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Legal Prejudice

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Chapter 2

Allie was relieved to see Susan's familiar face waiting for her at the car park ramp entrance. The office had sent a car to the airport, and Susan gave the driver the code for the barrier so they could drive through. Allie wearily got out and the driver lifted her luggage out of the trunk, helping carry it up to the apartment door. Susan hugged Allie saying, "Let's get you into your new home!" Pushing the luggage in Allie peered into her new abode. Susan grabbed the last suitcase through the door, "I got you some essential food items so you don't have to go out straightaway." Allie looked around the kitchen, "Really? That's so kind of you. Can you stay for a coffee?" Susan beamed, "Sure, my husband is on a late shift and the kids sort themselves these days."

Allie filled the kettle and put it to boil. "What does your husband do?" Susan took a seat at the breakfast bar, "he's a police officer." Grabbing some coffee and a packet of biscuits Allie made the drinks, noting Susan took hers black, and sat on the opposite stool at the breakfast bar. "When do you start work Allie?"

"Day after tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be over the jet lag by then."

Susan smiled and Allie continued, "I was just planning on unpacking and having a look 'round the area tomorrow, figure out where the grocery store is and stuff."

"Well that sounds like a good plan. I've dropped some information in your inbox just before I left the office today with directions for some places I thought you'd need, like the gas station, groceries, homewares you know"

"Gosh, you have been amazing. There's no way an estate agent in London would do any of that, thank you so much." Susan thought again how sweet this girl was with her beautiful manners, "You are so welcome Allie, and once you get settled I thought you might like to come over, meet my husband and some of our friends?"

"I'd love that," Allie replied, "It would be so nice to get to know some people outside of work".

"Perfect, I'll call you with a date, you just leave it with me. But I guess you'll want to get settled and relax after that long flight, and I'd better check in with my girls in case they're fighting over who owns what sweater." Allie laughed and Susan jumped down rolling her eyes and hugging her before leaving, "Welcome to California Allie."

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