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Cheyenne Amore Martin goes to a strict catholic school with limited freedom and false preachings of the bible she was taught to believe, anything else that would contradict those teachings in her eyes will be conceived as false.  Until, Austin Mallory Channing, a new student who was enrolled to change his uncontrollable actions in hopes to stop him from being a wild child, but only confused Cheyenne’s life even more.

Romance / Drama
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01, Last Blunt


I groaned hearing my name before the day even started being woken up by the usual hot sweat dripping from my forehead down to my toes. I move the blanket to the opposite side of me trying to stop the everlasting sweat from continuing on.


“You've been having nightmares or some shit?” He laughed as I could hear his chuckles echo back into my ears as I walked over to his coffee table and grabbed the already rolled up blunt off and lit it up.

I laid back on the couch, my back releasing the tense feeling there.

I watched as Lucky tried to second hand smoke after me in embarrassment. I took it all in again feeling the feeling in my lungs, the ends of my mouth curling into a smile, the smoke coming out my nose.

“I only saw you smile while smoking y’know that?” Lucky reached over to grab his shirt and put it on as I glanced over at the clock. It was around five in the morning. I took my phone out to text our group chat that contained a few people from my school I was kicked out of a week ago.

5:36 AM


Austinn: good morning

Marielle: I know he is not texting us good morning have fun with the christians ho

Damien: Nobody talks to me like that.

Ace: that’s crazy

►Marielle: I know he not texting us good morning have fun with the christians ho

Austinn: I was kicked out.

Read by Marielle at 5:39 AM

I smoked more letting it all come out of my nose. Marielle was upset about us getting kicked out of the public school we were attending. It wasn’t even my fault. I shrugged my shoulders before glancing up at Lucky smoking.

“Isn’t this our last few hours before we get sent off or something? Or were they joking” He smiled, taking a huff again.

I was still trying to figure out why he was still talking to himself before I realized what he just said. “Oh, shit yeah go pack a bag or something.” I gesture a ‘shoo’ sign with my hand before dumping my blunt out in the astray while making my way out to the Living room.

Passing the dark black couches with plaid pillows, walking over the twill carpet to the stairs as I glanced to see that Lucky was going up the secondary staircase opposite of me.

I already knew it was coming, getting kicked out and shipped to one of Mr. Channing’s school’s he has across the state in the deep south.

Tennessee in which millions of old white men over the age of sixty reside.

I took both suitcases I had already packed and placed them by the door. Hearing Lucky upstairs rumbling through the little clean clothes he had was making my head spin. “Don’t worry man! I’ll be down there just in time.” He said as if he was reading my thoughts.

I came upstairs to see that he was done like he said he was. I took the keys to the car before I heard Lucky say “I’m bringing a whole two carts.”

I gave him a questioning look and handed him the car keys before someone else had walked through the door, a man with jet black hair in a regular black suit. “Sorry, Your Father requested a drop off.”

He did not get paid enough for this.

I wasn’t going to put up a fight, I already saw where that got me getting sent away where I would hopefully come back as a converstive guy with a christian outlook on life. I just went back into my room and changed into the school uniform. A jacket that was indigo blue with a name tag, a white button up formal shirt, a denim blue tie, and black formal pants.

I looked good in it to say the least, I was loving how it looked with my red hair. I walked out of the bathroom that was in my room to look at all the comic books I had on the shelf I owned, picking my top three to take with me.

Vampirella Vol. 1

Con Girl Vol. 1

Vampirella Vol.13

I continued packing all of my stuff, the regular items like pants, shirts, socks, briefs, ties, plain shirts, and hello kitty pajamas I wasn’t even supposed to have as I opened the door to my room locking it behind me. I held them while walking down the steps of the stairs with my suitcase on wheels right next to me.

“Aww, look at you Austin Mallory Channing. Bringing books?” Lucky smiled at me putting his arm over my shoulder opening the front door that led out to a curled driveway that was perfect so we never had to walk to the car.

I pushed my glasses over my eyes and put them over my forehead showing my red hairline before getting in the car right next to Lucky.

I heard the trunk being opened and loaded with all of our stuff before slamming and our car driver driving off.

For what felt like hours of hearing my playlist, Lucky mouthing his ass off to the driver, and reading the old Harry Potter books I left in the car since I was like eight for most of the time.

I was at the school my father owned, & if everything goes according to plan he will die because of a sickness that causes him to stay in his bed to be served and fed, then die a dramatic death & leave everything he owns to me.


Was finally in my view. A big red brick school which looked like it had a never ending amount of classrooms and people wearing the same uniform as me was standing in the yard. I was pretty sure on the website it said it was split into two halves: a dormitory & school.

I could feel people gaze at me as soon as I got out of the car.

I opened the trunk to my suitcases out before Lucky which was a big mistake. Lucky was already smiling at anyone in his view. I rolled my eyes.

I looked around before a white guy who was pretty buffy, came walking down the steps. “Are you two the headmaster’s sons?” He smiled showing pearly white teeth that contrasted with his bright brown eyes.

His name tag reading ‘Vincent Anderson’ He held out his hand as a greeting in which Lucky held out his hand and shook his hand with a flirty smile.

“Vincent, I'm Lucky. That’s Austin.” He pointed towards me.

I waved my hand awkwardly as Lucky started to act like they weren't just having a moment there in front of everyone else. Vincent seemed flabbergasted at the look Lucky gave him.

He walked up the trail to the school with us close behind to see someone right by the door. A woman with a dark sky blue uniform jacket with what seemed to be a million pins on it like she was awarded many times. A formal button up white shirt, a pencil skirt in plaid and knee high gray socks with dress shoes.

Her hair is waist length in jet black curly, wavy and wild. Her eyebrows curved in a nervous expression, her skin as deep brown. Her eyes were big & wide as she looked around everywhere & anywhere but us.

“Lucky & Austin , that's Cheyenne she’s filling in for Dominic. She doesn’t talk much.” Her eyes widened at the sound of her name as she glanced at us for the first time.

I held out my hand as a greeting and she shook it.

Lucky gave me a questioning look, then I realized I didn’t even shake that other guy’s hand.

I must be really high today.

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