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Howling and Snarling (Book 1)

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Chapter 2. Discovered - Merna

We had run for hours and had finally circled back to my favorite clearing, both of us panting and deliciously worn out. I collapsed into the grass and let my tongue hang out of my mouth. Arrys laid down next to me and rolled onto his side.

‘We probably shouldn’t have run for so long.’ I said, thinking about how worried my mom might have become. I didn’t usually stay out for so long and I was concerned she might think I had gotten into an accident.

Arrys rolled onto his belly and licked my cheek. ‘You worry too much. We weren’t gone for that long.’

‘You know how my mom is, she worries more than I do. What about your father? Did you tell him you were going for a run?’ I had caught my breath and felt playful again so I stood up and swatted his nose with my paw.

‘Merna!’ He said, his tone was long suffering. ‘You know my father doesn’t think we should be together. You aren’t an alpha and “Alphas mate with Alphas".'

I pounced on him. No warning, just a straight hop at him. He yelped and scrambled to dodge, succeeding by a hair's breadth. I taunted, ‘Oh ho if your father could see his Alpha son fraternizing with an Omega he would have your hide for a rug!’

He growled and lunged for my foreleg but I danced out of reach, laughter in my eyes. I had size and raw strength on him but he was much better trained. I had to make sure he couldn’t get a grip on me or I would be done for.

‘Mer, you better quit that.’ His rich laughter filled my mind and heat flared up in my belly, sparking defiance.

‘Why don’t you make me?’ I dodged another lunge and closed my jaws on his tail, lightly tugging it before releasing it and retreating. Arrys nearly whirled fast enough to get me and I yelped, my retreat turning more into a tumble. Before I could react, Arrys was on me, his jaws gently around my throat.

‘Give up, I won.’ I could feel his grin around my throat and began to struggle, trying to get free. ‘Mer, submit to me, I won.’

I could feel my haze heating up again at his request for submission. Crap. This was not good. In wolf form, we had less self-control, I knew it was only a matter of seconds before my need for him would be on the air.

Arrys inhaled deeply, his eyes glazing over and reflecting the evening sun as he let out a throaty lust filled growl. He still had my throat in his mouth. I struggled to get free and was met by the sharp pain of his teeth no longer asking for submission.

This is what I had wanted, right? My nerves were on fire, his weight on me, his hot breathe warming the fur at my throat, all he had to do was bite hard enough to scar me and I would be his. I willed him to do it. I knew he wouldn’t, but I wanted it and I don’t know how long we could stay this way with no action.

“ARRYS GREYWIND!” A rage filled voice bellowed from the opposite side of the clearing, slicing through my desire like a knife.

Shit, shit, shit. Who was that? I needed to run. To shift. Something! But I couldn’t! Not with Arrys’ fangs around my throat. I began to struggle more desperately and Arrys let out a sharp snarl. I froze. It didn’t seem like Arrys was in control anymore.

‘Arrys, let me go, I need to go!’ I whined, hoping to get through his haze filled mind and get him to realize I was in danger here. The owner of the voice approached from downwind. It figured they were downwind or we would have smelled them.

“Who is that beneath you?” I realized who the voice belonged to. Arrys’ father. Our Alpha, Xandar Greywing. I was so screwed. I tightened my eyes shut as he approached. My size was alarming but my eyes would get me kicked out of the pack, my mom had said so. He sniffed at me, no doubt he could still scent the remnants of my haze and the increased feral scent wafting from his son. Xandar cautiously asked, “Merna Plainswalker, is that you?”

I whined affirmation, it was no use lying, he knew my scent. The rage was still there, in his voice. Thankfully he didn’t appear to notice how large my wolf was as he focused on his son. I knew Arrys wouldn’t hurt me, he had already accepted me as his mate, it was for me that he waited to claim me. He was already twenty-three.

“Arrys, son, let her go.”

Arrys growled at his father but didn’t let go of me. He met his father’s eyes challenging him. Xandar’s brown eyes flashed grey and I felt waves of dominant command wash over me as he snarled out, “Now, son.”

Arrys let go. I started to shift immediately, but not before accidentally meeting Xandar’s eyes and seeing alarm and a glimmer of fear quickly pass his face. Minutes later, I was human, naked and shivering beneath Arrys’ wolf. I tried to cover myself and kept my eyes down so I didn’t cause any more problems. When I did hazard to look up, Xandar was staring into my steel grey eyes. I wasn’t sure if he believed what he saw but I hoped not.

“Go home.” He commanded. Arrys growled at his father and didn’t let me up. Xandar shifted his glare to his son. “We will discuss this when we get home. Move.”

Waves of power rolled off of Xandar and Arrys obeyed, a low rumble in his chest. I stood up and moved to put my clothes on but took off into a run as I heard Xander growl at me. I heard a loud snarl erupt from Arrys in my defense as his father began shouting, “Are you seriously defending her? She’s an omega! What about the future of the pack?! Do you have any standards?!! What the fuck was wrong with her eyes?”

He saw. Xandar saw. I wasn't sure what I was going to tell my mother. I ruined everything. FUCK!

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