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Mine to Forgive

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Every five months, the killer takes a woman and tortures her to death. Then the murderer would send me pictures of her body. Never the other FBI agents. Only me. Sorcha Kelly is an FBI agent that needs help with a case. The only other person that can help her is her ex-lover and the man she has always loved. Alaric McCowan. He is ex-marine and is CEO of his own bodyguard company. When he hears that Sorcha needs his help, he cannot believe his luck. Will they take this second chance to love each other one more time? Or will they throw away this chance at being happy together?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Pictures of bloody women, deep cuts caused by a carving knife as well as black bruises cover their bodies. Their wide eyes full of fear stare back at me.

I rub my aching head. The bright lamp is hurting my watering eyes. I’m alone in the building with my thoughts running wild. It’s been two years. Every five months, the killer takes a woman and tortures her to death. Then the murderer would send me pictures of her body. Never the other FBI agents. Only me. I finally decided I couldn’t succeed in closing this case alone.

I know that I am not allowed to share or speak of this case to outsiders. I also know the consequences, if ever I break the rules. I did not trust my co-workers to report back to our boss and take me off the case.

The only other person that can help me is Alaric. The only man I have ever loved.

Alaric was the man that all woman swoon over. He had thick black curly hair, sparkling blue eyes that lit up when he smiled, a strong body. He was every woman’s fantasy. For some reason he picked me and never regretted his decision. Or so he told me.

He was possessive, moody and had a dry sense of humour. He liked barking orders, especially during sex which made him even hotter. He was the handsomest man the world had to offer. He understood me. Understood my needs, my emotions and how my mind worked.

And he was mine at the time and he is still mine in my heart. He will always be the man that has captured my heart and the only man that has ever crushed me. That has taken my heart and broken it to many pieces that it couldn’t be fix at all.


“Do you have to go?” I whispered while clinging to him. I can see the airplane looming afar. The plane that will transport Alaric to his mission. Away from me.

Alaric gives me a sweet smile. “You know I have to go on this tour. The captain has ordered it.”

I sigh. I already knew the answer to that question but I just had to ask again. I had to try to change his mind.

“Will you come back?” I ask him fearfully.

Alaric gives me a sweet gentle kiss on the lips before stating, “I will always come back to you, my love. You are the only woman for me.”

I smile at him. I hug him even tighter.

“I love you,” I say.

“I love you too. So much,” he whispers. He then takes off the chained gold necklace he had around his neck and puts it around mine. I look down at it around my neck then stare questioningly back up at Alaric.

“Know that I will be coming back for this. This is me saying that I will always come back to you.”

I blink back tears. My hands crept into his thick curly black hair to tug him in a kiss. Right when our lips touch, he takes over and gives me a deep powerful kiss that leaves me breathless.

“Five minute’s till boarding!” I hear someone yell.

He lets go of me and whispers that he now has to go.

“Goodbye. Be safe and return to me,” I whispered in a rough voice.

“Always,” he whispers back. He turns his back and walks away.

A tear finally trails down my cheek when I watch him walk away from me, never realizing that it will be the last time I would ever see him.


Coming back from the painful memory, I take a deep breath remembering that I needed his help more than anything and reached for the phone. It still hurt to think that he never once came back. Not even for the gold chain. I had it lock away in a drawer back at home. I tell myself every single day that I should just throw it away but I can’t make myself do it.

With my hands shaking, I press the numbers that I have memorized since he first founded his bodyguard company. After living the Marines.

“Black-Corps Enterprise, Alaric MacCowan speaking,” a deep male voice answers.

A shiver of delight goes through me from hearing his voice.

“Hello?” he says impatiently.

“…Hi… It’s been a while. I don’t have time to tell you the whole story but I need your help.” I whisper down the line.

“Sorcha?” he says in disbelief.

I swallow before responding.

“Yes. I’m on a case where women are being brutally murdered. The killer sends me the pictures of their bodies after each kill. There’s been three women that have been slaughtered so far. With your military background, I thought you could help me.”

There was only breathing on the other end of the line, then “What’s in it for me, my dear?” his voice is hypnotic.

I bit my lip before answering. “Anything you want. I would do anything,” I start to sweat. “Please.”

“Anything, hmm. Ok, I will help you.” There’s a chuckle. I knew he would take the deal. The bastard.

“Thank you,” I mumbled feeling my cheeks heating.

“You remember where my place is, right? Meet me there at eighteen hundred hours’ tomorrow night.” He ends the call.

I put the phone back in its cradle. I sigh. It is done.

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