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Perfect romance

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Hannah Russell is a beautiful, stunning and helpful mechanic from the city. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Andrew Meadow, a smart, pale man with a passion for love. Hannah takes an instant disliking to Andrew and the ruthless and wild ways he learnt during his years in London. However, when a robber tries to punch Hannah, Andrew springs to the rescue. Hannah begins to notice that Andrew is actually rather articulate at heart. But, the pressures of Andrew's job as a teacher leave him blind to Hannah's affections and Hannah takes up reading to try an distract herself. Finally, when spiteful hairdresser, Philip Barker, threatens to come between them, Andrew has to act fast. But will they ever find the important love that they deserve?

Romance / Fantasy
Amy Kirby
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I haven't been able to sleep. I knew today would be such an important day for me. She still could not believe that she had got to this point. She knew that meeting Andrew was coincidental, but she came here solely to get her degree. Then Andrew came into her life

with someone who gave her a reason to exist. I always took the time to make sure the rest of my life was where I wanted it to be. They always prepared me for the life I was living. I was always the only one till Andrew walked into her life. I have always waited patiently until I

learned I was going to enter the school. I always dreamed of going to. She knew there was no way she could stay away from Him. She knew she had an addiction to him. He was like her drug she couldn't get enough of; she knew she could not stop him. Looks at Hannah and

says you know Megan feels so threatened by you because the connection we share I'm sorry for hurting you, Hannah. While Hannah sat on the bed and read the front of the envelope in bewilderment. She knew it was impossible to deny who had

written it. She was scared because she did not know what the letter implied. But as she read the letter more and more, she found out that it was an apology letter. She felt like Megan was jealous of her and it made her feel in a way that made her smile. She liked the fact that

someone was envious of her. That didn't matter, because he didn't want her. He wants me. That night, while she was lying there, she thought he might be different. The next morning, she got dressed and eagerly awaited to see Andrew that day. As she was heading to the

classroom, she stumbled upon the only person she wanted to avoid. What do you want, Megan? To tell you the truth, I don't see what he sees in you. Maybe because I'm not the one who thinks it's ok for her to be a bitch toward everyone they meet. He sees a future with me as

opposed to you. I've known him a while longer. I know what he likes and what he needs, and frankly, it's not you, Megan said. This whole Andrew and I think or isn't any concern to you while she was walking into the classroom. Megan said he would break your heart.

He's done it before. Megan, Just because he broke yours doesn't mean he will do the same thing to me. There's a difference between us. What do you mean? Hannah smiles and says, I'm not you. So instead of sticking your nose where it shouldn't, just find your own

relationship instead of sticking your goddamn nose in mine. He told you before he didn't want you. When will you understand it will always be me? Just because you guys slept with each other doesn't mean he's in love with you. And how do you know there are so

many things you don't know about him? He attempted to talk to Hannah before school, but she rejected him. He knew something was wrong and that it must have been about Megan. He was mad, but he knew he needed to talk to Megan. Andrew, please, not now. I

can't deal with your girlfriend's drama when she's gone. He was astounded. So all he could get out of here was for someone to upset her and know who she was. Megan, what did you tell Hannah? I told her the truth, that she wasn't the woman you needed in your life.

And how do you know what I do and don't need in my life? Why would anyone do that, Megan? Are you as devious as you sensed the need to do what you did? It was wrong of you. If that was your response, it didn't work. Just because I don't want to sleep with

you anymore doesn't mean that you can just go behind my back and sabotage all my relationships, specifically this one. This is not the way it works. You know she's not what you're looking' for. And I assume you feel you're the right girl for me? Obviously, I know what

makes you who you are, and Hannah is not that person. Doesn't mean a thing to me, Megan. It's always going to be Hannah, so you're going to get over it because it's never going to happen again. Andrew, you and Hannah won't last. She'll end up. hurt. You'll be

the one who hurts her. Because it may be what you want now, but it will only be enough for a short while. Megan, it's not my fault that you can't get over me, but this is it. That night, Hannah tried to walk away from what Megan said. There was no way she could let go. I

wonder sometimes Andrew says there's nothing between him and Megan, but if those were the facts, then why did he kiss her back? When she started asking again, thinking, then there was a knock on the door. Thinking it was Andrew, she opened the door and then she

realized it wasn't Andrew; it was Philip. I hope it's OK that I stopped by? I've been in the area. How did you find and told me how you found my dorm? It wasn't so hard when your best friend works at the same salon I do. She thought this made sense. That evening, she

called Sierra and asked if you had given my number to Philip. Sierra said, I hope it doesn't bother you, he asked, and I gave it to him. It shocked me when he showed up. It freaked me out. Maybe he was my stalker that she was making fun of. You know how I feel about you. She

looks at Hannah and says yes; I feel that way too. Hannah told me I should never do it again. Oh, I'm sorry, I never wanted to upset you. It's not that you upset me, I just had a guy come over who knew how he found me. I understand I'm sorry I should have called you next time.

I'll do just that. So now we solved that. What you were up to, Sierra? Well, I met someone who's handsome, sweet, loving. She took out a picture on her phone about what it looks like. Oh, my, he is Mister Handsome. Yeah, I know he drives me insane in every way. Girl,

he could be the one. I'm not saying that this is going to last because I don't know that yet, but at this moment I believe it could be something real. Well, you sure did luck out with this one. This time he's handsome. Lol I know and the sex is just as well, even better than I

expected, but he's the only one I have been with so I won't know what it's like with anyone else. But it was magical. There’s so much that I haven’t experienced, and that’s ok. Yeah, but the sex makes things worth doing. You just read my mind. Nothing compares to some good sex.

Now we have had some of the BEST sex I’ve ever experienced. That’s true. I can say the same about you he giggles. Just the thought about it makes something inside me ignite. That makes me want you more than I could ever imagine. You know what I have experienced with you. I

have never experienced with anyone else, not even with Philip. You have shown me so much more than I ever thought possible. He just stares at her like she’s lost her mind. She says what? Nothing I have never had someone ever say the things you have said about me that’s why I

have always stayed out of the serious relationships because I never thought it was possible for me at least until I met you I never knew it was possible to love someone the way I love you. Aww, she says to him I love you too as she jumps him as if she hadn’t seen him in months

or even years. They just lay there without the intimacy part and just held each other tight. He held you tight, almost too tight, like he thought tomorrow wasn’t possible. She looks at him and says you promise me you will never walk away like you did before. I don’t

know how much more my heart can take. I know I make it hard to stay with everything that I have done. It wasn’t intentional; it happened by accident. I’m just glad that you came back around. I just hope it’s not a part-time thing with you-you are my ROMEO and you’re My

Juliet. I want my happy ending to be with you I just can’t shake the feelings I have for Philip and I know it may not make sense to you but he was there for me when you had left I can’t just let that go I love you and I’m sorry but I’m in love with him to. Nothing will ever change the way I

feel about you. I just have to choose who’s best for me, whether I get hurt. it’s not fair to either of you. As she cries, he gets up and says, I can’t see myself being second choice with you.

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