The Silent Sorrow

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17 Year old Jamie Allen is starting a new school. Where she meets Dandy, a girl who doesn't talk. Will she find out why Dandy doesn't use her voice?

Romance / Drama
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The hardest part about starting a new school is finding classes. I mean, I have been walking around the hallways like a maniac. Damn mom for taking that job at the hospital.

Not that I mind, but going to the same high school with your cousin that talks too much that my ears goes numb, is not fun and not healthy for my hearing. But right now, it would have been nice if, Andrea was here to tell me where to move my legs. Every door is red, but different numbers. I can’t find mine, which is 204. I think I am in the wrong hall. Since I only see the number hundredth.

“Dammit.” I growl in frustration.

Ten minutes later and aching legs I finally found it. I take a deep breath, calming my nerves before knocking on the door and step in. Yeah, that was for those few seconds of trying to relax my beating heart.

I stumble over to the teacher with my shaky legs as I feel all eyes on me. The old women watch me annoyed for interrupting her class, and it makes my hand shake even more as I reach her the note.

I look around the class; there are brown eyes, green eyes and blue eyes watching me, but most of all. The girl in the back is staring at me. I can’t see her eye color from here, but she looks at me intently. What I mean is that she does not seem angry, but just simply tense and scary.

Most of all she does not look away as I meet her eyes. Confident that girl. I am not saying that she seems like someone that would pick on me. She has a handsome face if that is the right way to explain it.

Her blond hair is up in a tight ponytail, so I can see her face clearly. Her lips are full and she has strong cheekbones. It’s not just her cheekbones that looks strong. She is well built, in a nice way. I hope she is not on the soccer team. She would run over me and not notice what hit her.

“Okay,” The teacher says. Waking me up and I watch her with a kind smile.

“This is Jamie Allen,” I smile of the old women’s words as I try to look around the classroom.

“She is new and,” She waves her hand as she sits down in her chair.

“You know the drill.” She says and now I am unsure, because she simply don’t care. Can’t blame her though, she has probably been here for years. I move my shaky legs and sit down in the middle of the class.

It’s been a while since I sat down and I try to listen to the teacher, but I am still nervous about the rest of the day. Where to go, where to sit under lunch and how to get rid of my babbling cousin, Andrea.

We live next to them, thanks to mom and she comes over all the time, just to tell me something. Yesterday, she came just to inform me that I could ask her for anything at school. Not like she has said that like five times before that. I don’t hate her, but she really goes on my nerves.

I am standing in front of my locker, listening to my annoying cousin. Complaining about one of her teachers, which is no use to tell me since I have only been here for a half a day.

Andrea is playing with her blond hair, while her mouth is creating words too fast for my brain to catch. I wish I didn’t have a brain right now, but that would make me sound like her. Oh, god, I’m terrible.

My eyes land on the girl that was staring at me today. She is further down the hall, looking through her locker. I don’t know why my eyes have to look at her. It might be my curiosity; I like mysterious things and people.

Now I realize how tall and strong she really is. If I stood next to her, she would be more than just a head taller. I might be a little short compared to others, but I don’t really care.

“Jamie!” I jump, because of Andrea shouting at me. She seems very annoyed, by me not listening. Then she narrows her eyes, confused as she turns around. Oh, no. She looks at me again with widened eyes as she grabs my arm.

“Hey!” I yell as she starts dragging me after her away from the view of the taller girl.

“Why are you staring at her?” Andrea asks nervously, and irritated as we keep on walking down the hallway. Her grip around my arm is hurtful.

“I don’t know.” I just say, because I don’t want to talk about something that is going to end up in someone else ears. I like my privacy, and Andrea is not good to keep her big mouth shut.

“Well, stop.” She warns me with her brown eyes. I look around not sure about why I can’t watch her. It’s not like Andrea can force me to not look at the... strong girl that is coming this way right now.

“Andrea, let my arm go.” I shake my arm out of her grip and take a deep breath. Then I see tense eyes on me for a quick moment as she walks pass us.

God, she has amazing eyes. Brown in the middle and blue around. Still, she seems so focused. There is no smile, no warmth in her eyes. It’s kind of sad to watch, but most of all that scar on her neck. It’s almost three inches long.

“You can’t look at her.” Andrea says angry as she drags me by the shirt, to turn my back to the girl with hazel eyes.

“Why not?” I ask very annoyed as I fix my shirt. Andrea slaps my hands, which makes me watch her with fury. Can’t I even put my shirt back in place without her being irritated?

