King of Atlantis

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"I have angered the gods. As punishment, I am to live as an immortal in my destroyed kingdom, Atlantis. Thousands of years of loneliness is too much to bear. However, the ocean waters brought you to my arms. You are what my heart needed, love." -Trystan

Romance / Fantasy
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Thousands of years ago...


Many have written about the legendary city, even the famous philosopher Plato. The city of Atlantis was known to be a mighty naval power that stood beside the ancient city of Athens. The city of Athens was known throughout ancient Greece and other nations, but Atlantis was greater.

The city of Atlantis had power and knowledge and was much more advanced than any civilization.

The Atlanteans had weaponry that amazed all those whose eyes looked upon them. No city or nation dared cross the Atlanteans, fearing that Atlanteans would conquer them.

The city of Atlantis and its inhabitants were known for their naval power but for containing some power from the gods. Legends say that the people of Atlantis were descendants of the gods.

Within the powerful nation lived a powerful king. The king kept his people at bay and protected his kingdom; with fear.

However, he was known to be a power-hungry ruler who wanted more land and all to know his name.

He was 5′10 tall, with an inverted triangle muscular build where some of his veins were shown. His olive skin was tough to the touch, his short curly shoulder-length hair was dark as the night, and his green eyes glowed in the darkness. His eyebrows were slightly uneven, which gave him a slightly arrogant look; he also had a nicely trimmed dark beard that made him look more masculine and mature. His name was Trystan.

He would sleep with the most beautiful women from many neighboring nations, married or not. The king had gold, power, and status.

King Trystan had all that he wanted.

One night, the king put on a feast to celebrate the gods. Nobles were the only ones that Trystan invited into the palace. There were dancers, entertainers, musicians, and slaves within the palace.

The nobles heard music throughout the palace walls and chatter and laughter among the nobles. Tables of food and wine were everywhere. As the nobles celebrated from below, the king was above in his chambers, on his bed, pleasuring an unknown noblewoman. Her moans echoed within the bedroom walls.

Trystan thrust into the woman from behind as he drank his cup of wine. He went faster into the woman, but he got himself out of her and released on his bedsheets before he would find release. “You have pleasured me, woman. Leave my presence.”

The woman, still naked, looked at the king in a beseeching manner. “My king, you and I have been intimate for a while. I believed that you-”

Trystan dressed in his clothing but did not look at the woman. “You should have known by now that I have bedded many women before you; more beautiful, to be exact. You were nothing more than an object to be used for my pleasure. I tire of you. If you value your life, you will leave my presence; if not, I will offer you to the gods.”

The woman got dressed as tears fell from her eyes. She went past him and left his chambers.

The king gave out a laugh. “Women, they do not know their place.” He got out of his chambers and walked down towards the festivities. As he walked down, the music stopped, as did everyone.

All bowed before him.

It gave Trystan satisfaction that his people knew their place and gave him the respect he believed rightfully belonged to him. “Continue with the festivities!”

The music was being played, and the nobles continued their conversations.

Trystan got another cup of wine and drank. Many noblewomen went to him, trying to seduce him. Fathers and mothers would introduce him to their daughters. To him, their attempts were futile but comical.

As the night progressed, many nobles, including Trystan, were drunk from all their wine.

The king of Atlantis laughed as he drank. He walked before the statue of Zeus and commanded his subjects to quiet their mouths. “People of Atlantis! We stand in front of the statue of Zeus and all the other gods! We are here to honor them!”

All cheered, and the men laughed.

He drank from his cup. “I always wanted to say this in front of the gods! They demand tribute and to be worshiped! I say it is such a waste for us! Look at my kingdom! My ancestors and I made Atlantis a powerful nation that is feared! Do you not agree!?”

Many lifted their cups of wine and cheered as a response.

“We the people have made this nation great without the gods! The gods have never shown themselves before us, and these beings expect things from us!? The gods are nothing more than pathetic deities that fear us! Without us humans, they are nothing!”

Many of the nobles laughed and drank to their heart’s content.

Trystan finished drinking his wine and walked before the statue of Zeus; he lifted his toga and began to piss on the statue.

Everyone stopped what they were doing; their sights were on their king. They could not believe what they were witnessing. The king had the galls to piss on the statue of the mighty Zeus. No one cheered, laughed, or said a thing. All were stunned.

