking that out if you haven’t read it yet. Race the Storm is also another story I’m currently writing that’s set in the same world, parallel (maybe just a little bit before) as far as the timeline goes. It will give you a huge insight into the government organization involved in Firebreak, so if you’re curious about this world and hungry for more, check that out too!

Let’s see, other notes…

The Jackson’s Hollow series was planned initially as a trilogy, but I also have some stand alone novels planned for several of the characters introduced in there, plus some more books tied to the Race the Storm World. Right now I’m just going to be working on Firebreak and Race the Storm.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here, and I’ll answer what I can without spoilers. As always, thank you so much for your likes, reviews and comments, I truly appreciate them and love them!

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