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We are driven on finding someone but sometimes we do crazy things to find it. Our world should have never collided but they did for a reason. It has taught me never to trust someone and that it's ok to be alone in this world after all we were born alone.

Romance / Action
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Samantha’s POV:

Our world should have never collided but they did for a reason. It has taught me never to trust someone and that it's ok to be alone in this world after all we were born alone.Walking into school with my brother behind me I can feel my hands shaking and heart racing. This is my last year. I think to myself how do I act? Even acting a different way but showing I act like someone else or myself?

The question keeps circling in my head. The bell rings and I'm off to the first period. When I enter I see this somewhat cute guy standing there with his friends. I take a seat and play with my hands until the teacher comes in. We are put in alphabetical order and I am sitting next to the cute guy. As the teacher starts going on and on about what we are learning this year. I just zone out and think about what I'm going to do when I get home.

I'm pulled out of my thoughts when a hand is on my leg. I look down to see his hand on my leg and slowly moving to my inner thigh. My breath gets fast as he continues moving his hand slowly. A few minutes go bye and he removes his hand. I don't know what just happened but it can't ever happen again.

The day went by somewhat quickly. I'm in my 4th period now. I have gym and guess who is in this class. The cute guy from 1st period. A hair falls on his face and he picks up his hand to move it but I bet him on it. I don't know what happened but I moved his dark black hair behind his ear and met him with blue eyes. The bell rings and everyone goes to lunch except us.We sit there staring at each other until the teacher tells us to leave. I walk quickly so I can go try to find a quiet place for me to write in my dairy.

I sat down outside under a tree when then I felt someone's present it was him again. He sits next to me then slowly moves his hand closer to my thighs. My heart starts racing as his hand starts moving up my leg. He is making me horny and I don't even know him. My jeans are then undone. He places a blanket over me so no one sees what he is doing.

I look at him while he enters two fingers in me. He continues doing it until I cum then I get up and sit on him just to see if I can make him hard. It works when I feel something then I start moving back and forth. His hands then grab my hips and continue moving. He looks me in the eyes and moves his head so he is next to my ear. "I want to fuck you so badly." I quickly get up and grab my things. "Let's go,unless you don't want to and you were joking."

He gets up and we start running to his car. He turns it on and we are out of there. We went to a lake and it's so beautiful.His hands start going up my leg again so I turn my head. I sit on him as we make out. We get out of the car and have sex in the lake then another round in his car. After our adventure we stopped at a diner for food.I look at him and say, "So is this a date?" Oh my god we don't even know each other's name." He smiles and replies, "This is a date and my name is Alex, yours is Samantha." My mouth drops at the fact that he knows my name. I didn't think he was the type to listen or anything.

After eating dinner with him. He drops me off at home.

The weekend is already over and I have school again sadly. I don't want to go to school but it is like something is drawing me to go back. The weekend I stayed home and watched movies all night long. I actually got tired so I went to bed at like 1 or something in the morning.

When I hear my alarm I jump up and run to the bathroom and hear so much noise. Not knowing what the noise was, I quickly clip my hair up and get changed. I make my way down stairs to a quiet house with rain outside. Then I hear a knock on the door and open the door to see Alex with Starbucks in his hands.

"I brought Starbucks for you and is it ok if I drive you to school" he says with a smile. I do my little dance and jump over to the Starbucks in his hand. I see he has one of my favorite drinks, a chocolate chip frappuccino without whipped cream. I grab the drink from his hands but he holds a tight hold on it. "Can I have it please?" I say with a sad face and then he responds, "I need something in return for my love." Then a grin appears on his face and then I say, "I guess I won't have breakfast then."

I pause for a few then I walk forward and put my hand but his dick and move it up and down. "I could have something else." Alex pins me to the wall and replies, "Don't start things little one that you can't handle. Because last time was just a little taste of what can happen." I roll my eyes to what he said and grab my bag and walk out of my house. He follows me and says, "You know I'm telling the truth but be my guest if you think you can handle my full power."

"Fine. Now can I have my Starbucks" I reply with an attitude. I wait by his car and then I feel someone behind me. He hugs me from the back and my heart just melts into a thousand different pieces. "My love, I'm sorry, here you go." He says and then gives me a kiss on the lips. After he opens the car door and I get in before closing the door he hands me my starbucks. I grin in success at getting what I wanted. He hands me his phone and says, "The password is 08170627. You can put on whatever you want, ok my love." My mouth drops at what he just said and how he know my birthday. “Umm ok.” I say opening up apple music. I search for sex Sounds by Lil Tjay and then hit play.


Feels so good

Pussy blow me away

Mm, blow me away

The way you kiss me when I'm strokin' deep inside of it

I swear you ride it so good (so good)

That pussy blow me away

And I been thinkin' 'bout your smile

All mornin' for a while

By the way you twist your face while I'm strokin' it

And now, girl, you shocked me, I'm so wowed

Got me slippin', I'm like how?

