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The Royal Estate

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A story about a young princess who hated royalty. In love with the chief commander. See what turns her life takes.....

Romance / Fantasy
Aanya Sharma
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Introduction :

Once upon a time in the spectacular Akkadian Kingdom, there lived a beautiful young princess named Cassandra Donnelly. She was the daughter of King Robert and Queen Alexandra Donnelly. The King and Queen were blessed with four children 3 sons and a daughter. The eldest son's name was Augustus Donnelly he was 28 years old, the second son's name was Fedrick Donnelly he was 25 years old, the youngest son's name was Cyrus Donnelly he was 23 years old and then the youngest of all was Cassandra Donnelly she was 20 years old. Cassandra was the only princess of the Akkadian kingdom. Her brothers adored her. They were always there to protect and make her happy. She had always been the kindest one among the royals. She was not allowed to participate in sword fighting but her stubbornness made her parents allow it. Her father and mother both were strict but loved her dearly. She never really enjoyed royalty. In her mind, it would have been better if she had been born in an ordinary village house rather than in a castle. Unlike other princesses this young princess hated royalty. And when it came to restrictions she was averse to them. She was excellent at sword fighting. The chief commander of the kingdom, Nikolai Jefferson, taught her sword fighting. He was 24 years old. Nikolai was a cold, reserved, and loyal person. The young princess always had eyes for the chief commander but never made a move cause she knew there is no way her father would let her be with someone who is not a part of the royal family. But the thing she didn't know was that it was not just her but the chief commander also felt the same but never admitted it since he knew she would never be his. The princess often used to sneak out of the castle and go to her favorite place just to escape from all the royalty for some time. The Akkadian kingdom was beautiful and peaceful. But like any other kingdom, this kingdom also had many enemies. But the biggest enemy of the Akkadian kingdom was the Mordor Kingdom ruled by the king Joseph Maxwell, who was 25years old. Joseph was young but was one of the most feared kings. He wanted to be the most powerful, most feared, he wanted to be the prime person in the world. He was known for his dark and scary aura.

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