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Peach Lipgloss

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University student Saturn narrating her life story of being a lesbian woman and facing the hardships of her one sided love.

Romance / Action
Bronwen Irvine
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Chapter 1

Nothing sweeter than peaches the sweet juice on your tongue. She always wore peach lipgloss it was an every day thing for her the shimmering glitter so entrancing as the light bouncing off of her lips in the most perfect way. I thought… maybe she would love me if I did everything right but she didn’t. I’m the other woman that watches from a distance and she goes through numerous lovers always leaving me as a second choice. I don’t know why I fell in love with her but I just did I want to be her first choice but I know that day will never come. I’ll have to sit and watch her kiss people with her peach lipgloss on wishing it was me. My name is Saturn I’m 19 years old and I attend rosethorn university. I’ve known for the longest time that I was attracted to women since a young age it was quite obvious. I never dated any boys in middle school or high school even when boys would confess their feelings to me I would reject them because I had no interest in them. They were not a woman. Men mean nothing to me of course I have many friends who are men such as my best friend Theo he’s a kindhearted soul he’s been there for me since our freshman year of high school. When our friendship first began I told him about my sexuality in which I dreaded since most of the straight male populations reaction to a woman telling them she’s a lesbian is anything but sincere. Not Theo though he gave me a tender smile and said “I hope you find the girl of your dreams.” And so we continued being the bestest of friends. All through my life I’ve had people question me about my sexuality I’ve had the “are you sure?” “How do you know you’ve never been with a guy!” “You sure you’re not confused?” All questions that made my blood boil. Can I not be a lesbian in peace is my existence so bizarre to people that they think somethings wrong with me it’s so annoying! Anyway freshman year of college graduation was nothing but studying and partying I never really had an interest in dating anyone in college unless I of course found my dream girl. Second year of college is when everything changed I don’t know if I would change history if I could go back in time but I do know that I have a lot of regrets from that year, a lot of things I wish I did differently.

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