“Because,” She waves her hands up and down, as she looks at the girl she seem scared of.

“She is,” I am waiting for Andrea to find the perfect word as she stammer.

“Bad.” I chuckle aloud and put my hand over my mouth. Bad, really there are so many words and bad, was the first thing that popped up.

“How can she be bad?” I wonder. Still trying to hide the laugh that is making my stomach hurt.

“She, Dandy, hurt someone very badly,” the bad word again, seriously.

“That girl ended up in the hospital and didn’t come back, and Dandy was suspended for months.” She explains whispering. I just shake my head, not believing it.

She might be tall and strong, but I can’t picture her hurt someone. Well, she might have the look on her face to do so, but no. Or maybe it is what I like to think. That she is innocent. I can’t judge someone I haven’t met. It’s wrong.

“Calm down, Andrea,” I roll my eyes. Damn she is so exhausting.

“She seems ok... is her name really Dandy?” I ask changing the subject.

“Yeah.” She says obvious, and I smile. It’s a nice name and it fits her perfectly. I mean, she has this blueness of her and I have always seen the name Dandy as blue. Might be weird, but I guess I have seen that name with something blue. I shrug of my own thoughts. Maybe it was her eyes with that blue color. That made the name fit her so well.

“Just stay away from her.” Andrea points at me, warning. I roll my eyes as I smile with a little laugh.

“I don’t even know her!” I shout as she starts rushing down the hallway.

“Keep it that way!” She yells back, waving her hand not even watching me. I shake my head as I turn back to the locker and noticing that there is no one here. I sigh, that was why she was in a hurry.

“Dammit.” I mutter as I run to my locker, looking for my books and where the hell I am supposed to be in the next class. Which is starting right now.

There is no one that can have a worse day than me right now. A hopeless and over protective cousin, that is making my head explode. The school that is forcing me to run, which might be good for soccer.

There was one good thing though, the girl that is very interesting to me. Even though, most are afraid of her, no wonder when she has that stupid rumor to her name. I can’t really look past that, but I don’t know her.

She might be what my ignorant cousin says or Dandy might be the person I think by the look of it. That might not be much, since she has that same empty expression on her face. I can’t decide if that is sad or worrying.

There is not much I can say about that. I have only seen her a couple of times and I hope those are not the only glimpse I am going to get off her.

“Hi, mom.” I smile as come in the front door. Seeing her sitting on the couch with her reading glasses on her nose as she looks up from her book.

“Hi, honey.” She says glad, pushing her blond hair behind her ear. I sit down next to her and rest my head on her shoulder, after a long, running day at school. My legs hurt so much and I am so tired.

“My ears, mom, I need new ears.” I whine and she kiss the top of my head.

“Andrea is not that bad.” She says as she turns the page on her big book.

“Are we talking about the same Andrea?” I ask and she roll her eyes.

“Yes, honey. We are talking about your cousin.” She says way too busy with her book.

“If she comes, tell her that I am hanging out with Dandy.” I grin as I jump out of the couch, but fall back down as my mom drag me by the shirt. Do people not like my shirt today? I mean, it looks just like any other shirt.

“Who’s Dandy?” She asks with a raised eyebrow and I turn on my defense mechanism as I wave my hands.

“No one.” I say and try to get out of the couch again, but maybe I should take off my shirt. Since they are all, pulling it today. I fall back down next to her and sigh.

“Who is Dandy?” She asks more serious, which I roll my eyes too.

“Dandy is just a girl at school that Andrea, and maybe most, are scared of.” I shrug, because the whole thing is stupid.

“Is there a reason for them to be scared?” She asks now with her eyes down in the book.

“No, not really.” I say, because I am telling my opinion. There is not much to back up with what I mean. Since I just saw Dandy today, but there is more to someone than you see.

“Okay.” My mom just says, too lost in the book to care. I roll my eyes as I step out of the couch and find my way up to my messy room. I know, but it’s been only some few days. Since we moved in and I haven’t had time to take most of my things out of the boxes yet.

They are stranded on the floor, like ice blocks. I find my way through the maze and jump down in the bed. Landing on my stomach with my face buried in the duvet. It’s been a tiring day, with complaining from my cousin and from running around the hallways like an idiot. Just to find the right door.

Hope it is better tomorrow. I need a better strategy. Maybe I should come earlier and look around. Since no, one bothered to show me anything. That sounds like a good plan, even though I have to kick my own ass out of the bed. Perhaps I find some nice hiding places from my cousin after a while. I think I need that if I am going to survive.

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