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Damien?, please fall in love with me

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Book #1 of one of a kind series All Melissa ever wanted was success for her career but when the fate of some extraordinarily people are in her hands, how would she do it? Melissa, a well known black girl pop star finds herself crushing on her next door neighbor. Damien, an handsome secret CEO of futuristic devices who hates Melissa to the core because of the incident he suffered because of her. Everything was going well for Melissa until she starts to have visions, flashbacks and a prophecy which says ‘For a seer shall be born into this world, she shall either be able to save the extraordinary teenagers a mysterious dark evil person held captured’ You must be thinking, a pop star and something extraordinary? Just how are they related? The only person that can help her and guide her is Damien, who hates her to the core. As things go on, will things between them change? Fate is in her hands, she is the only one who can save them from being used for the dark person’s evil plote

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Chapter 1

I just finished my debut album, sunshine which had over 1 million copies were sold out immediately I released it. It's been a very stressful week doing interviews, singing and acting. Heck yeah, things were going well for me. I'm a superstar at the age of 16, I became popular after I applied for modelling a year ago. It became very popular after a week been released. And that was where my success started from then it became a great hit now. Right now I'm just totally exhausted, i ordered McDonald's food and after that i went to sleep immediately.

A tap woke me up and i saw that it was my assistant, leila my one and only best friend. She has been working with me over a year now and we became inseparable. Then she said " OMG, Melissa look at your hair". Then i stood up from my lush pink velvet queen sized bed and went over to my mirror and then i saw my hair. It looked like a nest my hair was so tangled because I didn't do my hair routine last night, infact i was still wearing last night clothes. Then leila laughed and said "Melissa you look like you spent the night in the jungle" then i looked at myself 'i did look like that, I couldn't even recognize my self my mascara was so ugly my lipstick had spread to my cheek, my makeup was ruined and i looked really terrible' then i said to leila "we have to fix this, remember I'm the ambassador of beauty and fashion store and we have a photoshoot in the next two hours" then leila's eyes widened and said "oh my gosh, I totally forgot, i'm calling a makeup and hair stylist, get a bath by the way you stink" then i stuck my tongue at her 'Leila will always be leila'. Then i saw damien, my long time crush. I sighed knowing I could never be with him, he hates black people like shit and i have no idea why. I took my bath robe and entered the bathroom. Twenty minutes later, i came out to see leila on my bed then she said "the makeup and hair artist would be hair in 10 minutes, just pick any clothes. You know you'll change your outfits there". Then i took out a pink velvet crop top and a jean trouser with black sneakers which showed my curves. Then after i was dressed, i heard the doorbell ring then i quickly took some tea then went out. Then they both greeted me and I could see they were trying so hard not to laugh. Then the hair stylist chuckled and then masked it with a cough then she said "miss, can you please sit down hair", then she started working on my hair. She made two buns updo and then she let my hair down straight. She attached a pink butterfly clip to my hair then the makeup artist also worked on me and viola, i was transformed into a beauty goddess. Leila thanked the artist and gave them 1000$ each.

Then leila turned to me and said "you look like a totally different person now" then i said "yeah thanks for the compliment" then she said "we have just forty minutes to go I have to go and change" before I could say a thing she dashed out. In the next twenty minutes, she came out wearing blue jean trousers and off-shoulder polka dot top, she attached two clips at each side of her. Leila was a white girl who was very beautiful, with her plush pink heart lips, her ocean blue eyes, her well defined nose and thick eyelashes with long silk black hair. She was very beautiful and then we looked at the time and we saw that we had 10 minutes to go. The limo was already packed outside of my beautiful house, i mean ours since i and Leila lived there. It was a ten minute drive and we were there. The paparazzi then showed up and started taking pictures of us and asking questions

How did you feel about your new album?

When should we expect the new one?

What school would you be attending

When is your next tour?.

They kept on asking endless questions, my bodyguards practically shoved them away, i was used to the attention i got so i practically smiled when I entered the building. Then i was so immersed in the changes of the building that I didn't see who it was. Then i saw who it was, it was Damien and it looked like he had a girl clinging to him, it was so disgusting then I simply said "sorry" then he said "watch where you're going to next time, idiot". I stood stunned for a moment then he walked out of the store then I thought 'he was so going to regret that.

Hi guys, how's this chapter. I hope you loved it very much and i would like to know what you think about it please comment and like, it means a lot to me. See you guys next time i will be posting thrice a week. Love you guys and have a wonderful day

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