Everything Changed That Spring

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11 Years Ago

Natalie stood on the bank of the waterhole, her hair pulled into a high bun and the corner of her formfitting sundress tucked into the elastic of her bikini bottoms. She walked around the edge of waterhole, carrying herself with a poised gracefulness she’d learnt from competing in countless beauty pageants.

Scott was supposed to be copying her movements, learning what it took to be a successful beauty queen. A year had passed and the stupid Inter-Town Carnival had come again. A torturous three days where the four towns surrounding Dawn Lake, their town Spring Fields, and the neighbouring ones Summerville, Fall Creek and Winter Valley, all competed in a bunch of silly games to see which town would reign supreme. Natalie had missed the last one, her broken arm getting her out of the festivities. She hadn’t been able to get out of this one though, her mother hadn’t allowed it, so here they were, Natalie teaching Scott how to be the perfect competitor because as she’d put it, she needed a good memory of the pageant to get her through this.

Problem was, she looked damned good in that dress. She always looked good in sundresses, so good they always made Scott forget who they were and that he wasn’t allowed to touch her. This one was on another level, tight where the all the others had been loose, hugging her curves the way he desperately wanted to.

“You’re slouching.” She scolded. “Your shoulders need to be straight, your head held high, float like you’re carrying a book on top of your head.”

She demonstrated the pose, rolling her shoulders back so her breasts pushed out, raising her arms as if she were floating, making the dress rise higher up her thighs.

Fuck he was gonna lose it. Right there in his damned jeans.

She peered over her shoulder at him, her expression curious as she tried to read his. A cheeky smile lit up her face, and her eyes twinkled mischievously. She knew. She knew exactly what he was thinking.

Instead of being freaked out by it she turned to face him, trying to suppress her smile by biting down on her lip, only making her look sexier.

“We should swim.” She said.

No, they shouldn’t. They shouldn’t even be alone. Scott should have brought a chaperone along, because how was he supposed to stay away from her now. How was he supposed to keep his hands off her with her looking as sexy as she did in that damn sundress and looking at him like she wanted him to touch her?

Her hands found the hem of her dress, and in one swift movement she pulled it over her head and dropped it onto the grassy bank. Her eyes met his, daring him to look, to take in every inch of her almost naked body.

And that’s exactly what he did. Slowly he trailed his eyes down, appreciating the beauty that stood before him, the heaviness of her breasts, the tiny toned waist, the gap between her legs where he desperately wanted to bury himself.

She stepped into the water and his mind filled with images of everything he would do to her if he joined her. He’d remove that pathetic excuse for a bikini top, bring his mouth to her breasts and taste every inch of them until he’d gotten his fix. She’d moan as he set her body on fire with need, and he’d tease her with his touch before slipping off her soft, bikini bottoms and burying himself deep inside her, bringing him the release he so desperately needed right now.

“You coming in?” She asked.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He replied. It took every ounce of strength to say the words, to stir himself out of the daydream and stay put. Why her? Why was it the untouchable ones were the ones you wanted so badly? He could have anyone. There were a line of girls waiting for their turn with Spring Fields star quarterback, but he was here, torturing himself with a fantasy he could never have.

This girl could easily claim him. Then once she got bored of her brief stint on the wild side she’d leave. She’d settle down with Pete or someone like him, leaving Scott with a taste of what heaven felt like ,knowing full well he’d never get that close again.

No, he needed to spare himself. She wanted him now but the moment he gave himself to her she’d leave. Girls like her didn’t stick around with guys like him. He was good for only one thing.

“I’ll be back.” He said. “I just left something in my car. I’m gonna go and grab it.”

Before she could reply he turned and left. But he didn’t go to his car. He walked into the thickness of the bushes, found an isolated place, and beat himself off as he re-lived just how perfect Natalie had looked standing in nothing but her matching black bikini, and imagining just how perfect she would have felt.

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