Want a ride? (Biker's love#1)

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"I want to go with you!" she whined. "And I want my dick to be sucked at all times but either of it ain't gonna happen sweet cheeks." They are different but they are similar. Both lost and both seeking something to live for.

Romance / Erotica
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Prologue and important info


“Fuck my life,” I hissed running to my bike at the speed of light.

“Crush!” I deep voice roared making me move even faster.

With my peripheral vision, I saw them turn to the biker that was leaving and I used that chance to hop in and start the engine while putting my helmet on.

“Hey, it’s that fucker who banged Candy!” someone from the crowd screamed pointing a finger at me and just like that all of them turned to look at me.

I took off, seeing all of them getting to their bikes.

This shit can end up really ugly. I speed through the empty streets turning every time I could but the roaring sound was still on my tail.

Suddenly I saw the bike that took off from behind the bar blinking lights at me. What does that fucker want?!

I ignored it and kept moving until that bike appeared out of nowhere in front of me. I pressed the brakes almost crashing into it.

I guess there is no way to run now. But when the biker spoke I froze.

“Go after me and I will help you lose the tail,” the voice was soft and sweet. It was a girl’s voice!

I contemplated for a second but with no other option, I proceeded to ride after her.


So, here we go! Welcome to Noah's story.

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