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We and Us

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Got chased by a stalker. Heroes save Princess and she knows their secrets.

Romance / Thriller
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How We Met

Hi guys, this will be a short story cause this is only a part of what I saw in my dream. Please forgive me for the spelling errors.

I’m in a mall, watching a movie, alone. I went alone because I was feeling frustrated. Halfway through the movie, a guy sat on an empty seat next to me. He looked at me for a long time before I finally ask “Excuse me, are you staring at me?”

“I know you. Look. Proof.” he gave me a box. I opened the box and saw pictures of me. Under the pictures are dates on the day it was taken. Most of them are from last year, until yesterday. I look at him in shocked, he’s a stalker. He had his hand on my neck, his grip hurts my neck, I carefully took my phone and bag, and ran out of the cinema.

I ran a few level down and saw him behind me, smiling creepily while catching up. I ran all over the mall, I climbed the stairs to the top and got out to the parking lot. I couldn’t see him behind me, I guess I lose him. I lean on the wall and opened the phone. I called my mom “Mom, there’s someone trying to catch me, please call for help!” I cried and heard a laughing, the stalker managed to find me. I took off my boots and ran to the parking lot’s staircase.

This mall has many level, I had to run down the parking lot for awhile before I saw big boxes and crates behind a wall. I hid behind it. The parking lot got quiet, I close my mouth trying not to make a sound. I look at my watch and waited for 5 minutes. My body is shivering, I can’t breath normally, I don’t know if I’m lucky to be alone cause it’ll put the one who accompanied me in danger too or am I unlucky cause I’m alone so the stalker made a move on me.
After 5 minutes, I checked the surrounding and didn’t see the stalker. I tip toed to the stair, trying to get to where my car is parked. But as soon as I got out of the crates behind the wall, a guy saw me and yelled my name.
The guy wears all black, even a mask covering his face. I got scared and dashed to the stairs. He ran after me too, making me more scared. I thought that the stalker brought a friend to catch me.

As I ran down the stair, my feet tripped just before the guy could reach for me. I fell and rolled down the stairs, hitting the wall. I groaned in pain, trying not to cry. I’m laying on the floor, covering my head with my hand and shouted “Please let me go! Don’t touch me! I won’t report you, I promise, please just let me go!” the guy ran to my side and hugged me. I tried to push him away before he finally said
“Rey are you okay?! It’s me, Benji! Who tried to chase you?” he said his name and made me stopped pushing him, I look up and saw his face, he had taken off his mask and now he’s looking around anxiously. After he’s sure that nobody is around, he continue to examine me.
" What happened? Who are you running from? ” he asked.
I’m still in pain and shocked, I could only shake my head and cover my face with my hand to hide my tears.
“Let’s go, you’re safe now. I’m taking you back. All of us are here.” he put his arm around my back and under my feet, he carried me like a bride but with most gentle, I couldn’t utter a single sound. Once he swung the staircases door open, he made his way to his car. That’s when I looked behind and saw the stalker, right behind us. His face is full of anger, in his hand was a glass bottle. I tugged Benji’s clothes repeatedly and pointed to where the stalker is.
Benji looked back and I could see his veins on his neck, his eyes getting red.
“Sorry Rey, sit here for a moment.” he put me on the ground, soon after he walked to the stalker, he pulled out his punches, the stalker tried to hit Benji with the bottle but Benji is way stronger than him. After a few punches on the stomach, the stalker fell to the ground. He’s muttering words like crazy, Benji took out his belt and tied the stalker’s hand to his back. Making him unable to move. I’m still sitting on the floor, Benji came and picked me back up.
“Sorry you had to saw that, my brother will take care of him now. We can go to the hospital first before going home.” He said as he wiped the dirt off his hand to his shirt. I shake my head, I hugged Benji so tight, showing him that I don’t want to be alone. I bit my lips too hard that it bleed. Benji carried me into the passenger seat and got in the car. He didn’t start the engine yet, he just pulled out his phone and dialed a number.
“She’s with me, I’ll bring her home first, but the guy is still here. I tied him down.... What?.... Fine...” he put his phone down and look at me.
“I won’t leave you there, I will stay next to you. Oh there they are” our conversation got interrupted by a fancy car. A tall young guy in his 20s came out and knocked on Benji’s window.

“Sorry Rey, I’ll meet you at home okay? I have to wait for the police so I can tell them what happened. You go home with Steve first okay? He’s my brother.” I hold Benji’s hand, shaking my head. I don’t want to be left alone with his brother, I felt safe with Benji. He sighed, looked at me with eyes that like feeling the same thing, and got out the car. He gave his jacket before closing the door.
They both talked for a bit before another guy walked out of his car and came to me. “Keys?” he asked. I looked at him strangely and he sighed. “Your car keys. I’m gonna bring your car home, damn you don’t recognize me?” said he. I still look straight into his eye, but my hand wandered in my bag, giving him my car key. Just then, Benji called for him. “Alex! Don’t made her uncomfortable, man. She’s scared and hurt right now.”
So the guy’s name is Alex.. Sounds familiar. He just sighed and went away.
After a while, Steve came to the passenger side and opened the door.
“Benji’s gonna stay here for a bit, Alex will bring your car home, and I’ll bring you home. In my car, over there. Can you walk?” he asked. Benji was behind him, looking at me. I nodded and tried to go out, just when I got up, I almost fell cause the pain is stinging my feet, I did ran bare feet and fall. I didn’t actually fall to my face, cause a hand wrapped my stomach, breaking my fall. I look at the person and it’s Benji. He’s fast, wow.
“You can’t walk.” he said. Before he could carry me again, I whispered “Stay..”
“What did you say?”
“Stay here.. With you.”
“You want to stay with me? Nope. No can do. You’re going home. You don’t need to look at that useless man for one more second. Go home, I’ll settle with the police and make sure he doesn’t get to you any-” he carried me and stopped talking as he saw my neck. There’s a clear mark of a hand.

" He touched you..? ” his eye widened.
I couldn’t reply, I just stare the floor.
“Steve, take her home. That piece of shit messed with the wrong girl.”
Steve nodded and opened the passenger seat in his car.
“Buckle up princess, we’re leaving.” Steve joke in a low tone.
I hugged the jacket Benji gave.

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