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Chapter Two

The next morning, it was back to school. Donning blue jeans with a black tank top and tying my hair into two ponies, I smiled in satisfaction at my simple reflection in the mirror.

I heard a car pulling up in the driveway. I stepped out of the house already knowing who it was. And indeed, I saw Luke stepping out of his car. He was tall and good looking, had messy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.

Our gazes met. I ran to him and we hugged.

“How’s my girl?” asked Luke in his usual velvety voice when we parted but his arms were still around me.

“Couldn’t have been better now that I’m finally seeing you after so longgg,” I replied, my hands on his chest. “How was Scotland?”

“I had the best vacation ever but then that came at a nasty cost of missing you so bad,” he said seriously, bringing his face closer to mine.

“Really? Is that the truth?” I chuckled, wrapping my hands around his neck.

“Ofcourse yes, baby!” he said, pulling me all the more closer.

“I doubt it because you didn’t call or text me as much as I did. At times I felt forgotten.”

“Now that’s not true,” he said, brushing his nose against mine. “I did call you and so did you. I mean...we kept in touch even though we were away from each other.”

“Okay, if you say so,” I smiled in acceptance.

Luke pressed his lips onto mine and we kissed. His mouth moved slowly over mine making my spine and senses tingle in delight as his kisses always do to me. I so missed this!

“Shall we go out after school today?” Luke proposed as we got in the front of his car.

“Alright,” I said. I couldn’t wait to spend some quality time with him.

We stepped in the school campus holding hands but unfortunately came face to face with Kelly and her cronies on either side of her. Kelly is the head cheerleader and also the most popular, snobbish and um, hottest girl in school.

Luke held my hand tighter giving her a deadpanned look. Kelly gave me a look of loathing and went away swaying her hips with her cronies.

The whole school knew that she had the hots for Luke. She believed she and him would make the sexiest couple in school but Luke proposed me to be his girlfriend. She even tried to create problems between him and me. Luke hates her now.

“I won’t blame Kelly and the other girls in school for being so damn jealous of you,” said Steffy when we were at the bleachers watching the football practice. “You’ve got the hottest guy in the school who also happens to be the star quarterback of the school football team as your supposed boyfriend.”

I decided to ignore the word ‘supposed’. “I don’t know about all that. What matters to me is that Luke genuinely cares for me,” I said honestly following a padded Luke with my eyes on the field.

“As you say, dude,” she snorted. “So glad that you didn’t have sex with him yet,”

“I’m in no hurry to lose my virginity and Luke respects my decision. Didn’t you prove it yourself by saying that?”

“Okay,” she said, sounding unconvinced but raising her hands in surrender though.

“Enough of discussing me. Why don’t we ever talk so much about about you?” I asked, noticing that her one eye was always on a padded Adam on the football field ever since we arrived there.

“Because I don’t have a boyfriend?” she offered.

“But you can have one, don’t you think?” I said, teasing her lightly.

“We will see that,” she said. “Are you aware of the latest buzz in school?” she added, completely facing me now.

So Stef has changed the topic.

“Yeah,” I responded, utterly disinterested. “Apparently a new guy is gonna join senior year in our school soon. And all the girls are mad excited about it.”

Steffy was about to say something but---

“My gut instincts say that the new guy will be the most drop dead handsome guy ever--” I heard Kelly say that loudly to her bunch of cronies in her usual snobby voice a few seats behind us,“--There’s no doubt that he will try his hardest to woo me because I’m the best. Who cares of poor guy Luke anyway!”

Kelly and those other girls like her, all dressed in the skimpiest clothes, burst into their usual loud unpleasant laugh.

My fists tightened. I turned behind and looked sharply at Kelly. “You can atleast try and be a good natured whore if not anything else.”

Steffy mimicked their unpleasant piercing laugh and both of us looked in the front again. I could literally feel Kelly’s glares on my back. But who cares!

I met Luke in the Lockers Room after school that day. He looked somewhat tensed regarding something. But he broke a smile when he saw me.

“Hey,” I said, walking up to him.

“Hey,” he said, pulling me closer to him and wrapping his arms around my waist. “I’ve discovered a great place where we can go.”

His husky voice gave rise to butterflies in my tummy.

“Hmm..” I responded coyly, resting my hands on his biceps

“You looked beautiful at the bleachers today just like you always do,” he said, stroking my nose with his.

“And your football jersey looked handsome like it always does,” I said lightly, pecking his lips.

My hands went around his nape when he nibbled my lower lip and we kissed after that. Gosh! That was so dreamy!

“Luke, you look stressed. You’ve been like that even at school today. What’s the matter?” I asked when we were in his car. There were lines of tension on his face again while driving.

“No, I’m okay,” he said, trying to be convincing.

“You ain’t. C’mon Luke, just tell me what it is!”

“I’m fine, El. Nothing like that,” he insisted.

Even though he wouldn’t tell, I did manage to get an idea of what was on his mind.

“You are afraid of being overshadowed by the new guy,” I said quietly.

“I’m not. That’s such a irrelevant thing to say,” Luke said defensively. “Why do I have to fear anyone? I’m the best here.”

Luke wouldn’t admit his insecurities. It did take a lot of courage to do so. l won’t actually blame him for being insecure. Luke was the most popular and desired guy in school. He was good in academics and also in sports. No other guy had ever been able to take his place. But now the school was rife with speculations about this new guy who seemed to be as good as Luke, or perhaps even better.

Luke halted the car at the traffic signal. I reached out to hold his hand.

“Hey,” I said softly. “Just have faith in your capabilities and be yourself. And I’m always there by your side, Luke, you know that right?”

