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Hatred & Passion

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His interest is solely in making sure he's the only thing on her mind. Not even lovers or the law can stop him.

Romance / Action
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"Can't you knock?"

"Are you sleeping with my dad?" he asked before realizing that he had walked into her room. His eyes focused. She seemed to be frozen in an act of scrambling for a sheet to cover her body. It seemed naked.

His eyes swept lower and he noticed her nightdress on the floor. The reality of the scene before him and the meaning of his question hit home.

"Are you sleeping with my dad?" He grabbed her by the shoulders and her eyes flew to his face. His heart pounded hard against his skin. "Tell me!" His eyes swept the room searching for any hint for the look in her eyes.

"No..." she said in a barely audible voice, shaking her head in fear. "Please dont..."

He felt her shiver against him. He searched her eyes.

"Please... please don't... plea- "

His mouth captured hers with a deep hunger he hadn't known he had. He pulled her shivering body into his, his mouth clashing with hers with a passion only she aroused.

Slipping into her warm mouth swiftly as though it couldn't do anything better, his tongue searched for her comfort spot, her calming spot. He wanted her shivering to cease. To kiss away the enamel of the shield that she wrapped around herself until it was no more.

Pulling her deeper in as though to mend their bodies into one, his kiss deepened, his tongue thrusting, sweeping her mouth until the tension within her dissolved into nothing.

"Hi, my chapters are short. Do tell me if they are too short. Have a great read." J.

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