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In Love With Two Brothers

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Blurb Ariel, a dark haired young teenage girl, born to an African mother and American father; makes her an African-American, who got entangled in family issues causing her to become a cast out. Her mother was disowned for the act of getting pregnant illegally for white man after being engage to someone else, which is against her African tradition. . This made poverty to become her stinking companion, as she couldn’t get any aid from her family members, who disowned her for being an half cast. Infuriated, she took up the mission to search for her unknown father in the western country, but got intertwined with the love for two brothers, whose aims are to make her theirs. This story is about a beautiful young 19-years-old teenage girl, Ariel, who was forced to choose between two brothers. The beginning of her life wasn’t what she wished it to be. Her mother was ostracized from her family with a reason which she doesn’t understand. Being eager to cut down poverty’s web, and curious to know who her true father is; she took up the challenge of visiting the western city of Cape town, where her journey of love and lust begins after meeting the twins brothers known as the Shaws. Will Ariel ever make it out of this entangled love triangle, and reveal her true love to one of the brothers? Will her mission ever be completed?

Vickie Dora
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Half Breed

Chapter One

(Half Breed)

Staring at the long queue ahead of her, Ariel picked up her plastic bucket and went directly to the tap. She was about putting it beneath the tap, when someone hits it, making it fall to the ground.

“What was that for?” she whined, glaring daggers at Kabria, the girl who kicked her bucket.

“You are an idiot Ariel” Kabria smirked

“Can’t you see the queue; many of us have been standing here waiting for our turns to fetch this water. But you came out of nowhere, to fetch. Get back in line half breed.” She mocked, making everyone to laugh. Ariel sighed sadly

“The girl that fetched earlier told me to fetch immediately after her, we had an agreement” she pouted

“What fucking agreement, this is a public borehole and I’m in charge here, so you do as I say” Kabria barks. Having a sad look on, Ariel pleaded

“Please Kabria, I really need to fetch now, my mum is sick and I need water to prepare her herbs” She stated

“If you really wanna get water for that fucking mother of yours, then you will need to get back in the line or you get none, read my lips” she smirked. Ariel had no choice but to pick up her already dirty bucket, she dusted it with her bare hands and stared at the queue, filled with people waiting anxiously for their turns to fetch water.

“I should have stayed in the line, now it’s more longer that earlier” she thought ruefully

Believing that Kabria will never go back on her words, she stride to the extreme of the line, cursing Kabria inwardly for making her go through the queue problem.

Kabria on the other hand, is the daughter of a well known notorious street lord, whom the government placed in charge of the public boreholes. She is just like her father and takes his place when he is unavailable.

No one will ever wanna step on their toes, except they wanna sign a death wish. Ariel sometimes wonders why the government gave him the freewill to monitor the public boreholes, why didn’t they allow someone reasonable take good care of it. Perhaps because he is feared by many, she concluded. And Kabria being the apple of her father’s eyes, is even worse than he is.

Kabria taps a girl standing close to her and whispered into her ears. They both laughed and the girl casted disgusting glares at Ariel, who gulps down nothing. Kabria left afterward and the girl took her lead.


On getting home, Ariel dropped her bucket of water and sighed tiredly. She remembered what transpired between her and Kabria earlier, and frowns. She would have arrived home earlier if Kabria hadn’t prevented her. She touched her temple and glance at the compound, it looks next; perhaps mum swept it, she thought.

“Damn, why will mum risk her strength to sweep in her condition, she suppose to rest and let me do it” She mumbled

“She was about turning the knob of the door open, when she heard voices. She recognizes that if her mum immediately, but the other doesn’t sound familiar. She tried eavesdropping on their conversation but couldn’t fathom what they were talking about.

“I will take my leave now” the voice muttered as she tried to hide, but it was too late, the door opened revealing a pretty, curvy shape woman, about forty years of age, with her mother behind.

“Ariel!! You are back, thank goodness you came in time” her mum stated

“Ye….ssss, just arrive, good day ma’am” she greeted the woman in front of here, who was marveled at her beauty

“Good day damsel, how are you?” she smiled, and tried touching her hair, but she shifted backward

“I’m fine ma” she smile wearily, the woman chuckled

“I mean no harm dear; l just wanna feel your lovely hair. You have one beautiful daughter here, Gina, she is such a damsel” The woman said, referring to Ariel’s mum, who smiled, and nodded positively. Ariel gave her mum a questioning look but decided to save it for later. They saw the woman off and went back into the house with her mum grinning from ears to ears

“Mum????” Ariel called, her mum face her

“Yes baby” she smiled

“Mum…I thought you were sick..i mean..you just got well suddenly and you are smiling like you won a lottery, what is it mum, and who was that woman”

“Oh you mean Miss Peggy” Gina grinned


“Yes..she is not married, but she has a daughter just your age, and guess what”

“What” Ariel asked surprised at her mum sudden change of behavior, she is acting like a sixteen year old who is being asked out on a date. For damn sake, she couldn’t get on her feet this morning, she thought

“My prayers have been answered” Gina shouted in glee

“Mum, I’m confused here, please can you go straight to the point” Ariel whined, and took a sitting position on their already worn out bed

“Ok ok fine” she clears her throat and sits next to her

“Remember the woman I told you about, the day I went to the grocery shop” she muttered

“Yes??? Is she the one?” Ariel asked

“Yes she is, and we have been getting along ever since then”

“I came in contact with her again at my work place…..”

“The tea shop?”

“Yes baby. We became friends, shared contact and that was when we started chatting whenever we get to see each other”

“But you never told me you had a friend..strange” Ariel pouted, her mum chuckled

“Well she is my friend now. She told me about her daughter and she is also a model” Gina grinned, Ariel gave her a puzzled look


“Haven’t you always longed to be a model, darling?”

Ariel scoffs

“That was then mum, I have another dream now…I can’t fulfill such dreams in poverty” she frown

“Hey brighten up, let me finish my talk before deciding on taking up an expression. She is not just into modeling, but she also rains pretty young girls like you into becoming one. And guess what, she do take them to the white man country for their first photo shot”

“So…are you…tryna say that I should go with her to the states?”

“Yes..to the states…” Gina grinned

“And I should become a model?” her mum nodded

“What??? Mum..i wasn’t expecting this..why…i can’t leave you here and go to another man’s country with a stranger…how is that possible?” Ariel yelled

“It’s not another man’s country, it’s also your country” Gina resorted

“Fine..i know that..but I can’t leave you here..who will take care of you and whereas, fine I love modeling, but that was then. There was no money to sponsor me when I had the chance, now I’m choosing music..i don’t want it mum” she spurted, going to the other side of the room

“Ariel!!!!!” Gina yelled, with a shaky but loud voice as she turns swiftly to face her and gasp

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