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The thin line between love and hate.

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One little juice box ruins their whole friendship or possibly relationship. Or not.

Romance / Drama
Ayla B
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*Brookes POV*

There is a thin line between love and hate; and for me, it's him. We met on the first day of school in kindergarten, he was wearing a light blue polo and khakis and I was wearing my pink dress with probably too many ruffles on it. On our first day of school I accidentally dropped my juice on him and he has hated me ever since, which I am very confused as to why because it has been years since then, but I guess he just likes holding grudges. “Brooke, your ride is almost here!” my mom shouts from the bottom of the stairs. It was the first day of my Junior year and my best friend Ali was taking me to school because no one likes riding the bus, especially me.

When I got to school of course I had to see who I didn’t want to see the most, Ezra (I really wanted to see him, if you couldn’t already tell). I wanted to go say hi to him but he gave me the death stare which isn't too good, definitely didn’t psych myself out just because I was too nervous, not at all. I did go say hi to Willow. Willow was in my class in 4th grade and we have been friends since then.

“Oh my god, hi!” Maya said. I did not like maya. No one likes maya. Maya is like the loch ness monster on earth. She acts like she is friends with everyone but she is not.

The last person I had to say hi to was my favorite teacher from last year. After all of that I finally went to my 8 A.M. class. which meant I was late to my first class, on my first day of school. The teacher seemed upset which made me think that It was super terrible to be 10 minutes late, but that wasn’t her issue.

“Hey, will you come with me for a second?” she says.

“Yeah sure.”

“Your shirt is off the shoulders and there are rips in your jeans” She says.

“Are you really going to dress code me on the first day of school?”

“Unfortunately, I have to.”

So it looks like I got dress coded the first day of school, great. After the school called my mom and told her I checked my phone because I am just so popular. I saw Ezras name and immediately felt butterflies all through my stomach. Why did that happen I thought. That had never happened before.

Anyways, my mom got there with my clothes so I changed into them, because that's what you do with clothes, and got back to class. We were in social studies. I hate social studies. We were learning about some war or whatever. It was something that I definitely didn’t care about.

As we leave class I see Maya hanging out with Ezra. Why was she hanging out with Ezra. Maybe cousins or family friends I thought. I think that's just what I hoped it would be instead of what I actually thought it was.

My next class is French. Ezra is in that class and I sit right behind him. He has these beautiful green eyes and brown fluffy hair that I could look at all day. When we were supposed to be learning, all I was doing was looking at the back of his head thinking about him. What we could have been if I didnt spill juice on him that day in kindergarten.

As we leave that class to go to lunch, I see Ezra go straight to maya. Please no. At lunch I sit with Ali, Willow and a couple other people I didn’t really care about. I leave lunch to go to math. I am pretty good at math, but I still hate it. I hate school.

The time reads 3:00. The bell rings. Finally, I can leave this hell of a school. Until tomorrow at least. “Hey Brooke! Wait!” Maya yells.

“Yes Maya?” I say.

“I just thought I would tell you that Ezra and I are dating.”


“I don’t know. I just thought you would be a little effected by it.”

“Why would I be. Ezra and I aren’t friends nor do we talk” I say.

“Whatever” she says.

“I wish we were though” I mumble under my breath.

“Did you say something?” She says.


Alright. Weird interaction for the first day of school but okay. As I get in my car I see Ezra and Maya get in the same car too. Again, weird interaction for people who just started dating but it’s whatever.

“Are they following me?” I say to myself. No. They, in fact, were not following me. I thought they were but they were not. I also thought Ezra lived on a different road than me but apparently he doesn’t.

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