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“UAGAH-” “IM SO SO SORRY ARE YOU OKAY?” a girl who’s the disappointment in her family, and the boy who met his parents difficult expectations, and now looks for them in others. what is he supposed to do when he falls in love with a girl who doesn’t meet any of the expectations?

Romance / Other
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grocery shopping

My fingers scan the aisle filled of snacks. I grab a bag of chips, slowly moving my cart. I place it in my cart, and when I look up I notice a boy. His attention is towards a shelf, as he slowly walks. Before I can open my mouth, his body meets my cart, and he stumbles forward.

“UAGAH-” comes out of his mouth as he places a hand on the cart to balance himself.

My headphones leave my ears and now hang around my neck. I go over to his side, his face alarmed.


He rises, his alarmed face disappearing. Now, an expressionless expression is there, almost even bored looking. He stares down at me for a moment, then his mouth opens.

“Sorry.” He nods, and walks away leaving the aisle.

I stand there for a moment, processing what happened. It’s brief, as I put my headphones back on and push my cart to the opposite of aisle of where he just went.

----------- his pov ----------

I put a hand over my face, sighing deeply. What was that sound that came out of my mouth?

Removing my hand from my face, Camryn comes into view. He tilts his head at me, with a curious critter- like smile. He holds a bag of chips next to his head.

“I found the chips!” He comes over to my side.

“What’s wrong? Why do you look ashamed?” He lifts a finger to his chin.

“Oh really...?” I mutter in a daze, pushing the cart.

----------- kena’s pov ----------

I open the door to my dorm using the key, and lock eyes with my two roommates. I hold the two bags in the air and smile. They get up, and start to help me organize the fridge.

“Did you find the little cakes?” Olive asked excitedly.

I nod, and she jumps in the air. Olive has black colored hair, that past her shoulders and end at her ribcage. She has blue colored eyes, and tan colored skin.

Vivi has green-gray eyes, and light brown skin. She has curly hair, with two low pigtails. She reaches for a blue colored energy drink and blows a kiss at me.

I blow one back at her and smile. After stocking the fridge we watch a comedy romance movie. We grab all our pillows from our beds, multiple blankets, and we sit on the floor close together.

Olive and I cringe at the couple scenes, Vivi immersed in the movie. At some of the scenes I squeal with Vivi, (only some) gushing over how cute they are.

After the movie, I'm dragged out my dorm. You see Olive wanted to go play basketball, and wants someone to go with her. I shook my head, hopping on my bed. I pulled out my phone, continuing the book I was reading.

"Kena should go with you." I heard Vivi's amused voice.
"It's okay," I assured, giving her an annoyed smile.
Olive hopped up, and walked over to my bed. "Please, please, please!!"
"No." I replied, earning a glare from her.
She grabbed my hand, and I threw my head back. "Let me get my sweater." I grumbled, looking at almost dark sky.
I linked arms with her, and focused on my phone, as she walked to the court. The court was lit up with yellow tinted lights, and only 2 people were there.
I took one glance at them, then went to go sit on the bench, Olive's stuff on my lap. I snuggled into my sweater once it started to get colder.
It was now pitch dark, and Olive sat at my side. She took a glance at my phone and scowled. "Stop reading."
"No." I replied, scowling back at her.
"Come on! Just a quick question!" I heard a voice urge.
"Then ask her yourself." A bored voice replied.
"I am." A cheery voice shot back.
I took a glance, and couldn't see their faces because of the darkness. They both wore basketball shorts, and a shirt. I looked back down at my phone.
Olive leaned back on the bench, and perked up when she heard her name. "Olive, is the science assignment due tomorrow?"
"Yeah," She replied, matching the other voices cheeriness.
I scowled at the word science. The lessons are boring, but the teacher is fun. if we did more class projects and less notes I'd maybe like it.
And I forgot the assignment. I slumped a bit, and Olive turned to look at me. "You didn't do the assignment did you?"
I shook my head as we got up. She started nagging at me, picking up her things. I linked my arm with hers as she continued to scold me. She waved bye at the two boys, and we walked away from the court.
Olive turned, and in the process I turned because our arms are linked. none of my business
I pulled out my phone. "Did you do the assignment?"
"Of course.." She trailed off, her voice confident.
Except I'm her roommate and best friend. I side-eye her, pissed, with a scowling expression. She side-eyes me back and flinches, giving an awkward smile.
I leaned close to her ear, "Why the fuck are you nagging me you hypocrite?" I grit out.
When she was about to answer, the boy spoke again. "I can both give you the answers."
And for the first time, I turned to look at them properly. Light brown curly hair that falls over his forehead, and blue eyes. His lips a rosy shade, and they form a smile.
The boy behind him stared at us blankly. Blonde wavy hair that falls over his forehead as well, and hazel brown eyes. He has a sullen expression, his eyes narrowed and cold.
And why does he look familiar- holy shit
It was the boy who fell into my grocery cart.

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