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The predator

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Edna an orphan who lives with her foster family got entangled with Andrew Darlington. A multi billionaire and country most eligible bachelor. Little did she know that in a world of the humans,dwells the night creatures. What will Edna do when she discovers the bitter truth of Andrew Darlington?.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


By Fatimatu Lateef

Copyright 2022 Fatimatu Lateef


Edna an orphan who lives with her foster family got entangled with Andrew Darlington . A business multi billionaire and country most eligible bachelor. Little did she know that in a world of the humans,dwells also the night creatures. What will Edna do when she discovered the bitter truth of Andrew Darlington.

Part 1

Edna scrolled on her contacts on her phone.feeling bored, she took the initiative of deleting all nameless contacts when she saw an unfamiliar yet familiar name.she dialed the number and it went through almost immediately, she placed the speaker on her right ear.the voice of a man rang out.

“You called”the voice said. Edna furrowed her eyebrows “who are you?” she asked aloofly. “Tsk what’s the meaning of that?” the voice said nonchalantly, Edna looked at the name, she don’t have any one or friends bearing this name so she hanged up. Shoving the phone on her bed she walked out of the room.

Edna’s a part time student at Lockwood university where she studies business administration and on her final year.she does a part time work at a small snack shop but it was one of the best snacks shop in the city.she took her cross purse from the couch and walk out of the building.

Edna got to the shop that was already getting crowded as she made her way carefully into the door. “Edna you came” a young boy said as he walked towards her. “Yeah, I’m tired” Edna complained, “oh you can tell mum then maybe she can give you a month off” “No don’t worry” Edna quickly said and walked into the baking section. There were group of bakers inside the large room as they busied themselves with their work.she went to a middle aged lady who was standing and inspecting the works of the bakers.her focused expression melted when she saw Edna.

“Edna how are you” she asked and embraced the young petite girl with raven hair. “I’m good” “how’s your leg, I heard you got into an accident” “yes, just recovering” Edna forced a smile. While both ladies were conversing, the playful voice of dan came “Edna you have a visitor”. Edna’s head shot up when she saw someone standing close to dan who was having a big smile on his lip.she swallowed and looked tensed.it was the man who had helped her when she was hit by his car. Mrs harry grinned from ear to ear as she looked at Edna with a suspicious smile on her eyes. “Go on, a handsome is waiting for you!” she said out loudly while everyone gazed at Edna with surprise and back at the man who was so handsome and daring as he stared at her. Edna looked back at the twos at the door,dan was gesturing for her to come, reluctantly she went to them.

The moment she reached them, the man pulled her wrist and walked out of the room making everyone eyes go wide in shock. Mrs harry was the most surprised, she has known Edna for three years and the girl was always quiet and aloof.she was intrigued how Edna got noticed by this big shot who was standing at the door some seconds ago. Murmurings filled the room, turning her gaze back to the workers, they all shut up and continued their work.

Outside the colourful shop, Edna was still trying to peel the man’s hand off hers.the sky has turned dark now with few people on the streets.when they got to a black car parked at a quiet place,then he released her wrist. Edna stared at the man who did the same.her face heated up.

“What do you want?” she asked angrily trying not to look at him. Kyle smirked, “don’t you know what I want?“. “How’s your leg?” he questioned squatting so he could take a look at it. Edna wanted to move her injured leg back but his hold was firm, touching her knee where a white gauze was fixed around it she flinched.

“You shouldn’t be running around in this situation” he mused. “It’s my leg so let go” Edna said calmly, avoiding his gaze. Kyle stood up to face her, “my payment”. Edna was dumbstruck, did he still want the money? she thought.

“I...I thought you don’t need it”. Kyle tilted his “that was before but now,I need it!” he said as a matter of fact. Edna was still doubting what he said because she doesn’t have that amount of money. “I thought you said....” “What now?, you can’t afford to repay?“. Edna glared at him furiously, what have she got herself into. Taking a deep breath she answered “I don’t have money”. one could clearly see her eyes glistening.

Kyle chuckled sarcastically making her scared. “So beautiful yet so poor”.Edna inhaled sharply, she’s poor, yeah that’s because she have no parent except Mrs harry and her son, “Okay,I’ll pay you” she said and almost choked on her voice. “A week is all that you have else I’d do something different” “are you threatening me?” she ask “No I’m telling you”. He saw the helplessness on her face as he smiled inwardly.

Edna turned back and started walking away. Kyle saw her wiping her face with her hand.

Kyle got into his car with a hardened expression. Inside the car a man sat at the rear seat, his facial features were imposing and charismatic. his inky black hair felled to his forehead fitting his white skin, his black eyes were clear and sharp as an eagle’s, straight nose, high cheekbones and perfect jawline along with his inviting lips were well created.

