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My bad love choices

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Chapter 2

Nozipho's Pov
After the incident Vusi assured me to not worry. .he'll sort this out and I called a cab and went straight to the office..to speak to my father
I arrived and went straight to his office and stormed in
"Dad..I need help" I said and streched the bands of my sport bra as they were sweaty
"O-kay" he said pointing at the chair and I sat down
"I ran into Vusimuzi Khumalo..Son of Zimede Khumalo" I said with a terrified tone
"You what??" Father said with a confused look
"I got in an accident..I ran into Vusimuzi Khumalo's Car" I said with a low tone
"Wait..you got in an accident and came straight here to this office??!' He said with a frown..dang.
"Yeah" I said with a half smile
"Oh God..Nozipho Swazi, I am taking you to the doctor" he said standing up quickly
"No dad..I'm fine I just..." he cut me off and dragged me out and we went to the car then drove to the hospital
"Is she okay??" dad asked the doctor
"Yeah..she is definetly fine..no injuries and there are no internal injuries too" the doctor said and a victory smile played on my lips
Daddy looked at me
"Thank you" he said and the doctor left
"Ngikutshelile (I told you so)" I said as he walked to me
"Okay okay..I may have overreacted..but I'm glad you are okay" he said and I smiled..my mom got in following her is Nokwanda
"Where is Nozipho?" She said rushing in the ward.
"Here" I said smiling
"Ohh my baby"she ran to me and embraced me
"Are you okay..is there anything wrong..what did the doctor say??" She asked panicking checking me but I just laughed
"Mama..I'm okau" I said smiling and she calmed down..then looked at my dad
" Jack Swazi...where were you when our daughter got in the car accident?," my mom asked with a mad face as Nokwanda embraced me
"Phhh Ntombi..she is okay..as you can see" my dad said lazily
"You were supposed to guard her..look now, she is in the hospital" she said with a loud tone
"Leave me alone" my dad said before looking at me
"I'll be home" he said and smiled..I smiled too and he left, my mom followed him
"Ohh chomz..I am so glad you're okay" Nokwanda said with a smile
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