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Falling for The Bad Boy

By Anonymous Writer All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


Alexis Swan A shy broken good girl. Who Just so happens to be the daughter of one of the richest men in their town and the sister of the quarterback of the school. Passionate about music. Cameron Jones. Bad boy/Player you could say. Filled with arrogance and jerkiness but can be charming when he wants to be. What happens when Cameron falls for a mysterious voice singing. What will happen when he finds out its Alexis Swan. How will the bad boy win the good girl's heart?? And eventually, heal the broken girl? Secrets will be revealed, and hearts would be broken. Join the crazy love story of Alexis and Cameron full of love, jealousy, care, secrets, and friendship...

Chapter 1


Ugh. This stupid alarm clock. I swear if this thing doesn’t shut up I am going to break it!!!!

Where are my manners! Let me introduce myself ~

I am Alexis Swan. Lexi for short. I am 17 years old. I love singing and people say I have a great voice too. Have a twin brother Aaron who is kind of over protective of me but which older brother isn’t? Along with a little brother Mason who so is cute! Our father is one of the richest men in Greenville.

My two best friends are Liv and Nate, and I am 5"7. I think I have an average body, I mean it’s fine, but I still am too shy to wear bikinis and short clothes...

So back to reality right now my little brother Mason is on me, jumping up and down. Gosh, he grew over the summer!

" Lexi Lexi Lexi!! Wake up wake up wake up!! We have school today!!!! Are you excited??”

I was just going to answer when my twin brother Aaron came into my room.

" Ok little guy we get it that you are excited now get off of Lexi so that she can get ready and hurry up. Sis you don’t want be late on your first day of senior year.”

Oh yeah, I totally forgot that I was starting my senior year today.

" Yeah yeah I am getting up. And just because our rooms are connected doesn’t mean you can come in without knocking! I mean what if I was changing!!!” I said.

Fun fact about my room is that when we first moved into this house there were two rooms which were interconnected so, I and Aaron thought it would be cool since we are twins and this way we could stay close.

" Yeah yeah. Okay, but you might want to get out of your bed because we have only one hr from school and you haven’t even had breakfast, and we have your favourite red velvet cake left which if you don’t hurry will be eaten by the cookie monster also known as our father. So hurry up!”

Hearing that I jolted out of my bed and ran to my bathroom, and my idiot of a brother left the room laughing. I don’t know why I love him sometimes...

I took a shower and went in my closet. I seriously love mom and dad for my closet! Is it like my mall you know like the one Princess Amelia had in princess diaries part 2? I picked out an off the shoulder cream sweater with my skinny black jeans. My hair was wavy today, so I left it open.

I don’t like applying makeup every day, so I just put on my strawberry lip gloss and some mascara.

Satisfied by my appearance, I quickly ran downstairs to eat my cake. It’s literally like heaven!!

As soon as I was going to take a bite, my hand was slapped away from the cake by my mother!

Talk about cruelty!

" Lexi, you and your father, are all the same. What am I going to do with you two! No cake for breakfast.”

Hearing that I groaned while my father fist pumped in the air ” Yaaaay that means more for me! Take that sucker,” he said sticking his tongue out!

He’s immature for a father.

" No honey no cake for you too! No one’s eating cake for breakfast am I understood?”

We all said “yes mom” in unison, even my father. So you must have guessed by now who is the head of the house.

“By the way, I got the twins a present,” said my dad.

He gave Aaron a key, and we both started screaming.


After a lot of Thankyou daddy, you are the best and stuff we bid them a goodbye and went out and saw a brand new black Lamborghini.

We both sat in and left out for school.

Greenville high here we come!

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