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It Just Happens!!

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Moving into NYC is a very big move for Emily who's only ever lived in a small town where she's loved and cherished but something makes her leaves. Now, she must start new and start a life in a strange place full of strange people, one of which she keeps running into and well, er... certain things happen. Ryan's perfect and organized life becomes a choas everytime a specific redhead is spotted nearby. Now what will happen when that redhead becomes his new assistant..?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1



My perfect fantasy of drinking this heavenly coffee peacefully back at my desk just got ruined by some blind idiot rounding the corner. My fingers sting from where the coffee splashed.

“Damn it, women! Are you stupid? It can’t be that hard to walk properly holding a coffee!” the guy started swatting at his now stained shirt.

Aeeeee!, The nerve of this guy, after knocking the best thing of my day off my hand he thinks he can insult me.

“Apparently it is, when there are idiots like you roaming the building who don’t even have the grace to apologize after knocking someone’s caffeine off!” I shot back.

It wasn’t until then that he looked at me and I caught his face, if I wasn’t so mad at him for the caffeine fiasco, I would’ve definitely added him on my dream date list. He wasn’t just plain handsome, I mean its New York, not exactly a hard place to find handsome guys.
But him... usually the first thing that I notice in a guy is his eyes, not just the color and shape but how they assess stuff, it’s a lil bit more complex than just that obviously.

His eyes, however, were a dark shade of green, almost hazel to anyone looking from afar. Though what really attracted me to him was that glimmer in his eyes that so many people lack. A straight nose, a strong jaw covered in the sexiest five o’clock shadow and full lips made him the intoxicating tower of male prowess.

“Apologize to you? For letting you ruin my shirt first thing in the morning? Who the hell do you think you are?And what are you, five? I smell like a chocolate milkshake!”

“Do you have a death wish, you asshole, how dare you insult my coffee preferences? Now, listen, you’re obviously new here, so let me tell you this, this whiny attitude has to go, if you really wanna last on your job for long here.”

That seemed to have shocked him, well he shouldn’t have gone on the coffee thing.

“Wha-? Who are you?” he stammered.
Oh, shit! I think I’ve scared the poor handsome guy worse than I thought.

“it’s okay, no need to worry, I won’t complain about your unprofessionalism, just make sure to maintain distance from me from now on, specially when I’m holding a coffee. Wouldn’t have been this harsh on you, if it hadn’t been for coffee. Anyways, I gotta run to get another coffee now.”

Without waiting for a reply, I turned around and headed back to the coffee shop for the refill. I hope I didn’t ruin his day, I know how hard first days at a new workplace can be.



What just happened?

I pulled out a fresh shirt from the small supply closet in my office, and put it on. I’m still in shock over how that strange pretty women told me off like I was some fucking intern on his first day in my very office AND spilled that God awful choclaty thing on me. Who the hell was that?

She’s not from around here that’s for sure, her accent and her outfit was a dead giveaway of that. Unlike the spine straight hair that women around here keep, she had a head full of untamed wild curly hair, the shade of red that couldn’t be found in a bottle. Her dark eyes were so captivating, they looked almost innocent than the normal calculating looks i get from women when they first meet me. Her lips were naturally full and pouty, just a glance at them made me wonder what they would look like wrapped around me. It was her slightly upturned nose that gave her a more cute look but that didn’t make her look any less sexy.

She could be a new client....or did we hire anyone this week while I was gone?

I made my way to Dalton’s office, nodding to the ‘good mornings’ from my staff. Now that the shock has worn off, I’m more than a little pissed off at that pretty women. Outsider or not, no one’s ever talked to me like that before.

“There you are, man! I heard you were back early. How was the trip?” dalton shut his laptop and sat back.

“Successful” I replied sliding into the chair.

“Great! There was never a doubt. When are we expecting him here for the first requisition?”

“He said he’ll be flying here next week.” He nodded.

Knowing him he’s already started to plan his next move. But I’m not done here. “Did you take up a new client while I was gone this week?”

He frowned. “NO, I don’t think so...why do you ask?”

“Some stupid women literally ran into me and spilled whatever the fuck she was drinking in the name of caffeine on me, had to go and change. I still smell it on me though.”

He smiled wide and came near me and took a sniff.

“NO shit man!, you smell like a cheap chocolate flavored condom!” he chuckled and leaned back dramatically holding his nose. "Oh, and yes, I've found you an assistant. I think you'll like her."

"I don't care as long as she knows how to do her job. Anyways, I'm out today, libby's been asking me to spend a day with her forever."

"Thank god, she's been driving me nuts to let you off for some time, the pregnent her is real evil, I tell you, you take care, man. Sam's been gone too long already and it's not even been two days."

"I will take her out, see if she feels any better. Catch you later, keep me updated on the deal."
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