When Trystan was done, he turned and looked at his people. A laugh came from his lips as he fell to the marble floor. Everyone present heard his snoring. As the king slept, the people heard cracks of thunder in the night skies.

The nobles shuttered in fear and surprise. They were shaken out from their drunken state. All began to leave the palace, leaving their king on the marble floor, sleeping away from his drunken stupor.

However, his actions would cost him and his people.

One day in the city of Atlantis, it was a beautiful day until the ground shook violently and the earth opened in half.

The gods had enough with the greedy and power-hungry king, for they knew Trystan would use his people for his selfish needs.

The gods took action, particularly Zeus.

Fear filled the hearts of many Atlanteans, and they ran around the city, not knowing where to turn for safety.

Confusion and fear were absolute.

King Trystan awoke from his slumber when he felt the ground shake violently. He stood and walked outside his kingdom while the earth trembled. Many people ran or went to him to get answers. He tried to calm his people, but it was to no avail. He, too, felt fear. For the first time, he prayed to the gods. He prayed for himself and his kingdom.

After what seemed like an eternity, the violent shaking stopped. People stood still as rocks. Many buildings were destroyed; many people fell through the open ground or were crushed by the rubble.

Trystan walked out of his palace and stood by the statue of Zeus. Suddenly, a light was around him, and all heard a powerful voice. It was Zeus.

The Atlanteans were shocked and went to their knees, all except Trystan. He did not kneel; he could not. Fear made his legs feel like stone. “Z-Zeus!”

The light touched the statue of Zeus, and the eyes of the statue turned to a golden color. The statue then moved from its permanent position. Zeus then looked down at the King of Atlantis.

Trystan lowered his head and finally fell to his knees.

Zeus glared at the king, which caused him so much rage. He pointed his right index finger towards Trystan. “King Trystan!”

Trystan shook in terror, and he could feel himself wetting his royal clothing. “Y-Yes, all great powerful Zeus.”

“You have angered the gods by your actions! Your greed and hunger for power have spread to your people; now they have been infected by your evil! They are tainted and are a danger to this world!!”

Many of the Atlanteans wept and shook in terror. They all feared Zeus’ wrath and the consequences they would face.

The King of Atlantis still shook in fear; never in his entire life had he felt fear. “I ask for your forgiveness, great Zeus. Give me another chance to undo what I have done!”

Zeus laughed sarcastically. “You believe that I will give you my forgiveness!? The gods and I have not forgotten all your words in our name!” He then pointed to Trystan. “All this is your fault, and now you are to pay the consequences! You will live in your kingdom for eternity! Your people will die, for they will be swallowed by the sea, by my brother, Poseidon!”

Then, the people heard a powerful, loud noise, and all were in terror at what they saw, a massive wave of water going toward their city. The people stood to their feet and ran. They tried to run out of the city.

Trystan was in horror; he knew that Atlantis would be destroyed. The shock was too much for him. He looked at Zeus, who also looked at him.“Remember this day well. I curse you with the destruction of your home, your people. You will never be able to leave your past. Only love until death shall break your curse.” Zeus’ index finger glowed, and a light hit Trystan.

The King of Atlantis felt his body filled with pain; he was no longer the human being he used to be.

Trystan heard screams for a second; until they were silenced by the powerful clash of the waves that overcame them. The ocean waves were engulfing the people and the city itself. The ocean waters consumed the Atlanteans and the city. Many tried to go above the seas to take a breath. The tides were too strong. The people took their last breaths in the ocean waters.

As for Trystan, he floated within the ocean waters, but he realized he could breathe in the ocean as he swam. He smirked. “I will live yet,” he thought to himself. He felt a very tight pull as he tried to swim to the surface, making him go deep underwater. He tried to swim but felt his entire body pulled deeper into the waters. As he went deeper and deeper, he saw the dead bodies of the people he used to rule. He felt a tear float along with the ocean water. “This was my fault. I am to blame for the demise of my people of Atlantis.” He stopped swimming; he let the force pull him down.

He was seen no more.

Atlantis was no more.

In the time that followed, the people of the living world wondered what happened to the great city of Atlantis.

Even though the city was no more, the legend of Atlantis still lives on until this very day.

Yet, legends have forgotten that the King of Atlantis still lived his punishment.

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