Eternal Love

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Four months after the wedding I bought a condo on Mackinac Island. The reasons are obvious. There were other opportunities where I could have invested, some much more convenient.

For several years I couldn’t stop thinking about Jennifer. Deep down I dreamed that one day she would knock on my door and the fantasy would become a reality. Many times I played Enigma at night with the lights off, standing on the deck gazing out at the lights on the far shore, the stars in the sky keeping a silent sentinel to my heart’s desires.

I found the to be a place of silent mystery and beauty. Some say the Indian translation means, “Place of the fairies.” This could very well be. All I know is that I feel strangely alive when I’m there. If I were a religious man, I would say that I feel closer to God.

The magic of has grown upon me. What started as a tribute to a lost love has become my home. I’ve traveled all over this world and lived in many nice climes. On , time slows down and changes. All around there is a calendar the world beats to. On the it’s different, another time and place, as if a time machine to another dimension. You feel it as you walk along the road, as you gaze out over the water.

There are phone lines and cable TV and ferry schedules. But all of those are just an illusion, for beyond that lies a special place, a special time, something that transcends both and touches the human spirit.

Just like Jennifer.

Perhaps my home there is not a tribute to Jennifer after all. Perhaps it’s a part of my soul, part of my spirit, just as Jennifer was. Something that always is and always will be. Something that transcends time and space, something that is greater than me, greater than man. Being there puts me in touch with something spiritual, something that we might all one day achieve.

I still own the condo I bought there. Deep inside my soul a fire burns slowly. I dare not look at the flame too often, but I know it’s there. There are times when I’m on the deck of a sailboat on the sea, or driving a race car hard on the track, or just gazing off into the sunset, when I’m at peace with myself and wholly and completely in touch with my soul, when I feel a touch.

It’s never talked about, it’s never shared. Someday, someday…

Who knows? It may not be tomorrow, it may not be next year.

It may not be in this life or the next, but we’ll be together again because we are.

To my Eternal Love.

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