“What did you say to her you fool” he asked lazily. “Sir I told her to pay the mon....” “Was that what I actually sent you to relay?“. Kyle quietened like a drenched rat, “take me to her, I didn’t realize I’ve been paying a foolish assistant,I think you should write a resignation letter” Andrew said and gestured for kyle to drive. Throughout the ride, kyle fumbled angrily with the steering, the car halted at the front of a large building. Andrew exited the car and walked straight into the building.

Checking her bank account balance on her phone she sighed and laid on her bed.life have never been easy for her, she lost her both parent to a fire accident and eversince Mrs harry have been sponsoring her in the university. the harry family were rich though but they were still considered rich.

The sound of knocking filled her head, she checked the time on her mobile phone “11:15pm” she muttered quietly. Carefully, she opened the door to see a person standing using the door frame as a support. Her eyes brightened up,a smile played on her inviting lips. Andrew also reciprocated the smile and engulf her in a hug. Edna embraced him tightly,patting her hair Andrew whispered on her ear ,“are you letting me in or not”. Edna quickly drew back while Andrew got into the apartment, his eyes going ups and downs in the apartment.

Feeling a touch on her face, she jolted and faced him “What is wrong with you?,are you okay” he asked in his deep like cello voice. “Was it kyle?” “Yes,he said I should pay him the money in a week” Edna said looking at the man’s eyes for answers. “Don’t worry,he’s a fool” Andrew said so she can sober up. Edna walked to him and placed her head on his chest “I’m not sure he’s a fool?“. Andrew laughed a little before picking her up and walk to her room “you’re not safe to walk with that leg of yours” he said while arranging her messed up bed. “You were inside the car when he was threatening me?” Edna asked in displeasure. Andrew check his expensive watch and sat on the bed while she was sitting on a couch, “have you forgotten what happened at the hospital?” he questioned with a smirk on his face. Edna was flabbergasted, she have been trying to avoid this topic and it seems he did not forget. “I...um..um..I think you should let sleeping dogs lie” she tried to change the topic and Andrew was heavily ready to embarrass her. “I don’t ,I’m still waiting for your answer. You kissed me without my permission and now you’re trying to run away from it”

Edna’s face heated up, she recalled what transpired between them and she was the one who initiated the kiss. “I’m sorry but I can’t be your girlfriend” Andrew stood up and walked to the couch she was sitting, his cold expression could freeze a person, Edna felt like suffocating when he caged her with his both hand on the backrest of the couch. He lean forward and closer to her, his eyes staring at her hungrily. Andrew have tried to subdue the thing that was below his abdomen, now he felt eating her so she can learn a lesson. Edna licked her lips that was dry because of the closeness, she was different on the day she kissed him but now it looks as if she was the prey and he the predator. Andrew suppressed the growl that was about to come out of his mouth, his breath was heavy. He leaned while Edna lean back. She did not even realize she was holding her breath until he pulled back.

A rush of air came out of her mouth as a sigh. Suddenly she felt been scooped into his arms, “time to sleep. I don’t know what to do with you” he said and tuck her inside the duvet. “Good night Edna” he said and placed a light kiss on her forehead and he left when the sleeping Edna’s breath have turned even.

When he was out of the building, Andrew couldn’t hold himself any longer as he got into the car where Kyle have been waiting for him.At the corners of his lips,it was clear enough for anyone to see that a pair of teeth have grown out from his mouth. “Leave now! My fang is itchy for blood” he said and Kyle sped off without a second thought or he’d become a meal.

Edna opened her eyes weakly,her body light as a feather.She couldn’t understand why her body was filled with bruise and blood. The last thing she remembered was when Andrew kissed her forehead and now she’s in this dark dim lit room with hard walls.her dress was torn and looked similar to a rag,her hair was dirty and filled with knots.

“Hello... Anyone there!” She yelled but her words were turned into echoes because of the barrier walls. Some minutes later, she heard the jingling if keys and a loud bang. A burly man walk in, Edna could not see his face but when he came closer... “Aarrghh” she screamed.

“Edna... wake up it’s me Dan” Edna opened her eyes sharply.when she looked at the person who was beside her bed she screamed again. “Edna” Dan called with a creased brows. After calming her ragged breathing she quickly hug Dan who patted her back softly. Eversince they took Edna into their home, she has been having strange dreams of seeing herself in a dark room.he felt a hot liquid on his shirt, she’s crying.

“I’m scared Dan. It’s becoming worse every passing day” she sobbed.“Shh, everything will be fine, don’t cry. Me and Mom will always be here for you” he said to sooth her pain. After dressing up for class, she threw her bagpack over her shoulder and walk out with Dan towards the shop to have breakfast. When they got inside, the whole place was scattered and broken glasses littered the floor.the shop was extremely quiet. When they got inside, the baking section was not for baking now as red liquid fill the floor and splashes on the wall. Everything were all lying on the floor and also the bakers.

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