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Chapter Five

I saw Luke numerous times in school but not even once could talk to him properly. He was always in a hurry and occupied with something or the other which left me in dismay. And if I wanted to speak to him, it had to be in front of his friends or team mates which didn’t work with me. We had free lectures at the same time that day and he’d promised to meet me at the campus under a tree to spend quality time but he turned up very late.

“I don’t want to listen to anything, Luke!” I said when he started filling me with excuses. “You don’t have enough time for me and it hurts a lot. Sometimes I really feel that our relationship is just a show because we don’t spend enough time alone with each other that we should.”

Luke wrapped his hands around my waist from behind and whispered in my ear, “I know you’re mad at me, babe, but trust me I really like you. Everything between us is real and special. I’m nothing without you,” he kissed me on my neck.

“I don’t know, Luke,” I release myself from his hold and turn to face him, ” because ever since you’ve come back from vacation, it is only I who wants to spend some private moments with you with no one around and you’re,like, not even bothered!”

“That’s not true, baby!” he insisted, taking my hands into his, “I’m equally frustrated as you’re right now. I too want things to be special between us with just you and me but being a star quarterback and the most popular student in school comes with a lot of responsibilities and I cannot help it which sucks. Being the mature and understanding young woman that you’re, I’m sure you’ll empathize with my situation.”

I can literally go on arguing with him on that but I honestly don’t want to fight.

“We need to sit down without anybody disturbing us and sort our issues out,” I told him, “Are you free this evening to go out for a quiet dinner?”

“Of course, baby, and this is the quality I appreciate most about you,” Luke smiled his charming smile.

“You promise you won’t back out at the last moment?”

“I won’t, trust me,” he said seriously, “We can even go on a long drive after dinner and then we can, you know, have some fun or, maybe, lots of fun,” he added, winking playfully, pulling me to himself.

“Stop it, Luke,” I giggled, snaking my hands around his neck.

And he captured my lips for a kiss. I moaned softly into into his mouth as he teased my mouth with his tongue. While we were still kissing, I suddenly caught sight of Devon at a distance from over Luke’s shoulder. Seeing the dangerous fury storming his blue orbs, I felt my breaths stagnate. I saw Devon’s hands curl into harsh fists at his sides as his expressions grew stonier by the second. He left in a blaze of anger.

I couldn’t care less.

Once Luke headed for gymnastics, I went to the Locker Room to get my books for the next class. As I shut the locker after taking my things out and turned around to leave, a gasp escaped my lips in shock as Devon caged me between himself and the wall of lockers.

Devon stared at me with those dense piercing orbs of his while his rugged breaths burnt the skin on my face.

“What’s your problem, dude?!” I managed to speak, keeping my voice as steady as a rock.

“That quarterback is a problem. I fucking cannot see you with him,” he said darkly, sending shivers down my spine.

“Look away then. Simple,” I said, as our gazes clashed.

A devious smirk was visible at the utmost edges of his lips. “You’re kissing that asshole to make me jealous.”

“Excuse me?!” I retorted, shocked at his accusation. “Luke is my boyfriend. He and I can kiss whenever we want to. And I’m very happy with him. So fuck off!”

“Dump that douche. You will be happier,” Devon said bluntly, touching my nose with his making my pulses jump.

“Get lost, Devon before I learn martial arts and break your nose into two,” I spat, hating the way his breaths intertwined with mine.

“You won’t do any such thing, Eleanor,” he whispered intensely almost on my mouth, “because by that time you’ll learn to accept your feelings for me.”

What the fuck?!

My eyes widened when he tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear and then slowly started trailing his long index finger from my temple to my jaw line, a smirk playing lazily on his lips. I stared at him with pure loathing but he didn’t care one bit. The worst part being not even a sound of protest escaped my mouth.

I hated the way his touches were manipulating my breaths to rise and fall to his tunes but I could do nothing except gaze at him fiercely.

His eyes grew darker as they probed deeper into mine. I hated it. I wanted to look away but the intensity of his gazes was something I had never come across before.

“Your eyes are a mix of heaven and sin, Eleanor,” he said in a voice laced heavily with passion. “I want to just...”

My breaths stilled as he cupped a side of my face with one hand with his lips inching closer to mine.

I immediately turned my face sideways and felt his body stiffen against mine.

“We won’t kiss unless you’re ready for it,” he said quietly against my ear.

“I’ll never be ready for it!” I fired, pushing him away with all my mind causing him to stagger back, “Open your eyes and look around. There are so many girls out there who are desperate for the things that you’re doing right now. Go to them and fucking leave me alone!”

I saw a muscle twitch in his hard jaw as he spoke matter-of-factly, “Fine. Then divide your soul amongst each of those girls. And be rest assured that I will go to them all.”

His words shocked me to the roots of my existence, my heart was beating loud in my chest. I felt my legs stepping backwards from him before finally turning around to walk--no, to run away. Who is this guy? Why does he talk like that and challenges my beliefs every time?

That evening I was all ready and decked up for my dinner date with Luke. I can’t even describe how happy I was. Finally, finally we would be spending some special time together like before. I stood by the window sill of my room eagerly waiting for him to arrive. But he didn’t come.

I didn’t know why it was taking him this long. It was way past the time he had told me he would come to pick me up. There might be some unexpected traffic, perhaps? I kept on waiting.

Right then, my phone buzzed.

“Hey, Luke, where are you and what is that music behind you?!” I asked in anxiety and confusion.

“Actually...I’m at a nightclub.”

That shocked me. “What? Why? Weren’t you supposed to come to pick me up for our dinner date?”

“I was...but my cousins came over unexpectedly and I’m with them now.”

“ basically you’re cancelling our plan.”

“No I’m not, baby! I will text you the address and you come over. If not for dinner, we can definitely go on a long drive. I’m not drinking tonight.”

“No, it’s okay, you spend time with your cousins. We’ll---We’ll go some other day....” I said, trying hard to shrug the feelings of pain.

“I’m telling you we’ll definitely go on a long drive! It’s gonna be amazing. So come over.”

“No, it’s fine,” I said. I don’t think I can trust him anymore to keep his word. If I go, I’ll probably have to stay back at the club itself and I don’t like the loud music and neon lights.

“Alright then, if that’s what you want,” yelled Luke over the loud music that was being played in the background, “but don’t blame me afterwards for not having the time to spend with you. You have cancelled today’s plan.”

I drew in a breath. “Fine, I won’t tell you anything.”

We hung up.

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