“I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not afraid of anyone. I’m fine,” he said, pulling his hand away from mine.

I exhaled a grave breath. The traffic lights turned green abd Luke resumed driving.

The place he took me at wasn’t too far away from school. Infact it just wasn’t the place I would want to spend time with him at.

He had brought me to an extremely busy cafe.

“Luke please! Let’s go somewhere else,” I said, looking out from the car window and then at him. “It’s too crowded. And a lot of people from our school and the neighboring schools who know you come here too.”

“What’s wrong with that? You will love this place, trust me baby,” he grinned, stepping out of the car and walking over to my side.

“I wanted to go to a place where I could be alone with you, Luke. A park or a meadow would have been romantic and given us that kind of privacy, not this cafe.”

“You always have problems with my choices,” he retorted. “You want us to do everything your way.”

“You know that’s not true! I just wan--”

“Remember the last junior year party? You had problems with the shirt I wore,” he said in an accusing tone.

“That’s because you had worn a see through shirt and I don’t like it when other girls check you out!”

“So what?” Luke countered. “I care about no one but only you. You have to trust me the way I do. If you’re gonna continue being insecure like this, our relationship will not survive....”

That hurt me all the more. My body tensed and I just didn’t know what to do with myself. Just then, I felt his hand intertwining with mine causing me to look at him.

“Look, I don’t want us to argue like this,” he said, “Can we go inside and have a good time?”

That made me feel so much better. “Yes,” I smiled in gratitude.

Luke smiled too. “Great!”

Hand in hand we walked inside the bustling cafe.

“By the way, how about a hotel room for us to have privacy?” he said lightly, winking at me.

“Shut up, Luke,” I punching him softly in the arm. He laughed.

As expected, there were no seats vacant at the cafe. Right then, we came across a group of guys from our school at a table. Upon seeing Luke, they immediately vacated the place for us and left us alone. Even though Luke and I were seated now with no one watching us, I wasn’t comfortable at all. I didn’t like crowded places.

Just when we had got talking, some of his guy friends came over and Luke got busy speaking to them. And every time people left us alone and I tried to talk to him, some or the other of his friends and acquaintances just kept on coming at our table and Luke spoke to each of them.

There were even girls clad in racy dresses coming over to greet him. What pissed me off was that they were hugging Luke and were all over him and he just didn’t seem to mind. It pained me so much to see his hands on their waist and at times, even on their almost bare hips.

Angered and hurt, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I grabbed my bag and stormed out of the cafe.

“Hey, baby, please wait, where are you going?” I heard Luke calling after me.

I turned around to face him with a frustrated look. “Haven’t you taken a long time to notice me even though I was sitting right across you? Great!”

“Hey, what’s up? Why are you so mad at me?”

“You honestly don’t know why, Luke? I knew this was gonna happen and that’s why I wanted to go somewhere else where no one would bother us. Couldn’t you tell those people to fuck off and leave us alone?”

“That would have been rude, El. You cannot be rude to people who admire you.”

“So ignoring me and keeping me waiting all this while wasn’t rude right?” I retorted.

“Look, we can talk about this in private. People are watching us,” he said, trying to pacify me as he consciously glanced around.

“I don’t care okay!” I snapped. “And what kind of friends those girls are? They very well know I’m your girlfriend and yet they are being clingy to you in front of me! Can’t they be at a distance and talk to you?”

“You look extremely cute when you’re jealous, baby, ” Luke smiled teasingly.

“This is not funny, Luke, ” I said in acute disapproval. “I’m leaving and don’t you dare fucking follow me.”

Luke came after me mouthing ‘I’m sorry’ but I got into a cab and zoomed off.

I was in a very sullen mood by the time I got back to Crawford Lane late in the evening. As I neared my house, I saw small crowds gathered all over the place and looking from a good distance at the car that stopped right outside the house next to mine.

So yeah, the new neighbors had finally arrived.

It’s been a while since we have had anyone coming to reside in here. So, obviously, people were bound to be pretty much curious about the new residents.

I joined Steffy, Adam and Josh who were stood on the pavement across the street. We saw a pretty much young looking lady get off the car with a small kid, then a man who might be in his early forties and finally thesupposedlyhandsome seventeen year old guy. I couldn’t see his face as his back was towards me.

“This should be the same guy joining senior year in our school,” I heard Steffy say in a low voice.

“I think so too,” Adam responded.

“Damn! I was so expecting a hot chick to step out of this car too,” said Josh in a tone of disappointment. “Didn’t you too, bro?”

That caught Adam completely off guard. “I-I?”

“Yes, unless you have someone else in mind, do you think a sexy high school lass is yet to join this family here?”

Before Adam could think of a reply, Stef spoke in a hard voice, “No, there’s no teen girl in this family.”

“How would you know? There might be,” argued Josh.

“There are no hot chicks in this family that you’re dreaming of so shut the fuck up.”

I could literally see and hear the jealousy in her mannerisms.

“Guys, let’s stop it right there okay,” said Adam, flushing a bit.

Right then, the new guy turned and I was able to catch a glimpse of his face. I was astonished witnessing his impeccable handsomeness. I honestly never though a guy could be this gorgeous from head to toe. He looked suave in a pair of black denim jeans, a V neck grey t-shirt, a full sleeves black jacket and black boots.

Just as I was about to look away, his eyes met mine. I breathed sharply realizing that the intensity of his searing gazes was hard to bear and harder to escape. A chill ran down my body when I watched his pupil dilate as he continued staring at me...

I saw no malicious intentions in his eyes. What I saw was entirely unknown to me which was why I felt fear climbing up my spine and suffocating my senses....

I needed to stay away from him. I despised enigma and he was all about it.

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