First I met you on the 'Gram, I picked you up and took you out

Let me show you what I'm 'bout

Let them haters run they mouth

You should know you somethin' different 'cause I brought you to my house

Serve you breakfast on my couch

Anything you ever need you know I'll be there with no doubt

I need you by my side, I hope you're here to ride

I hate to see you hurtin', my lil' baby, wipe your eyes

When the song ends I feel someone's hand on my thigh. "What are you doing?" I say look at him with a mad face. He moves his hand up and touches the area where my pussy is. He then moves his head to my ear and says, "I'm doing whatever I want because you are mine. So are you going to stop me?" After he says that I feel two fingers put in me and I cover my mouth with my hand so the moan doesn't leave my lips. He moves my hand and removes his fingers. Then he puts in 3 fingers and a big moan escapes my lips. “So are you ready for class?” He says removing his finger from me. I responded, “Not yet” and then put his finger back in me. “Finish what you started love or are you worried we are going to be late for class.” The biggest grin appears on his face and then he says, “Ok princess but you're the one who is going to be in pain.” He then pulls off my shorts quickly and then puts his fingers in me again. In and out as he makes out with me. After a while he puts his whole hand and all I can do is moan into his mouth.

After I cum and he continues fingering me but he also plays with my cilt. I orgasim and he continues until I squirt all over the dashboard. When he is done he kisses me on the lips and continues to drive us to school. As i thought we were late but i could care less about class we walked the halls holding hands and then when we made it to first period he changed completely. Like nothing happened between us as if we were strangers. Two can play at that game. I hand the teacher my pass and then ask if I can sit in the corner far away from him. I just draw the whole time not giving a fuck on what the teacher is saying.

Since Alex decided to ignore me I did the same back. Class was boring and when gym came I skipped that class and just walked the halls. I put in my airpods and walk to the art room.

I’m an artist and making stuff always helps me. Titi Me Pregunto by Bad Bunny comes on and I start singing along with the song.


I get up and start vibing with the music and continue painting. I feel someone's presence and I'm not surprised to see Alex behind me.

I ignore him completely not giving two fucks on what he whats. I’m officially done with school. I walk over to the sink and rinse the brushes off. I feel him grab my waist and all I feel is anger.

I take out one of my airpods and say, “Leave me alone Alex.” After I say that, I walk out of the class room and walk out of school.

I start to run home to get out some of the anger that has built up inside me. I run down my favorite back path that is full of trees and there is a waterfall here too.

I sit down on the ground and breathe in the fresh air. I stay there until I see the sun start to go down. I make my way home and when I get there my mother is waiting for me.

“I got a call from school saying you left. Go to your room and you are grounded. Why can’t you be more like your brothers? You're such a disappointment. From the day you were born I knew you would cause problems. Go!” My mother says with no emotion in her eyes no care for anyone but her sons.

I go to my room and start playing loud music. I can care less about what she thinks. I don’t care about me anymore. At this point I can die in a hole.

Alex’s POV:

I ignored Samantha because if not the people watching me will see her and kill her. What she doesn’t know is my dad is a Mafia boss and I'm the next in line if he dies or retires. The Spanish mafia has many enemies, especially the Russians.

Samantha doesn’t know anything about me and she is right she doesn’t. I’m not going to tell her for her own safety. I don’t know where she went but I have to pray she is safe. I would go after her but she would instantly die if I saw her.

My father upset the Russian mafia so now I have people watching me. When I walk into first period I saw a message from my father saying ‘Son I have messed with very powerful people they are watching so be careful’

During class I was texting my father to see what happened and some spanish men were caught sneaking into a russian warehouse trying to take weapons. Today is my last day until i finish business.

When the gym comes around I am late to class but when I get there I see she is not there and panic rises inside me. In Samantha’s folder it said she was an artist so instead of going to class I headed straight to the art room.

The halls are so quiet and peaceful without any noise. I get to the room and she is safely inside. She is vibing to music like always because it is her thing as stated in her folder.

Now what Samantha doesn’t know is there is a hunts man pointing a gun at her. I enter the room and stand behind her watching her create a masterpiece. The way the color went with each other was beautiful and the effect/pattern was amazing.

Samantha turns around to see me and has a disgusted look on her face. She then walks to the sink and I follow her. I give her a hug from the back to state that I am sorry but she is still mad.

She takes out an airpod and says,”Leave me alone Alex.” In that moment my heart broke at the way she was mad and hateful towards me.

I get a call from my dad and I answer quickly, not wanting to upset him or anything. “Listen to me carefully son. Let her go and wait a bit now to exit the room. Make a left and exit the school. Keep walking until you see Micheal, then get in the car and come home.” With that he hangs up the phone and I make my way to Micheal, my personal bodyguard.


We finally pull up to the mansion Micheal drops me off at the front door. When I open it, I go to my father's office. “So tell me father, how are we going to solve this problem? We need the weapons but because of theses stupid people they got caught and now what are we going to do to get more weapons.” I say closing the door behind me and then taking a seat in front of my father.

“Son, I'm taking you with something. You must find the French mafia leader's daughter and marry her.” He hands me a file from years ago. “The story is the mafia leader was away when robbers broke in and killed his wife but they took the child. This girl has caramel hair and eyes. If you take her to the cold her hair will darken and in the sun it will lighten. This is not an easy task but are you up to doing this?” I nod in response to my father. I get up and reply, “If this alliance will help us then i will see to it that it gets done.”

When I go into my room my head keeps spinning like something my father said was familiar but i don’t know what. I open my computer and get straight to work.


I wake up to my alarm and get ready to go to my house. When I go down stairs no one is up but my father because of mafia business. I get the keys to my motorcycle and go home.

I take the long way home so I can see the beautiful trees and so I can see the sun slowly rise into view.

The trees are beautiful and they calm me down if anything happens. When I got home I changed and checked the time: it's 5:30 am. I go for my usual morning run behind my house two miles down and back.

Something about the way he described the girl I’m supposed to find sounded like someone I know but I don’t know who.

I hope yiu enjoyed reading the next chapter will be up soon 👍.

-2910 words

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